Chapter 9:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

During the day, Lu Yi, like the Emperor, looked like no one was pretending. The panic a few days before seemed like nothing, and continued to interact with Huo Chen.

In the middle of the night, Lu Yi started tossing and turning the bed.

Huo Chen's words repeated in his mind.

It turned out that lately, his feelings about Huo Chen who liked him were just an obscene fantasy.

The evil and sinful nature of his fantasy changed Huo Chen's brotherhood into a gay attitude. Thinking about Huo Chen's attitude little by little, Lu Yi covered his head under the blanket! The hope has become dust.

Mother!!! In just two weeks, your child has turned. Wuwuwu ~~ yingyingying ~~~

His roommate throws two rolls of toilet paper, yelling unhappy. "Get lost!"

Lu Yi threw two rolls of toilet paper back, and added another, "I broke up!"

His roommate was bedded over in surprise. Since when did Lu Yi date and now broke up. The roommate pondered for a moment and decided to pay attention to the lower bunk brother who was in a broken heart.

He gently threw back the toilet paper roll, "Better to use your hand."

"Get lost!"

"A broken heart man is terrible!"

In the morning, Lu Yi entered the classroom with two black circles.

Huo Chen stuck out his face and gave him a small message, [ Stupid, I heard you broke up. ]

WTF! Lu Yi was annoyed, glared and cursed in silence. This is your fault!

Lu Yi unhappily took a note then wrote under it, [ Don't call me stupid! ]

[ Stupid. ]

[ Don't call me stupid! ]

[ Well, I heard you broke up. ]

[ You happy I broke up! ] Lu Yi stared without believing Huo Chen's big smile as if he had a 100 million lottery ticket.

[ Happy, I'm still a single dog, know you broke up, can I be angry?! Congratulations, we can be single together. ]

Huo Chen pinched Lu Yi's arm. The words on the note flew.

Oh, not all because you're hurt! I like you!  Like you! Do you know that! Lu Yi cursed for a long time. His face was so flat that he could hide his unhappiness and write it back on the note, [ Are you sick? Are you a pig? ]

[ No, I'm a dog! We're both dogs. ] Huo Chen pushed the paper, held a math book to block his head, and secretly gave him a very bright smile under the sweep of the physics teacher.

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