40. Role model

 Guo Zhi's scream penetrating the night sky mingled with the sound of fireworks entering the ears of Shi Xi who was still seeing the light above. Although separated, the two see the same scene.

 "You scream in the middle of the night, do you want to wake the neighbors?" Said Zhou Hui, Guo Yunyong also blames him with accusing eye.

 "No, nothing."

 Guo Zhi's cellphone vibrated.  He doesn't pay attention to his parents.  He pulled out his cellphone and read the message.  [ Why did you write something silly on the ground. ]

 At that time, Guo Zhi used a branch not only to write Shi Xi's name but also a sentence: Shi Xi, you are my angel, forever.

 Guo Zhi smiled sweetly.

 If he there with him now, Shi Xi would scold him.

 It's too risky if he goes to see Shi Xi now.

 It did not take long for Guo Yunyong and Zhou Hui to go inside to the house. Guo Zhi is still standing outside. If possible, he really wants to jump, regardless of height, regardless of the parents, jump down, jump on Shi Xi, and hug him.

 But he could not.

 "How long will you see it? Hurry in! It's getting cold outside."  Zhou Hui prepared to sleep.


 Shi Xi stood up, his tall and proportional figure becoming very charming under the street lights.  He walked into the darkness and his cellphone received a new message.

 [ Don't leave, Shi Xi. Wait for me. ]

 Shi Xi is still walking, disappearing in the dark.

 Guo Zhi brushed his teeth in the bathroom with anxiety.  He did not want Shi Xi to leave.  He just wants to see him.  He just wants to see him through the video. Now when he sees him in front of his eyes, he wants more, more and more.

 When he passed the door of his parents' room, he stood for a moment, they still in conversation, he went to the balcony.  There are no more shadows from Shi Xi in the old park.  Guo Zhi with his stubbornness continued to stand on the balcony, and the lost snow in his heart was also visible.  For a long time, Guo Zhi came inside, he no longer listened to his parents' voices in the room, maybe they had fallen asleep.  He stood at the door and turned the key.  When he wants to leave, the feeling of seeing Shi Xi rages in his chest.  He can't even wear a thin coat and run down.

 Guo Zhi arrived at the empty park. The messy handwriting on the ground was still there, the old and broken seesaws and trash cans were still there, but Shi Xi was gone.

 "Shi Xi."  Guo Zhi calls out to Shi Xi softly, the white steam coming out of his mouth quickly disappears.  Shi Xi has left, but Guo Zhi is indeed stubborn.

 "What?"  A cold voice came from the darkness, like the devil's temptation.  Guo Zhi turned his head, he could not see Shi Xi and he could only see terrible darkness.  Guo Zhi bit his lower lip then grinned and ran into the darkness.  For Shi Xi's sake even in purgatory, Guo Zhi will not hesitate to go.

 Through the dim moonlight, Guo Zhi saw Shi Xi sitting on the side of the road.  His legs were stretched out, his hands propped on the ground, and he turned his head slightly to look at Guoz Zhi.  They can't see each other face clearly.  Guo Zhi ran then sat next to him, and moved slightly to the right.  His elbow touched Shi Xi's arm.

 "Shi Xi, let me tell you, I took a lot of photos for you, and I did a lot of things during the winter vacation. I cleaned the whole room and worked in a fast food restaurant. What are you doing during the winter vacation? Did you write anything new?  Are you interested in the subject matter? Have you finished reading the book I gave you?" There are a lot of things to say, Guo Zhi all went out without order and logic." 

 "I don't want to answer stupid questions."

 "Then you can't pick a stupid answer."

  "Can't pick it out."

  Guo Zhi flattened his mouth, and his body was covered with warmth. Shi Xi took off his jacket to cover Guo Zhi. Guo Zhi was about to speak but was interrupted by Shi Xi, "Shut up, I don't want to hear any sensational things."

  "But aren't you doing sensational actions?" Guoz Zhi's question is a bit mischievous.

 Shi Xi tried to pull his jacket, "Give it back!"

 Guo Zhi also did not want to lose, he held the jacket strong.  "No!"

 Shi Xi let go of his hand, he gently pushed Guo Zhi's head, his head swung slightly and then returned to Shi Xi's arm, his hand squeezed Shi Xi's clothes "Shi Xi, you are very powerful. No matter how sad or lonely I feel, when I see you, everything will be alright!" Gou Zhi sighed.

 "Your thoughts are too simple."

 "No, you're too powerful."  Guo Zhi buried a part of his face in Shi Xi's hand, inhaling it deeply.  "You have a nice scent."

 "Don't say inexplicable words."

 "But I just want to praise you."

 "But I don't want you to brag."

 "But I will praise you. I like you very much."

  Shi Xi stretched out his hand to catch Snowflakes, and then pressed it to Guo Zhi's eye..

 "Cold."  Guo Zhi looked up and frowned.

 Shi Xi still maintained his posture, his hands on the ground, leaning slightly back, looking up at the sky, the sky actually had nothing to see, snow falling, falling on his hair, falling on his face that amazed everyone.  Guo Zhi followed Shi Xi's posture, he also put his hands on the ground and looked at the sky.  Their fingertips touch slightly.

 "Guo Zhi, have you ever thought of giving up even for a second?"  Shi Xi quietly spoke.

 "No."  Guo Zhi chuckled, he always smiled.  "I don't qualify or want to blame those who give up. Everyone has their own difficulties, but I just don't want to give up, I want to be a role model in this kind of feeling, let people all over the world see it, let people like me  look, I will have a very happy life!"

 This is his innocence as usual, has beautiful and positive view of everything. This is the innocence that Shi Xi had once despised. Shi Xi turned his head and looked at Guo Zhi's face. Under the moonlight, it was brighter than moonlight.  In the sight of Shi Xi, Guo hi's character is fragile and strong.

 "I'm saying something silly again."  The next second, Shi Xi's palm covered Guo Zhi's fingers.  "I can't really help you, Guo Zhi. But I will help you achieve this naivety."

 This is a promise right?  Guo Zhi's heart was so happy and painful at the same time, his emotions motivated his movements.  Guo Zhi approached, he kissed Shi Xi's neck.  "Thank you, Shi Xi! I love you, Shi Xi."

 "I know."

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