36. Shi Xi ( 1 )

Sunlight broke through the gap in the curtain and fell on the blanket. Shi Xi opened his eyes, he lay on the bed and stared at the pale ceiling. His emotions are not in his body. There is no hope for the future, no regrets for the past, just watching the lives of others.

For a long time, he got up from the bed, took off his clothes, and suddenly remembered the words of Guo Zhi with a shy face, "Shi Xi, don't take off your clothes in front of me, it will blank my mind." He walked to the bathroom, water with a comfortable temperature washed his body, but still cold.

When did he start caring? Is this what it is called?

Like this superficial feeling will only waste time without meaning, it's as wasteful as other feelings, right?

After bathing, Shi Xi covered his head with a towel, he sat at the table, turned on the computer, there was a neatly folded paper lying on the keyboard that said: For Shi Xi.

He put the paper in a bag, one hand was wrapping a towel on his head, the other hand he was on the mouse, saw the novel written last night, then everything was erased. Even though he was often praised, he still felt that he wrote things that could not satisfy him and erased them when he was about to write again.

He closed his laptop then threw the towel on the bed and came out. The people he passed by all had the same numb expression. Some of them wore earplugs, and some of them looked down on the telephone. Society is contradictory, encouraging all people to trust and communicate with each other; once college girls have been killed in the past, they are encouraged to trust others. This is an unclear boundary. What to do and how to do it is not as good as nothing.

Shi Xi mingled nonchalantly, watching the crowd passing by nonchalantly, a girl in a short skirt and knee-length boots walked in from the opposite direction, on call. Her voice was thick and ugly, and she shouted loudly, "Do you know what I just saw? A man bribes food to another man. When I see them, it is terrible, hahaha, yes."

Shi Xi extends his legs as the girl passes over and stumbles and fall down, her hands fixing her short skirt and then rounding her eyes, staring at Shi Xi.

Shi Xi crouched down with one elbow with his hand resting on his knee, and the other hand grabbed the girl's collar and pulled, "I like men too, have an opinion?"

"How can you tell such a terrible thing?

"You could say, I can also see that you are unsightly, no one can control who, right?" Shi Xi's expression did not change, his expression cold, he took off the collar of the girl who was still sitting staring at him. "Still not leaving? Want to be beaten?"

"You!" The girl rounded her eyes again, but dared not say anything, stood up and patted the clothes, and walked away.

That night, Shi Xi sat in front of the computer, the light on the screen hit his face. His hand is not on the keyboard. He picked up the phone and put it in his ear. "Why?"

"It's nothing. I'm home. When are you going home?"

"Go tomorrow."

"What are you doing?"

Shi Xi listens to Guo Zhi's voice, his feelings can even be seen from the phone, Shi Xi can guess that Guo Zhi's expression must be smiling. He placed his hand on the keyboard and typed two words: Guo Zhi.

"Why don't you sleep and do this in the middle of the night?"

"I can't sleep. Can you tell a story? I bought Andersen's fairytale last time."

"Do you think I have free time?"

"Is that so." No longer hearing the voice across, Shi Xi stood up, his fingers picking up books that were piled on the floor. He sat on the bed and flipped the book, Guo Zhi was rather silly. In his thoughts, he believes that fairy tales have happy endings, but they don't. The world is not that beautiful, let him know that the nature of life is cruel. But his fingers that opened the pages away from the story of the girl who cut her legs and wore red shoes, ignored the story of a mermaid who lost her love and lost her voice and turned into foam. And finally stop at a happy ending story.

This is just a problem for two people. Even though others give cruelty, but when Shi Xi gives good, that is enough.

He slowly reads it. Not long after, Shi Xi heard regular breathing from across, "Good night, Guo Zhi." and hang up the phone.

The next day, Shi Xi brought two books and a laptop and left. The plane moves slowly then faster when swiping the runway, and then flies towards the sky. Shi Xi took out Guo Zhi's letter from his bag, the front handwritten neatly with a random stroke. He opened it and began to read.

[ Shi Xi,

Wait, let me think first about what I want to say to you. You must promise first, you must read this letter, otherwise you will not be a good man!

I know that you're busy, busy writing novels, busy reading books, busy watching DVDs, busy playing games. However, when pause writing a novel, reading a book, or changing to watch another DVD, while playing a game, you can actually take the time to think about me. I suddenly feel very embarrassed to write this!

Shi Xi, I bought a lot of pens and put them in your bag; I also locked the script for you. I bought the book "Photograph Technique" and researched it recently. I'll help you take more pictures during the winter holidays. I can go home safely for the New Year, and I wish you the best in the air, like the East Sea¹, Shoubi Nanshan².

¹In Chinese mythology, the East Sea is the domain of Ao Guang, Donghai Longwang (東海 龍王), or "Dragon King of the East Sea", which is responsible for controlling storms and waves.

²Live a long life like the Zhongnan Mountains! (Idiom) / Have a long life.

/ maybe because Shi Xi got on a plane so Guo Zhi prayed that the weather was good and could arrive safely. /

Oh right, I have to work part time during this winter vacation.

What did I write, why is it so stupid? Change the sheet and rewrite it.

Forget it, use this paper, give you more paper, I'll cross it off so you don't want to read.

You always say that the world is very bad. I think the world has warm sunshine, beautiful flowers, blue sky, shopping malls full of snacks and beautiful clothes, nice people, like girl, Hua er, cousin. My roommate is also good, where is the bad? Shi Xi, don't hate this world too much, because I also exist in this world.

Finally, thank you, let me know on New Year's Eve.

How is this, clearly saying the last one, but I still want to write, am I going to write until you wake up? I really want to end, goodbye.

I want to write again, then say an esoteric statement to conclude.

Oops, can't think of it, how is it, dear. ]

Finally, the word unfortunately crossed out with a horizontal line, but can still be seen. Shi Xi holds the letter, he turns to look at the window. At this time, emotions returned to him without warning. His handsome face was gently carved into a smile.

Wasting time on extra things like this feeling is really pointless.

So, just let this continue.

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