Chapter 4:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

Next morning.

"You idiot, you've lost two lessons, and what dark circles are in your eyes." Huo Chen pinched Lu Yi's face, not too strong, and even slightly gentle.

Fuck, pinch! Isn't this taking advantage, Dage!

Too! Idiot! Who is that idiot, doesn't it usually directly call Lu Yi ?! What kind of nickname is that?

Lu Yi was pinched in the face and started to blush to his ears, he rose from the chair. "Damn it! What are you doing?"

"I pinched you, why don't you fight back?" Huo Chen was stunned.

Instantly the two men froze.

The most fierce chemistry teacher the year swept them with a blazing look.

Both were once again expelled from chemistry class.

"What happened to you?" Huo Chen pointed at the blushing Lu Yi.

"FUC--!" Lu Yi wanted to scream but was discouraged.

Window paper is something that does not mean sticking to meat. When you open it, you will be scared and shivering!

/ feelings saved, exposed /

For a moment he was a little rude, "Get lost! I don't want to talk to you!"

"What's wrong with you, so angry!" Huo Chen once again pinched Lu Yi's face. "The teacher told us to stand up. Where should I go? "

Lu Yi was stunned, his little brain began to analyze at high speed. Huo Chen never told him he liked him. Maybe he is too confident. This might be a misunderstanding. Huo Chen was usually always very kind to him.

He couldn't lose a good friend because of a misunderstanding, and his attitude had gone too far.

Persisting with guilt and shame, Lu Yi began to pinch back. After all, the two of them used to be like this. If he want to continue being a friend, he must stay the same.

The two of them once again make a mess, and it's hard to give up.

The most ferocious chemistry teacher the year walked out of the classroom with a book in his hand. His eyes completely burned them into slag, "You two! Go to my office after class!"

Huo Chen looked calm. "Yes, teacher."

Lu Yi's face changed color and shouted.  "Yes ~~~~"

The chemistry teacher was furious. "Lu Yi! What yin and yang are you yelling at! Don't expect you to enter the next class!"

Right when the chemistry teacher came out of the classroom, Huo Chen pinched at his little spot, and gently twisted it through a thin spring shirt. Itchy flow through the cerebral cortex. Lu Yi had never experienced that feeling, it was a new experience in life, not holding back, he screamed.

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