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40. Role model

Guo Zhi's scream penetrating the night sky mingled with the sound of fireworks entering the ears of Shi Xi who was still seeing the light above. Although separated, the two see the same scene.
 "You scream in the middle of the night, do you want to wake the neighbors?" Said Zhou Hui, Guo Yunyong also blames him with accusing eye.
 "No, nothing."
 Guo Zhi's cellphone vibrated.  He doesn't pay attention to his parents.  He pulled out his cellphone and read the message.  [ Why did you write something silly on the ground. ]
 At that time, Guo Zhi used a branch not only to write Shi Xi's name but also a sentence: Shi Xi, you are my angel, forever.
 Guo Zhi smiled sweetly.
 If he there with him now, Shi Xi would scold him.
 It's too risky if he goes to see Shi Xi now.
 It did not take long for Guo Yunyong and Zhou Hui to go inside to the house. Guo Zhi is still standing outside. If possible, he really wants to jump, regardless of height, regardless of the pa…

39. Really like it

Sometimes, thinking about someone is more lonely than being alone.
The longer away from Shi Xi, Guo Zhi increasingly thought about it. Guo Zhi wants to see him sit cross-legged and put the laptop on his lap. He wanted to see his beautiful fingers holding a pen and writing on paper.  Seeing how Shi Xi wrote about the world, wanted to know what hobbies he had recently done, thought of his handsome appearance, and wanted to listen to him.
This feelings are full piled up in the chest and there is no place to go.
Even though it's only for a second, Guo Zhi wants to see him.
It seems that all his time it is fixed only on Shi Xi, it is indeed true.  .  .
After a busy day at the shop, Guo Zhi changed clothes and wore a thick coat.  When he came out, he could not help snoring in the cold. The sky looked gray, Guo Zhi kicked a stone on the road, from the left side of the road to the right side and then from the opposite direction, occasionally exhaling a breath like steam from his mouth.
On the way…

38. Lies begin

That night, Guo Zhi sat on the bed, he printed all the photos he had taken recently, and spread them on the bed.  Carefully sort through all the photos and put them in an envelope, take a pen and write Shi Xi's name while lying on his stomach and swinging his legs. He took a bite of the pen cover, looked at the envelope for a long time before sending a short message to Shi Xi
[ Where is your home address? I want to send something.  ]
Wait for a while, still no reply. Guo Zhi typed a new message.

[ Don't worry, I won't steal your things. Or I'll give you my home address so that if you lose something later, you can find me. ]
Guo Zhi sent his home address and still no reply, maybe Shi Xi is busy or his cellphone is off.
He slipped the envelope under the pillow.
Zhou Hui entered Guo Zhi's room with a blanket, "The weather is getting colder now it looks like it will snow so mom brings extra blankets."
"Let me do it."  Guo Zhi sat on the bed.
Zhou Hui had al…

37. Like listening to the rhythm of a song

Lately, Guo Zhi works at his father's friend's shop. Since graduating from middle school, his father wanted to train him. When he comes on vacation, his father will let him work here, so Guo Zhi is already very skilled. This is a small fast food shop, the layout is clean and neat, because office workers nearby often eat here so the business is not bad.Some old customers already know Guo Zhi, and when they see him, they can't help but smile. "Guo Zhi, you are on vacation and rarely go home, but your father just let you work.""Working is very good indeed.""Your son will definitely have a good future. Ah, I have difficulty choosing which foods I will eat today." The old customer looked around the menu, and Guo Zhi who had tasted some food said honestly. "That one is rather salty today." in the distance, his uncle's roar was heard, "Guo Zhi! What are you talking about ?!"Sun Xiong and Guo Yunyong are comrades in arms, and t…

36. Shi Xi ( 1 )

Sunlight broke through the gap in the curtain and fell on the blanket. Shi Xi opened his eyes, he lay on the bed and stared at the pale ceiling. His emotions are not in his body. There is no hope for the future, no regrets for the past, just watching the lives of others.For a long time, he got up from the bed, took off his clothes, and suddenly remembered the words of Guo Zhi with a shy face, "Shi Xi, don't take off your clothes in front of me, it will blank my mind." He walked to the bathroom, water with a comfortable temperature washed his body, but still cold.When did he start caring? Is this what it is called?Like this superficial feeling will only waste time without meaning, it's as wasteful as other feelings, right?After bathing, Shi Xi covered his head with a towel, he sat at the table, turned on the computer, there was a neatly folded paper lying on the keyboard that said: For Shi Xi.He put the paper in a bag, one hand was wrapping a towel on his head, the ot…

35. The nature of life

In the middle of the night, the whole city was in a calm state, Guo Zhi blinking occasionally patting his face, trying to hold his sleep. For a long time, he gently opened the door, made sure not to hear his father's voice, then closed the door, hiding under the blanket and called Shi Xi."Why?" Just one word but has warmed Guo Zhi's heart to make himself happy."It's nothing, I'm home. Are you home?""Go tomorrow.""What are you doing?" Guo Zhi doesn't really want to know what Shi Xi is doing, just hearing Shi Xi's voice is already very good."Why don't you sleep and do this in the middle of the night?""I can't sleep." The eyelids felt heavy, and his hands were wrinkled, the air on the blanket was a little stuffy, he slightly opened the blanket to let the air in, then continued, "Can you tell a story? I gave you Andersen's fairy tale at the time.""Do you think I have free time?&q…

