Chapter 3:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

These days, Lu Yu is very uncomfortable, not because Huo Chen wants to get out of the cabinet.

But because Huo Chen got better and better to him. Accompany him breakfast, buy milk tea during the day, eat together, explain the material during class, and do not jump the wall to go to the internet at night, but return to the dorm and wash face together.

Lu Yi initially felt nothing, but then felt even more uncomfortable. After all, Huo Chen liked men who were certainly not him.

The relationship between the two before is still good. As the saying goes, fighting is a form of love. The second way to strengthen brotherhood is to pinch one another.

Huo Chen pinched his face, his hands, his arms, and accidentally touched his chest.  He was not as tall as Huo Chen, and did not have such strength, so he could not prevent it.

After this action can be considered as a fight between friends, now this action is thought out carefully, and there is an ambiguous clue. Is he being taken advantage of by a gay person?

A reddening wave poured into Lu Yi's face, and immediately spread from head to foot, Lu Yi circled on the bed, flipping a few times and his body was still hot.

Finally, he immediately stood up and went to the bathroom to wash his face with cold water. At the turn of spring and summer, the weather is not too cold, not too hot, and cold water enters his face immediately cools his face from the heat.

After washing his face, he slipped back to bed and found that he should take a cold shower instead of washing his face.

Only covered with a blanket, his whole body is like a thermal thermometer, and a red indicator directly over it.

People in adolescence are very sensitive.

Can not sleep! Upset, Lu Yi starts to think deeply about his sexual orientation, and then starts to spin in bed, and finally his best friend finally can't help.

"Lu Xiaoyi, are you somersaulting in bed? If you want to use your hands, go to the toilet, I can't sleep!"

"Oh ... I, I'm sorry. I'm not ~ I'm just hot!"  Lu Yu awkwardly sighed softly.

His roommate saw him from the upper bunk and narrowed his eyes with a half face. He whispered, "In love ah, sister, as the saying goes good ~~ Bamboo outside the peach twigs, spring warm duck!"

* Described in the late spring scene: several peach blossoms open outside the bamboo forest.  In late spring, ducks that swim in the river every day know that the river has warmed up ..

The atmosphere of people falling in love is like spring again.

Emphasis is placed on the pronunciation of the word duck. Lu Yi still didn't realize what the whole sentence meant. His roommate again said one sentence, "Use your hands well."

God damn it! Your peach blossom bamboo duck. Lu Yi kicked twice, covered the blanket and stayed up all night.

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