Chapter 8:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

It's only a matter of time, and the next day, Huo Chen unknown what to eat. He starts diarrhea in the morning, and can only stay in the classroom during interval exercise.

Lu Yi felt that it was the right time, and he also reasoned that he had diarrhea to stay in class. He sat on a chair and thought nervously, whether he should ask direct or indirect questions.

"Why don't you go exercise?" Huo Chen turned the book separated into two worlds, and reached out and poked Lu Yi in the arm and pinched his face.

They both have been in a cold war for two days. Initially, Lu Yi wanted to take the initiative to get in touch. Besides, he doesn't know who is innocent. Lu Yi thought that Huo Chen was a person who would not budge.

Now Huo Chen suddenly took the initiative, and Lu Yi felt overwhelmed.

"I ... That ..." Lu Yi began to say, wanting to immediately ask whether he was gay or not, but that was too rude, too rude.

Lu Yi convoluted a moment, biting his lip, just starting asking right away, "Hey, Huo Chen... are you---"

"Chen Ge--" Wang Junsheng who often skipped the toilet, was very eager to walk in and he sat near Huo Chen without sharp eyesight. Once again, he did not have sharp eyesight to intercept Lu Yi. And he also did not have sharp eyesight when he said the phrase, "You do not go exercise, in this place--- engage in the practice of gay men ah!

In this place!

Engage in the practice of gay men ah!

Gay men!


This was a joke, Wang Junsheng's original intention was not to tie Huo Chen and Lu Yi together. But speaking accidentally, attracts the listener.

When the words entered his ears, still bouncing, Lu Yi's face turned red like a monkey's butt. He panicked and stood up, reasoning to go to the toilet.

When he left the door, he heard Huo Chen's loud voice, "What are you saying? I'm not gay, I like women."

Lu Yi's heart slammed, pumping and pumping, it really hurts! He pressed his chest all the way to the toilet, step on this horse to do what is the root wall, mixed with a sensitive heart like a girl!!! Ah!!!

Lu Yi arrived at the toilet, washed his face several times and looked in the mirror.

Lu Yi's appearance was white and clean, shy, cowardly, wearing nerd-like glasses, and short, looking-- very cute. But do men need to be cute?! Men need manliness. Lu Yi beckoned to himself, washed his face and returned to the classroom to continue being good bro with Huo Chen! Hm!

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