Chapter 2:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

After receiving criticism from the chemistry teacher.

In the past few days, Huo Chen no longer jumped over the walls at night, and did not sleep during the self study sessions and morning classes. Wang Junsheng, who sat not far from Huo Chen, realized that Huo Chen looked suspicious.

Wang Junsheng was a good buddy to jump out of the wall with Huo Chen. In the past few days, Huo Chen did not leave.  Wang Junsheng couldn't help asking.  "Lao Huo, what have you been doing lately? Open black five is missing one. I'm very suffering. I don't want to work with the three of them!"

"Don't talk to me yet, I'm studying!" Huo Chen's head was buried under the table.

"Learn what! You are still learning too!"  Wang Junsheng bent down and took out the extracurricular booklet Huo Chen used to cover the textbook from under the table.

"Yo ~~~"

With the yin and yang screams of Wang Junsheng, several classmates sitting around Huo Chen turned around at the same time, including Lu Yi, and everyone's eyes were fixed on the name of the book.

The name of the book is "100 ways to chase a girl."

A at the front desk (male). "God, now that the Internet has evolved, how do you still superstitious!"

B at the next table (female). "Who is the girl you like? What's her name? Which class? Tall or not? Slim or not? White or not? Pretty? Is that me ~"

C is on a diagonal table (male). "I want to know, do you like men or women. And what was your first love, seeing this as trying to chase after a girl, very low."

D at the back table was going to the toilet, and now Wang Junsheng leaned against the table, picked up the book and his eyes fell. "WTF, buddy, you're in love!"

At the same table, Lu Yi lowered his 800 degree glasses, wiped the glass then wore it again, made sure he didn't read typos, and looked at Huo Chen with a surprised face. "Chen Ge, amazing! Really likes someone."

"Get lost! It's none of your damn business!" Huo Chen grabbed the book in Wang Junsheng's hand and slammed it into a drawer.

Lu Yi blinked, um, not mistaken. Huo Chen blushed. This shameless man turns red.

Lu Yi's heart struck a little. Huo Chen is really in love.

Since leaving the chemistry teacher's office, Huo Chen has become like spring.

Lu Yi began to remember the words of the chemistry teacher, nothing more than letting them study hard, don't mess up in class, there would be danger etc. When he left, the chemistry teacher kept Huo Chen there to criticize a few more words. He wondering what criticism was given to Huo Chen. Huo Chen returned very abnormally, and no longer jumped over the walls at night.

"Chen Ge?! Who is the girl you like ~~" Lu Yi gave some examples of the most beautiful girls in class, why did he make a list of beautiful girls?! Because it is more appropriate with the handsome Huo Chen.

Huo Chen blushed waving his hands nonchalantly, seemingly submerged in shameless mode on.

Lu Yi thought that there was no such person in his example, so he decided that the girl Huo Chen liked was not from their class.

He stabbed Huo Chen, who was still meditating. "Chen Ge, you eat nesting grass."

/ looking for a lover outside the class /

Huo Chen turned and gave him a sincere and firm expression. He took out a book 100 ways to successfully chase a girl from the drawer. "Lu Yi, do you think this book is suitable for men?"

WTF! Lu Yi will blow up and lower his voice, "You want to coming out ~~"

Huo Chen buried his face in one hand and gave him a thumb in one hand, "Not yet, I'm planning."

"You ~~ Which man do you like? Is it in our class? ~ Or the next class? ~" Lu Yi's gossiping soul grew and blazed.

Huo Chen did not speak, and continued to study the contents of the book 100 ways to successfully chase a girl.

WTF, What exactly did the chemistry teacher tell to make a good boy turn gay?  Lu Yi scratched his face and felt very depressed.

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