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Occupy Your Beauty:: Chapter 3 END

That night, Ji Ran calls Qin Yu to come out, and Qin Yu thinks that Ji Ran asked him to out with his gang.
As it turned out, he only said three words, “Walk with me!”

There are lots of people walking at night, and Ji Ran’s voice is quite loud. If it wasn’t for the appropriate content, Qin Yu thought he would fight with himself.

Qin Yu chuckled amusedly and pulled Ji Ran’s collar closer to his side. “Here?”

Ji Ran blinked, “Find, find a room …”

“Are you nervous?” Qin Yu bent closer.

“No.” Ji Ran’s eyes widened and looked the other way.

“Is it true?” Qin Yu is getting closer.

“Really.” His eyes were still wide, but no longer looked away and looked directly at Qin Yu, “I want to make love to you.”

Qin Yu was ignited by Ji Ran’s sentence. He bowed his head violently and forcefully inserted his tongue into Ji Ran’s mouth.

The street lights shone above their heads, and the eyes of pedestrians looked at them differently.

That view is not important, their feelings are more important.

Like th…

Occupy Your Beauty:: Chapter 2

Qin Yu first met Ji Ran on KTV near the campus.
When he and his best friend entered the toilet, the cubicle door next to a male voice was shouting, “My princess, let me occupy your beauty ~”

Qin Yu frowned, “Which idiot sings? Very unpleasant.”

When he came out of the toilet, that person also came out of the toilet cubicle, “Damn, where’s my cigarette?”

When Qin Yu hears this, he knows that the idiot man who just sang is Ji Ran.

Qin Yu laughed loudly and accidentally heard by Ji Ran. The man was angry for not finding his cigarette coming to near the origin of the sound.

What is that stupid man?

“Hey,” Ji Ran called out to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu’s best friend has entered the karaoke room, leaving only two people in the corridor, Qin Yu and Ji Ran.

Qin Yu pointed his finger at himself, “You called me?”

“Who else?” Ji Ran said, “Do you have cigarettes?”

Qin Yu’s own emotions were not good, and Ji Ran’s tone of voice made him unhappy, he didn’t take care of it and walked off to the karaoke room.

Occupy Your Beauty:: Chapter 1

There is a yard outside the campus surrounded by rocks, this place is known as the best place to fight.
At this time, Ji Ran and his gang are already in that place, with the gang on the opposite side preparing to fight. Lil bro¹ suddenly whispered, “Boss, boss.”

¹Iittlelittle brother – Xiaodi, here means not a brother but a call to his followers in a gang.

Ji Ran pouted and turned his head, “What?”

“Qin Yu.”

Ji Ran follows the direction of view lil bro. Sure enough, that person stood there.

The opposite person already took his fist and rushed to hit, but Ji Ran had punched him first. He then smiled broadly and waved at Qin Yu, “Dear!”

Aside from Ji Ran, everyone in that place shuddered.

Qin Yu waved back, “Are you done?”

It was just a fight, but Ji Ran was talking nonsense, “A little more!”

Qin Yu nodded, “I’m waiting for you in front of the supermarket.”

“Well.” Ji Ran answered enthusiastically.

Waiting for Qin Yu to walk away, Ji Ran put away his smile and returned to face the oppo…

Occupy Your Beauty:: Intro

Author: 嗜酒吃茶 Original title: 霸佔你的美 Type: Short story Length: 3 Chapter Genre: Yaoi, romance, school life Original Language: Chinese

Ji Ran is a bad boy, always calling himself ‘Lao Zi’, but calling Qin Yu as ‘dear’

Qin Yu is a top student, bad temper, does not like to get along, small talk but poisonous tongue.

Qin Yu x Ji Ran