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Chapter 10:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

Night self study.
Lu Yi concentrated on the sea of ​​thoughts and traveled for about an hour. He felt that he was dying of sea otters, and glanced at Huo Chen.
WTF! Huo Chen looked at the book 100 Ways to Successfully Chase a Girl. It had the title on the page - a surprise kiss for a girl.
Lu Yi was a little angry, and said that he was a dog with him, now the dog wanted to end the dog! Hey! Lu Yi handed over the vinegar-filled record to him. [ Bro, can't you stay single? ]
Huo Chen stared at the note for a long time, then wrote the word, [ Hmm. ]
Shucks! Lu Yi squeezed the paper and threw it in a drawer, took out a physics problem, and filled it carelessly. When it comes to answers, the five basic choices are four.
Huo Chen slept at the table.
After studying at night, Huo Chen was still lying on the table. Students don't bother him when they are packing.
Lu Yi pushed him. That person is not moving. Lu Yi pushed him again. The man is still not moving.
The class is almost empty and this …

Chapter 9:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

During the day, Lu Yi, like the Emperor, looked like no one was pretending. The panic a few days before seemed like nothing, and continued to interact with Huo Chen.
In the middle of the night, Lu Yi started tossing and turning the bed.
Huo Chen's words repeated in his mind.
It turned out that lately, his feelings about Huo Chen who liked him were just an obscene fantasy.
The evil and sinful nature of his fantasy changed Huo Chen's brotherhood into a gay attitude. Thinking about Huo Chen's attitude little by little, Lu Yi covered his head under the blanket! The hope has become dust.
Mother!!! In just two weeks, your child has turned. Wuwuwu ~~ yingyingying ~~~
His roommate throws two rolls of toilet paper, yelling unhappy. "Get lost!"
Lu Yi threw two rolls of toilet paper back, and added another, "I broke up!"
His roommate was bedded over in surprise. Since when did Lu Yi date and now broke up. The roommate pondered for a moment and decided to pay attention to …

Chapter 8:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

It's only a matter of time, and the next day, Huo Chen unknown what to eat. He starts diarrhea in the morning, and can only stay in the classroom during interval exercise.
Lu Yi felt that it was the right time, and he also reasoned that he had diarrhea to stay in class. He sat on a chair and thought nervously, whether he should ask direct or indirect questions.
"Why don't you go exercise?" Huo Chen turned the book separated into two worlds, and reached out and poked Lu Yi in the arm and pinched his face.
They both have been in a cold war for two days. Initially, Lu Yi wanted to take the initiative to get in touch. Besides, he doesn't know who is innocent. Lu Yi thought that Huo Chen was a person who would not budge.
Now Huo Chen suddenly took the initiative, and Lu Yi felt overwhelmed.
"I ... That ..." Lu Yi began to say, wanting to immediately ask whether he was gay or not, but that was too rude, too rude.
Lu Yi convoluted a moment, biting his lip, just star…

Chapter 7:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

Because Lu Yi separated the two from a book on the table, it seemed to separate his world from Huo Chen.
Huo Chen did not take action against him. Two people don't talk much.
In the past two days, Lu Yi finally realized.
Analyzing calmly, he shouldn't blindly think that Huo Chen is gay. It could just be a joke. He must not misunderstand.
After thinking about this, Lu Yi asked himself, why did he feel something when he heard that Huo Chen said that he was gay? Why didn't he think that this was a joke at first?! Is it possible that ...
WTF, he won't really like Huo Chen, what if Huo Chen isn't gay? He won't be so jealous! Ah! Blame Huo Chen!
Lu Yi started rolling on the bed.
His roommate in the upper bunk threw a roll of toilet paper into his face, and shouted, "If you use your hands, do it outside."
Lu Yi threw back the toilet paper, "You use your hands!"
Lu Yi found a comfortable posture and didn't dare to disturb the occupants of the upper bunk …

Chapter 6:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

Math class.
"Lu Yi, what do you mean, empty half the math exam questions. How can you be so out of focus lately?” The mathematics teacher lectured.
"Owww ~~" Lu Yi buried her head on the table, it was almost uncomfortable to die.  He felt that he was living in trouble all the time, and he didn't dare poke a layer of cellophane.
I always treat you as a brother, and always feel that you like me. If you really like me, should I be happy?! This step horse looks like what it feels like.
 Lu Yi looked at 78 points on his examination paper, and wanted to cry without tears.
"Lu Yi, what's with your grades, don't you sleep well, what's the dark circles in your eyes!" Huo Chen pushed a cup of hot milk.
You're still asking!!! it's all because of you!
Lu Yi licked his mouth and remembered this morning. Lu Yi got up late so Huo Chen dragged him running along the road. The male protagonist leads the female protagonist. He saw it in countless theaters and te…

