35. The nature of life

In the middle of the night, the whole city was in a calm state, Guo Zhi blinking occasionally patting his face, trying to hold his sleep. For a long time, he gently opened the door, made sure not to hear his father's voice, then closed the door, hiding under the blanket and called Shi Xi.

"Why?" Just one word but has warmed Guo Zhi's heart to make himself happy.

"It's nothing, I'm home. Are you home?"

"Go tomorrow."

"What are you doing?" Guo Zhi doesn't really want to know what Shi Xi is doing, just hearing Shi Xi's voice is already very good.

"Why don't you sleep and do this in the middle of the night?"

"I can't sleep." The eyelids felt heavy, and his hands were wrinkled, the air on the blanket was a little stuffy, he slightly opened the blanket to let the air in, then continued, "Can you tell a story? I gave you Andersen's fairy tale at the time."

"Do you think I have free time?"

"Is that so." His mouth no longer spoke.

Shi stood up from the computer desk, his fingers picked up books piled on the floor, he sat on the bed and flipped the book, which was rather ridiculous, in his knowledge, Guo Zhi believed that fairy tales had a happy ending, but it didn't.

He used to want to let Guo Zhi know how bad the world was but it had no effect. He turned his finger away from the story of the girl who cut her leg and wore red shoes, then ignored the story of the mermaid who lost her love also lost her voice and became frothy. And stop at happy ending story, his voice is as good as the beginning.

Shi Xi slowly reads it, and Guo Zhi listens calmly, then falls asleep.

The next morning, Zhou Hui knocked on the door of the room, "Guo Zhi, wake up, today we go to the mall to buy new year's decoration.

"Yes, I will ready soon."

Guo Zhi gets up from the bed, and thinks Shi Xi must still be sleeping. When he comes home and does something, he can't help but think about what Shi Xi is doing right now. What kind of expression will he have? What kind of person did he meet and what novel did he write?

Separately, it's only one word, it's not serious, but it gives people a strange and beautiful feeling. What was lost in his heart, what was more thought about him, Guo Zhi wanted to stop thinking about him when he was busy; he wants to be busy when he is free. He does not want it. This is not a way to get used to it. That's like a serious illness. If you don't take medicine, it will only get worse.

The whole mall is covered with red decorations. The outside of the mall is laid out with a table. The person who holds the microphone in neat clothes sends seduction to buy a cellphone. The place was surrounded by people, and the group was like zombies. At the mall, people come and go, they choose items that promote the New Year, and faces are greeted with the excitement of the New Year. But this is only an illusion. What can New Year bring? It cannot make people who are depressed in life rich, nor can they make sadness or problems disappear.

Guo Zhi got out of the car and walked behind his parents, he was in a good mood, looking at the beaming mall layout, could not bear to touch cute dolls for a while and pulled the hands of a humanoid model.

There was a voice from the front, there was a group of people gathered there. They are also curious to get into the crowd and jostle. After a few seconds, Guo Zhi's face paled. In the crowd there were two men, their hands intertwined, their faces looking disheveled, the little man behind the taller man, his legs trembling slightly, his eyes filled with tears that would fall. In front of them stood a family screaming loudly, an arrogant middle-aged man and a middle-aged woman who covered the eyes of a boy about five years old.

"You guys are gay, don't you guys feel like making mistakes? You should go home and stay home. There are children outside, I don't want my child to learn this deviant thing."

"What are you saying?" The man in front stares angrily at the middle-aged man, the man behind him pulls his clothes, not wanting him to fight. The people around also spoke and shouted from the crowd, "Yes, isn't that embarrassing enough?"

"Men with men, what happens?"

"Really a shameful thing that happened this year."

"Do your parents know?"

"Does any family member care about you?"

This countless accusation not only affected the two men but also outside the crowd. The man in front looks at everyone angrily, "What are you doing? Why blame us?"

"Hug in public and still want to deny?"

The man's eyes are also red, because of his inability, he cannot protect the loved one behind him. He could only let himself bear the accusation and his lover cried behind him.

"Let's go." The man behind asked with a sob.

They finally couldn't stand this look and ridicule, then left. When they walked out of the mall, their intertwined hands fell off. Guo Zhi felt the pain in his chest getting stronger and stronger, maybe it was because he did not feel alone.

This is a cruel reality, isn't it?

Dan Ju once told him that there are people who accept this feeling and there are those who oppose it. But she did not tell Guo Zhi that there were too many people who did not receive more than those who could.

The two men released their hands under pressure, right? this question, he dares to say that he can do it? Some things are often said to be useless, but they are so tiring.

When you need to face it, you just want to run away. This is not a weakness, this is an instinct.

When there is a glimmer of hope for this feeling, reality will be destroyed with countless pots of ice water.

Seeing the crowd begin to disperse, they continued walking. Guo Yunyong looked forward and suddenly said, "Look, this is the end." Guo Zhi who followed behind was sure that Father's words were directed at him. Look, where does he want to see? What is seen? If he saw these things before his own eyes, would he likes for Shi Xi dissapear? How could it be?

The nature of life may be cruel.

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