34. Not sure

When Guo Zhi woke up, he was already under the blanket on the bed. He did not see Shi Xi beside him. He looked away to see Shi Xi sitting and typing in front of the computer. The lights in the whole room went out, there was nothing left, only the sounds of keyboard typing. Guo Zhi smile, he hugged the pillow, shifted to the end of the bed closer to Shi Xi and then slept again.
.The next morning, Guo Zhi will sleep again if the alarm does not sound. He gets up, holds his head then stares at Shi Xi. When Shi Xi fell asleep, the face let go of its defenses and indifference towards the world, leaving only a quiet breath.(...)
Making sure Shi Xi hasn't woken up, Guo Zhi carefully opened the blanket, put on his clothes, and then sat at the table, picked up a pen, and bit the pen cap, thinking of what had to be written for Shi Xi. He had talked a lot, but why was his heart still full of words, he frowned for a moment, then looked down and began writing seriously.Finally, he drew a funny…

33. Coudn't changed

The day before the winter holidays, Guo Zhi sat on the balcony of the room, staring at the students below through the fence. Ke Junjie was very excited to pack, and his mouth occasionally shouted to sing a song that was not pleasant to hear. He looked at Guo Zhi, "Why don't you pack up and just sit there quietly?""I'm just lazy to move."Ke Junjie thought he heard it wrong. "Are you lazy to move?" Cannot blame Ke Junjie for being shocked. Guo Zhi, who had attended military training, slept early and woke up early, folded blankets, cleaned the bedroom, praised the weather, praised school, every day like people who consume active vitamins, now says he is lazy to move.Of course, Ke Junjie won't understand. When Guo Zhi's mood or behavior becomes abnormal, it must be related to Shi Xi.Guo Zhi was still sitting in his chair, counting the length of winter holidays."Junjie, why is the winter break so long? Can it be made for just one day?"…

32. Their similiarities

Lately, the weather has begun to cool without warning. The whole city was shrouded in cold fog, like an old man who continued to smoke, buildings and everything seemed blurred.
.After class ended, Shi Xi stood outside the campus gate and waited for a taxi. Shi Xi looked far ahead, Guo Zhi next to him said, "Why did you go to buy a DVD? It's easier to watch online.""The ad is very annoying." Shi Xi replied curtly.In the past, advertisements were only 10 seconds, then 20 seconds, and now 60 seconds. Sometimes watching a short 3 minute drama. Each episode must wait for 1 minute advertising. Some TV stations are even more numerous, and when one episode of the drama will feature a critical scene, an inscription appears 'Don't go anywhere' then an advertisement and after completion it turns out the drama to be continued and the ending song is played.Shi Xi rarely watches TV broadcasts. He thought it was just a brainwashing tools.Shi Xi's answer made G…

31. Indeed smart but also a bit silly

Recently, Xu Ru's feelings became clearer, she would take the initiative to sit around Guo Zhi, she increasingly showed friendliness from time to time, she had many questions that Guo Zhi did not understand and there were always more things being bought for Guo Zhi.Even people in the class feel it. Only Guo Zhi did not notice and thought Xu Ru was only slightly different from the others. On this day, Xu Ru sat next to him, and Ke Junjie, Guo Zhi's roommate sitting in front of them suddenly turned and squinted at Guo Zhi."What's wrong with your face? Did you have a stroke?" Guo Zhi asked worried."What kind of nonsense is that." Ke Junjie looked at Xu Ru's shy face, and once again looked at Guo Zhi, and Guo Zhi followed his line of sight, looked at Ke Junjie, then looked at Xu Ru, understood, and asked, "Xu Ru, you, don't tell me you are ..." Xu Ru's face was turning red, not expecting Guo Zhi to ask it directly. Xu Ru bit her lip.&q…

30. Life is not up to standart

Guo Zhi had been sitting at the table for a long time, he continued to watch the time, worried that it would be too late. Shi Xi is still sleeping so he doesn't want to be noisy. After meeting Shi Xi, his good moral character is always tested. Guo Zhi isn't afraid to wake Shi Xi, he just doesn't want to wake him.They are different. Shi Xi is night, Guo Zhi is afternoon. But when they mingled, Shi Xi saw Guo Zhi's sleeping face and he would still be asleep when Guo Zhi woke up. Guo Zhi never thought of changing Shi Xi. Guo Zhi had liked him from the start, why did he have to make meaningless changes? Even though he has no feelings, he still aware of that.
.Shi Xi opens his eyes and squints as the sunlight illuminates the room."Shi Xi, are you awake? I'm waiting for you to go to college together.""Did I ask you to wait for me? Don't cry if you are late.""I will not cry."Shi Xi gets up from the bed, stretching his neck muscles. Realiz…

29. Even in the dream it's beautiful

Hearing that, Guo Zhi looked up at the handsome face, Shi Xi's words entered his heart, disturbing his mind, penetrated his body. Inside, his heartbeat is disturbed. With just a few words, he could feel this emotions.Guo Zhi still stood in the same place, his hands hanging on both sides. Shi Xi again spoke impatiently, "What are you doing? Hurry and walk." Afterwards Shi Xi turned to intend to continue his steps but Guo Zhi pulled his sleeve. "You wait for me, walk slower.""Are you an idiot?""Yeah."Shi Xi continues to walk, Guo Zhi follows, one step Shi Xi has to make him take two steps by running to compensate for Shi Xi.He complained in the back, but not blame Shi Xi, more to himself. "Your legs are too long, getting into your world seems to force me to do something, I have to use the car to get to your world.""My world needs parking fees.""How many?""Once parking is exchanged for 100 rounds in the bed.&q…