Chapter 10:: What are You Two Doing? [ Eng vers ]

Night self study.

Lu Yi concentrated on the sea of ​​thoughts and traveled for about an hour. He felt that he was dying of sea otters, and glanced at Huo Chen.

WTF! Huo Chen looked at the book 100 Ways to Successfully Chase a Girl. It had the title on the page - a surprise kiss for a girl.

Lu Yi was a little angry, and said that he was a dog with him, now the dog wanted to end the dog! Hey! Lu Yi handed over the vinegar-filled record to him. [ Bro, can't you stay single? ]

Huo Chen stared at the note for a long time, then wrote the word, [ Hmm. ]

Shucks! Lu Yi squeezed the paper and threw it in a drawer, took out a physics problem, and filled it carelessly. When it comes to answers, the five basic choices are four.

Huo Chen slept at the table.

After studying at night, Huo Chen was still lying on the table. Students don't bother him when they are packing.

Lu Yi pushed him. That person is not moving. Lu Yi pushed him again. The man is still not moving.

The class is almost empty and this person sleeps like a pig. Lu Yi pushed him back but his wrist was immediately pulled down, closer to Huo Chen's face and the person's lips touched, faintly but felt the wet object crush two or three times on his lips.

Lu Yi's first kiss, he was stunned, the next second he immediately hid under the table, alert to see if there were still people in the class, there were none, then his face began to rise bright red.

He touched the wetness of his remaining lips, looked at Huo Chen's humorous face, and thought of what Huo Chen said a few days ago, he was not gay.

Lu Yi was embarrassed and angry, and his school bag was not packed. He immediately came out of the table and ran out the door.

Huo Chen was also stunned, staring at the figure who ran frantically and hurried after him.

Lu Yi admitted that he accidentally ran into a lush bush. The bush is a shortcut to their dorm. He just wanted to go back to the bedroom and hurry to bed, and never see Huo Chen again.

The plan was only half successful, and just running through the bush for a while, Huo Chen grabbed his shirt.

"What? What are you doing!" Lu Yi redly tried to pull his detained shirt, "Let go! Let go!"

Lu Yi's little chicken strength was not comparable to the brute strength of Huo Chen. Two or three times, he was shackled behind a hidden tree.

Lu Yi is stunned, what is this?!

Both are silent and narrow each other in the dark.

In the end, Huo Chen opened his mouth first, "What happened earlier, I'm sorry, I'm not holding back."

"W-what ?!" When Huo Chen bent down, the hot air in his mouth sprayed on Lu Yi's forehead, and his brain caught on fire.

"I just kissed you," Huo Chen said clearly.

"No, it's okay. You dreamed a girl, and when you open your eyes, you're mistaken." Lu Yi lowered his head and did not look at Huo Chen. Even though it was nighttime, he felt that both eyes looked very ashamed.

"No." Huo Chen denied, "I dreamed of you."



"Why do you dream about me ?!"

"I miss you every day, I want to kiss you every day, I want to hug you every day, ..."

"Don't say that!" Lu Yi's face felt hot, and stopped Huo Chen's increasingly embarrassing words. "What do you mean?"

"What I mean, I like you!"

Hey! Hey! Lu Yi's heart pounded. He could not accept the fact for a while, didn't Huo Chen like women, he was not women.  "You, you ... don't you like women!"

"I heard that day, that day! You said you like women! ”Lu Yi was very angry, obviously liking women, but instead he said he liked it.

"I tried to catch, someone had to let go, as written in the book. Didn't you say it was useful for men." Huo Chen approached in his ear, "Lu Xiaoyi, is it useful to you ?!"

"To arrest, someone must release your shucks! Laozi suffered for several days. I don't believe that!" Lu Yi said this sentence, and immediately regretted it, as if he had fallen into Huo Chen's hands.

"You really suffer?!" Huo Chen jerked his hands on both sides and hugged Lu Yi.

"It hurts so much!" Lu Yi became embarrassed and dying, struggling in Huo Chen's arms.

"I suffered so much, I loved you more than half a semester, you idiot do not know, I'm sick of it! From time to time said there was a girl who sent a love letter to you, I felt sick! A few days ago I played with you, you were so angry that refuse me. I'm uncomfortable! You didn't even say that you were dating, I was so sick that I wanted to die!"

"When I'm dating?!"

"This morning, I also knew you broke up, and didn't know you were dating before, even though knew you broke up, I was very happy, but thinking of your ex-girlfriend, I wasn't happy. So today I will take the initiative, which girl has stolen you!"

Lu Yi stared at him with vinegar, but his heart gave birth to a little sweetness, and then increasingly sweeter, he could not hold his mouth in the darkness, punched Huo Chen's back, "I shrugged in love, it was all because of you, and this experiment was successful! Congratulations."

"What are you talking about?!" Huo Chen's voice was full of joy and surprise.

"I said, I like you, Huo Chen."

"Say it again."

"I like you."

"Say it again."

"I - like - you."

"Say it again."

"WTF! There's no end!"

"Say again ~" Huo Chen's voice was hopeful, and he could not believe the facts.

Lu Yi raised her mouth and raised her head. He is in the dark. He could not see clearly except in the dark waves, "Huo Chen, I like you."

"The book says that if the surprise is a hot kiss. Just call it not hot enough."

"Ah?!" Lu Yi hadn't reacted yet, Huo Chen had already raised his chin and kissed him. This time the kiss not only stuck but the kiss was repeated with his lips.

Lu Yi's heart was touched: Why is this kiss so good, not looking for someone to practice, who invented, lied!

While not paying attention, Huo Chen's one hand pinched his small spot behind the bush and the current surged through the cerebral cortex.

Lu Yi's consciousness was weak, and he fell softly with one hand in his arms. Huo Chen's soft tongue entered his lips and slammed his tongue.

Lu Yi who started to lust, moaned softly in embarrassment.

Huo Chen's hand that twisted its small spot slid down across his flat, tight stomach, lingered on the elastic side of his school uniform, and finally slid down.

Lu Yi was in lust mode, feeling the hand sliding into her underwear, screaming.  "Huo Chen, don't, don't ..."

The hand stopped, hooked up Lu Yi, and slipped out.

"Hmm ~~" Lu Yi couldn't say whether it was uncomfortable or uncomfortable, only felt that his body was numb, and he had to rely on Huo Chen.

At this time, a flashy telephoto flashlight came.

The headmaster's wrathful voice roared, "What are you two doing!!!"

Lu Yi who had just hardened somewhere suddenly softened. Huo Chen dragged his hand, "Run!"

A soft breeze in the clump blew their cold, wet hair, and both of them hurried away from the fat headmaster.

When the two of them stopped at the dormitory door in one breath, the lights had just off. Two people gasping for air, staring at each other, face rising, feeling really thrilling.

There was a gentle breeze on the stairs, and the two men smiled at each other.


Lu Yi, "What did the chemistry teacher tell you? You can't jump off the wall to play games?

Huo Chen, "Teacher says geniuses who don't work hard can't find a good wife."

Lu Yi, "You mean you're a genius, right?"

Huo Chen, "No, you're very kind, I want to marry you later."

[ END ]

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