34. Not sure

When Guo Zhi woke up, he was already under the blanket on the bed. He did not see Shi Xi beside him. He looked away to see Shi Xi sitting and typing in front of the computer. The lights in the whole room went out, there was nothing left, only the sounds of keyboard typing. Guo Zhi smile, he hugged the pillow, shifted to the end of the bed closer to Shi Xi and then slept again.

The next morning, Guo Zhi will sleep again if the alarm does not sound. He gets up, holds his head then stares at Shi Xi. When Shi Xi fell asleep, the face let go of its defenses and indifference towards the world, leaving only a quiet breath.


Making sure Shi Xi hasn't woken up, Guo Zhi carefully opened the blanket, put on his clothes, and then sat at the table, picked up a pen, and bit the pen cap, thinking of what had to be written for Shi Xi. He had talked a lot, but why was his heart still full of words, he frowned for a moment, then looked down and began writing seriously.

Finally, he drew a funny cartoon as a cover.

He opened the door and stood outside. He whispered to Shi Xi who was still sleeping in the bed very softly, and no one could hear, "Goodbye, Shi Xi."

Hua Guyu impatiently waited alone in Guo Zhi's room. Ke Junjie just left. When he saw Guo Zhi, he snorted and narrowed his eyes wanting to curse, Guo Zhi immediately rushed to the bed and prepared his suitcase, "I was too much. I let a handsome flower man waiting for me."

Such praise is very useful for Hua Guyu, his greatest weakness may be his own beauty, as long as he is praised, his mood will better. Hua Guyu folded his arms, watching Guo Zhi, his lips curved as if he had something to laugh about.

"I know what happened when you were captured by Shi Xi."

Guo Zhi wiped his red face and denied, "Hua er, you, what are you saying? This isn't Shi Xi's scent. I, I used a moisturizer last night."

"You guys are too easy to guess!" After saying that, Hua Guyu shifted the topic as if he had never discussed it. "Are there any Shi Xi secrets or bad habits?"

"No." Guo Zhi barely thought about it and said without thinking.

"There's no way there isn't one!" Hua Guyu won't believe. He not only wants to defeat Shi Xi about physical appearance, but also about ideology and morality.

After packing the suitcase, Guo Zhi walked to the station with Hua Guyu. One hand drags a suitcase and the other hand counts fingers, "In my opinion, Shi Xi is very kind, gentle, considerate …" His fingers aren't detailed enough.

Hua Guyu was still looking for Shi Xi's weakness, staring at him disbelief. "Are you sure that we know the same person? The strength of what you said, I have never seen it. It seems like asking you questions is futile. I have to find someone who hates him just like me to be a friend."

Guo Zhi patted Hua Guyu's shoulder, "Hua er, you're lying, you don't hate Shi Xi. You like him, even though it's somewhat different from my likes."

"I almost threw up my breakfast. How dare you say that again, I'll push you off the train."

"Then I won't say it." Guo Zhi dragged his suitcase and climbed onto the train, muttering while walking. "Hua er is indeed the type to boast."

"I heard it!"

Guo Zhi sat on the train and looked out the window, he realized that time was passing quickly. He hasn't returned home for a long time. At first, he set foot on the train with an empty heart, thinking of Shi Xi; now in the train again with a full heart, still thinking about Shi Xi.

When with Shi Xi, time seems to stop.

When far from Shi Xi, time flies by.

When he got home, Guo Zhi opened the door. This is a familiar scene. Dad smokes while watching TV and mom is busy in the kitchen.

"I am home."

Zhou Hui, who heard Guo Zhi's voice, turned around with a smile. She wiped her hands on her waist and tried to take Guo Zhi's suitcase, but Guo Yunyong prevented, "You let him do it, he is an adult. You don't spoil him."

"Mom, I can carry it myself."

Guo Zhi dragged the suitcase to the room, and then came out and sat before his father. Guo Yunyong put out the burning cigarette butts, then looked at Guo Zhi. "How was the test?"

"Not bad."

"University is the key to your success. Study well, and it will be very useful for you to find a job after entering the society. No company will accept anyone who doesn't understand anything." Guo Yunyong has many keys. He used to say when Guo Zhi was in middle school, then high school, and now university. He did not want to let Guo Zhi live life so easily, he had to tighten Guo Zhi's spirit at all times. Can't relax.

"I understand." Guo Zhi promised him, but his eyes couldn't help pointing to the rattan that was leaning in the corner. It hasn't been used for years. It lives there calmly, and is covered with a thin layer of dust.

In middle school, he swore with physical pain and dislike of himself, would never let his father angry again, would never let his mother cry again, would never let the rattan swing on his body again, because it was painful, because it was true really painful, even now, Guo Zhi can't forget the pain.

That year, he convinced himself.

Now, his eyes are father, mother and rattan, but his heart is Shi Xi.

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