Chapter 5:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

In the evening, his roommate discusses who is the most beautiful girl in the class.

The topic went well, but Lu Yi did not say a word.

His mind filled with Huo Chen who bought him breakfast today, gave him a piece of fish during the day, and drank milk tea which he had not finished drinking at night, and drank it with a straw he used ...

His roommate who was in the upper bunk threw rolls of toilet paper and hit Lu Yi's face directly. "Lu Xiaoyi, why aren't you talking ~"

"Ah ~ what are you talking about???" Lu Yi is still in dazed.

"Who is the most beautiful girl in the class."

"Huo Chen!" Lu Yi reacted immediately, what was he talking about!! Will it be misunderstood by others?

"I was wrong, I mean Huo Mei." Lu Yi hurriedly changed hus mouth.

Roommate A. "WTF, bro, do you have your eyes on the buttocks?"

Roommate B. "Not only his eyes on the buttocks, but also covered in a layer of jeans."

Lu Yi said that Huo Mei was purely a reason for himself to disguise Huo Chen's name, and had nothing to do with beauty and ugliness. However, they did not seem to find flaws, and still discussed enthusiastically.

Lu Yi doesn't like discussing this topic. He curled under the blanket, his face turning red and agitated.

Why is the reason Huo Chen pinched his little spot today? and he also twisted it twice. Did he pinch wrongly?!

Does he has to rotate twice when he pinches wrong?

Why himself feel so strange? Gosh! aah!  Why is that? What's wrong with him? God help him!

Tonight, Lu Yi made a rare spring dream in 16 years. He dreamed that he and Huo Chen were naked at school and pinching each other. Huo Chen pinched in his small part, and a little pain and numbness immediately gave him goosebumps.

At 5:30 in the morning, Lu Yi turned around and felt the skin between his legs sticky, he quickly sat up from the bed, Lord, he was done!!

Frantically changing his underwear, sneaking up, running to the sink, and cursing himself while washing.

Lu Yi put the soap in his pants and rubbed it.

"Lu Yi, what are you doing?" Huo Chen came out of the toilet.

Lu Yi was shocked, his face turning bright red. Why did he meet him at a time like this? In Huo Chen's words, there was clearly ambiguity in this tone.  Embarrassing. "You can't see!"

"Why did you get up in the morning to wash your underwear."

"Damn!! None of your business!" Lu Yi was confused, what was the meaning of this? He would not know what dream he had last night, forget it.

Huo Chen stood next to him and patted his shoulder. Warmly said. "Lu Xiaoyi, Lu Xiaoyi grew up last night, ah~ ?!"

What Lu Xiaoyi, damn, Lu Yi buries his underwear, doesn't want to care about him, if this topic continues, he will have a nosebleed.

"Why don't you go." Lu Yi really thought that Huo Chen was really too much.  Standing in the morning to see him washing underwear is what that means, ah abnormal.

"I accompanied you to wash your underwear."

WTF, really abnormal. Lu Yi started to heat up again, feeling his body boil.

For a moment, he really wanted to cover the wet pants in Huo Chen's face and get angry at him!

However, he did not dare look back, for fear of seeing his face, how could he easily stare at him, he could not afford to lose face!

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