Chapter 5:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

In the evening, his roommate discusses who is the most beautiful girl in the class.
The topic went well, but Lu Yi did not say a word.
His mind filled with Huo Chen who bought him breakfast today, gave him a piece of fish during the day, and drank milk tea which he had not finished drinking at night, and drank it with a straw he used ...
His roommate who was in the upper bunk threw rolls of toilet paper and hit Lu Yi's face directly. "Lu Xiaoyi, why aren't you talking ~"
"Ah ~ what are you talking about???" Lu Yi is still in dazed.
"Who is the most beautiful girl in the class."
"Huo Chen!" Lu Yi reacted immediately, what was he talking about!! Will it be misunderstood by others?
"I was wrong, I mean Huo Mei." Lu Yi hurriedly changed hus mouth.
Roommate A. "WTF, bro, do you have your eyes on the buttocks?"
Roommate B. "Not only his eyes on the buttocks, but also covered in a layer of jeans."
Lu Yi said that Huo Mei was…

Chapter 4:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

Next morning.
"You idiot, you've lost two lessons, and what dark circles are in your eyes." Huo Chen pinched Lu Yi's face, not too strong, and even slightly gentle.
Fuck, pinch! Isn't this taking advantage, Dage!

Too! Idiot! Who is that idiot, doesn't it usually directly call Lu Yi ?! What kind of nickname is that?
Lu Yi was pinched in the face and started to blush to his ears, he rose from the chair. "Damn it! What are you doing?"
"I pinched you, why don't you fight back?" Huo Chen was stunned.
Instantly the two men froze.
The most fierce chemistry teacher the year swept them with a blazing look.
Both were once again expelled from chemistry class.
"What happened to you?" Huo Chen pointed at the blushing Lu Yi.
"FUC--!" Lu Yi wanted to scream but was discouraged.
Window paper is something that does not mean sticking to meat. When you open it, you will be scared and shivering!
/ feelings saved, exposed /
For a moment he was a lit…

Chapter 3:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

These days, Lu Yu is very uncomfortable, not because Huo Chen wants to get out of the cabinet.
But because Huo Chen got better and better to him. Accompany him breakfast, buy milk tea during the day, eat together, explain the material during class, and do not jump the wall to go to the internet at night, but return to the dorm and wash face together.
Lu Yi initially felt nothing, but then felt even more uncomfortable. After all, Huo Chen liked men who were certainly not him.
The relationship between the two before is still good. As the saying goes, fighting is a form of love. The second way to strengthen brotherhood is to pinch one another.
Huo Chen pinched his face, his hands, his arms, and accidentally touched his chest.  He was not as tall as Huo Chen, and did not have such strength, so he could not prevent it.
After this action can be considered as a fight between friends, now this action is thought out carefully, and there is an ambiguous clue. Is he being taken advantage of by a gay …

Chapter 2:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

After receiving criticism from the chemistry teacher.
In the past few days, Huo Chen no longer jumped over the walls at night, and did not sleep during the self study sessions and morning classes. Wang Junsheng, who sat not far from Huo Chen, realized that Huo Chen looked suspicious.
Wang Junsheng was a good buddy to jump out of the wall with Huo Chen. In the past few days, Huo Chen did not leave.  Wang Junsheng couldn't help asking.  "Lao Huo, what have you been doing lately? Open black five is missing one. I'm very suffering. I don't want to work with the three of them!"
"Don't talk to me yet, I'm studying!" Huo Chen's head was buried under the table.
"Learn what! You are still learning too!"  Wang Junsheng bent down and took out the extracurricular booklet Huo Chen used to cover the textbook from under the table.
"Yo ~~~"
With the yin and yang screams of Wang Junsheng, several classmates sitting around Huo Chen turned around…

Chapter 1:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

Title: 你们两个在干什么 Author: 碳酸 Length: 10 chapters Genre: Sweet, School life, danmei Type: Short series Original Language: Chinese Status: End Translated by Chocosalty
Gong: Huo Chen x Shou: Lu Yi
"Representatives of the math class come here and share the math test paper last week, this time the question is difficult, the highest score of our class is Huo Chen, 130 points, it's worthy of praise,"
BUGH! A pile of mathematics examination papers with white chalk ash fell to the front of Lu Yi.
Lu Yi coughed twice.
Yes, unfortunately he is a representative of the mathematics class.
Ranks second in the class, and will never exceed his desk mate, Huo Chen.
Lu Yi returned to his seat with the results of the 108 point examination paper, and his heart was not willing.
He remembered seeing Huo Chen's answer and there were some questions that were not filled. How so high?
Curiosity pushed him to elbow his table mates. "Huo Chen, you didn't fill in a few questions but how is …