Chapter 7:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

Because Lu Yi separated the two from a book on the table, it seemed to separate his world from Huo Chen.

Huo Chen did not take action against him. Two people don't talk much.

In the past two days, Lu Yi finally realized.

Analyzing calmly, he shouldn't blindly think that Huo Chen is gay. It could just be a joke. He must not misunderstand.

After thinking about this, Lu Yi asked himself, why did he feel something when he heard that Huo Chen said that he was gay? Why didn't he think that this was a joke at first?! Is it possible that ...

WTF, he won't really like Huo Chen, what if Huo Chen isn't gay? He won't be so jealous! Ah! Blame Huo Chen!

Lu Yi started rolling on the bed.

His roommate in the upper bunk threw a roll of toilet paper into his face, and shouted, "If you use your hands, do it outside."

Lu Yi threw back the toilet paper, "You use your hands!"

Lu Yi found a comfortable posture and didn't dare to disturb the occupants of the upper bunk anymore. He thought to himself: I had to look for opportunities, I had to ask if he was gay.
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