37. Like listening to the rhythm of a song

Lately, Guo Zhi works at his father's friend's shop. Since graduating from middle school, his father wanted to train him. When he comes on vacation, his father will let him work here, so Guo Zhi is already very skilled. This is a small fast food shop, the layout is clean and neat, because office workers nearby often eat here so the business is not bad.

Some old customers already know Guo Zhi, and when they see him, they can't help but smile. "Guo Zhi, you are on vacation and rarely go home, but your father just let you work."

"Working is very good indeed."

"Your son will definitely have a good future. Ah, I have difficulty choosing which foods I will eat today." The old customer looked around the menu, and Guo Zhi who had tasted some food said honestly. "That one is rather salty today." in the distance, his uncle's roar was heard, "Guo Zhi! What are you talking about ?!"

Sun Xiong and Guo Yunyong are comrades in arms, and they are both fierce types of men, but Sun Xiong is more cheerful than Guo Yunyong so Guo Zhi is not afraid of him like he is afraid of father.

"Uncle, the dish is very salty today."

"You! How many times have I told you, don't call me like that! You kid can make my business bad, if you don't say it, they won't know. They can drink lots of water if they feel salty." Sun Xiong's voice was clearly heard by customers but everyone was used to it.

Guo Zhi nodded. Sun Xiong packed the food and handed it to Guo Zhi. "Deliver this on the floor of two computer cities, no. A19."


Guo Zhi went outside with a plastic bag, and headed to the nearby computer city. Once arrived, he was greeted with the sound of film, music, and chat. He took the elevator to the second floor. After a long time in it, he did not find A19. He stood in the aisle and said out loud, "Who ordered from a fast food shop hahaha ~ fried pork, more meat and a little green pepper ~ This is not a durable lunch box so it will cool down quickly ~"

His voice attracted many people to come out of their shop.

"Guo Zhi?" There is a voice calling his name. Guo Zhi followed the voice's and immediately recognized her. He was surprised, "Linlin!"

"I felt the voice was a little like you, I didn't think it was you."

He looked at the audio shop, "What are you doing here?"

"My boyfriend opened a new shop so I'm here to help. Why are your clothes like that?" Wang Linlin looked at Guo Zhi's strange clothes with the name of a fast food restaurant hahaha with a big character on his chest.

"I work as a winter worker." Guo Zhi could not help but smile. Wang Linlin looked at Guo Zhi's face. The man did not seem to change, but Wang Linlin felt that something had changed. Suddenly she asked, "Hey, you look radiant like in the spring. Are you in love?"

Guo Zhi panicked. "No!" He dodged, two seconds later resignedly, "Yes!"

"You can't even lie for more than two seconds." Wang Linlin rolled her eyes and didn't ask much. Besides, campus love is normal too. She pulled a wooden bench and placed it in front of Guo Zhi. "Congratulations on your body."

Guo Zhi, who had just sat down, suddenly got up, "Hey, who said! We didn't do it!" Two seconds later, Guo Zhi sat down again and gave up, "We did it."

"Do you have schizophrenia¹!" Wang Linlin couldn't help rolling his eyes and saw the camera hanging from Guo Zhi's neck, "Hey, do you need to bring a camera when you deliver an order?"

¹Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by impaired thought processes and weak emotional responses.

"This is used for something else."

"Can you take a picture of me and show Hua Guyu how beautiful I am now."

"You can't. You can't be used as material for Shi Xi."

"What are you talking about? Shi Xi? That name seems to sound familiar. I remember, is it the geek who always wears a hat like his life depends on it, and has no features to watch out for? You hang out with him, and also go to campus Z?"

Wang Linlin had just bluntly told her impression to Shi Xi when high school made Guo Zhi somewhat dissatisfied and praised him. "Linlin, actually I used to lie, you grew up and you're not beautiful."

Is it really coming out of Guo Zhi's mouth? Wang Linlin blinked, "Guo Zhi, you must have studied badly on campus Z to say I'm not beautiful!"

"You're not beautiful at all."

"Oh, my goodness! How good is your relationship with Shi Xi to not allow anyone else to say anything?"

"Shi Xi isn't wearing a hat now."

"Then why? That's not a strange thing."

Guo Zhi touched his cellphone, opened a photo album inside, and handed the phone to Wang Linlin. Wang Linlin took the phone in disgust at the flower-shaped cellphone holster. Her expression suddenly changed, her voice becoming sharper, "This is Shi Xi? You say it's Shi Xi?"

Really bad, like the side effects of arrogance, but also affects Guo Zhi, he is a little proud, just a little, he doesn't want others to praise his lover. Shi Xi is his lover.

Wang Linlin's eyes widened perfectly, still scrolling the photos on the cellphone, "Guo Zhi, why is your cellphone full of Shi Xi's photos and they are all candid taken?"

²shooting silently without the target consent.

"Why? Of course it's because he looks good."

"Only that?"

Suddenly there was a shout in the hallway "Fast food shop hahaha where are you? I asked my boss for your order and said you were here Fried pork, more meat and less green peppers ~~"

"Well, I forgot I'm working now, I'll go first."

"Go, see me next time."

"Okay, okay."

Before more than two steps, Wang Lilin spoke behind him, "Guo Zhi, what is Shi Xi's cellphone number?"

Guo Zhi pretended not to hear it and continued to walk quickly, "I'm from a fast food restaurant hahaha, sorry for being late."

Guo Zhi returned to the restaurant, Sun Xiong immediately greeted him, "You kid! Did you go to deliver orders to Afghanistan ?!

"I met classmates and talked for a while."

"Woman or man?"


Sun Xiong laughed while holding his stomach, teasing Guo Zhi. "I didn't expect you to have a lover."

"Not what you imagined, uncle."

Sun Xiong ignored Guo Zhi's response, just smiled and left. Guo Zhi took his cellphone to call someone, "Hello, Shi Xi. Guess who I just met?"

"I guess I'm not interested to find out." Shi Xi answered coldly.

"Wang Linlin."

"Do not know her."

"In high school, we were classmates. She remembered you, but she said you were geeky, then I took out your photo. You should really look at her expression after mocking you with bad words. You don't need to worry and be sad about what she said. that's because there are only handsome men in his eyes. "

Shi Xi didn't want to be comfort, he just wanted to ask one thing, "Guo Zhi."


"Why do you have a picture of me?"

"That, actually, that …" Guo Zhi did not know how to say it, his voice muffled could not continue, finally he decided to hung up onesided.

Guo Zhi stood at the door of the tavern, put his hand in his pocket and looked at the road. His mood now, like a sunny morning, like standing in the sun, like listening to the rhythm of a song, can't stand to shake his body gently.

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