Chapter 6:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

Math class.

"Lu Yi, what do you mean, empty half the math exam questions. How can you be so out of focus lately?” The mathematics teacher lectured.

"Owww ~~" Lu Yi buried her head on the table, it was almost uncomfortable to die.  He felt that he was living in trouble all the time, and he didn't dare poke a layer of cellophane.

I always treat you as a brother, and always feel that you like me. If you really like me, should I be happy?! This step horse looks like what it feels like.

 Lu Yi looked at 78 points on his examination paper, and wanted to cry without tears.

"Lu Yi, what's with your grades, don't you sleep well, what's the dark circles in your eyes!" Huo Chen pushed a cup of hot milk.

You're still asking!!! it's all because of you!

Lu Yi licked his mouth and remembered this morning. Lu Yi got up late so Huo Chen dragged him running along the road. The male protagonist leads the female protagonist. He saw it in countless theaters and television, the wind blew their clothes and made it very romantic.

But there are no female protagonists in his story, only male protagonists.

And he was the poor protogon who was pulled along the road, began to have arrhythmias, stared at the hands he had held and was dazed all morning.

After ringing the reminder of the opening of the weekly test, he looked at the hand that seemed to have a temperature and spent an hour. He was not as competent as Huo Chen, and left half an empty examination paper.

Lu Yi looked at half a cup of milk, and began to have a different heartbeat. Let me drink what you drink, what do you mean?!

He pretended to cover his red face, "I don't drink what you drink!"

"Lu Yi, you're sick again, I'll give the remaining half a cup. I've never had a drink before." Huo Chen approached him, poked his arm and pinched his face.

WTF! Lu Yi pulled out a book and made a wall in the middle of the two. To prevent Huo Chen's immoral hands and stop his gaze which made him feel hot.

Lu Yi took a deep breath, almost, almost, almost he would open his mouth to ask- Huo Chen, do you, do you like me?

Huo Chen was disturbed by Lu Yi's actions. He awkwardly pulled back his hand, moved half a cup of milk, and turned to look at the 150 points on the math test paper, silent.

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