33. Coudn't changed

The day before the winter holidays, Guo Zhi sat on the balcony of the room, staring at the students below through the fence. Ke Junjie was very excited to pack, and his mouth occasionally shouted to sing a song that was not pleasant to hear. He looked at Guo Zhi, "Why don't you pack up and just sit there quietly?"

"I'm just lazy to move."

Ke Junjie thought he heard it wrong. "Are you lazy to move?" Cannot blame Ke Junjie for being shocked. Guo Zhi, who had attended military training, slept early and woke up early, folded blankets, cleaned the bedroom, praised the weather, praised school, every day like people who consume active vitamins, now says he is lazy to move.

Of course, Ke Junjie won't understand. When Guo Zhi's mood or behavior becomes abnormal, it must be related to Shi Xi.

Guo Zhi was still sitting in his chair, counting the length of winter holidays.

"Junjie, why is the winter break so long? Can it be made for just one day?"

"Hey, your words will offend all students in the world."

Guo Zhi wanted to say something, but his cellphone vibrated, a call came in. "Hello, dad?"

"You're starting your holiday tomorrow, right?"


"Then go straight home, don't stop by anywhere."

"I know."

"Did you pack up?" Hearing that, Guo Zhi saw his belongings which were still scattered on the table then stood up. "I was just about to pack."

"Pack up first, don't forget anything. Pay attention to road safety."

"I understand."

"That is all."

"All right, Dad. The weather is very cold, take care of your health."

After waiting for Guo yunyong to hang up, Guo Zhi put down his cellphone, and took the suitcase from the closet and opened it. Inside was a hat with a strange shape that Shi Xi had bought last time in an ancient city. He took it and put it on his head and kept packing things. Ke Jinjie shuddered at the strange object in Guo Zhi's head which was creepy. "What are you doing?"

"Pack up."

"I mean something strange in your head."

"You don't understand. I think this hat will become very popular in the future." Guo Zhi is not kidding, he really believes that.

"Surely it's not easy for you to find that ugly hat."

Guo Zhi looked in the mirror and moved his head, the hat on top also moved. He always thought this hat was very good. Guo Zhi looked at his face then looked out and looked back at his reflection, his eyes rolled down looking at his chest in front of the mirror where the source of the emotions that were trapped there, could not be calm and continued uneasy. How to stop it? Is there a way?

Guo Zhi suddenly rushed out of the room and ran out of the campus area. He ran while holding the hat on his head so its not to fall. The people who passed by him stared strangely but Guo Zhi kept running.

When he arrived in front of Shi Xi's room, he knocked hard. Shi Xi opened the door, Guo Zhi propped his hand against the door, the hat on his head sank half of his face. "Shi Xi, Shi Xi, Shi Xi, I … I …" He impatiently tried to speak while interrupting to catch his breath.

Shi Xi looked at the object in the head of Guo Zhi, is this idiot carrying the hat all the way here? His hand stretched out and pulled the tip of the hat upward, making Guo Zhi's face clearly visible.

"Shi Xi, I want to sleep with you tonight." Guo Zhi looked up to say directly what was on his mind and then realized there was a crack in his own words, he continued "I did not come for pleasure, I just wanted to sleep with you. We slept well tonight, and will not have physical relations in bed."

"So you mean I'm the type of person who would do such a thing every time you spend the night?" Shi Xi's response frowned slightly, and Guo Zhi quickly waved his hand. "No, no, I don't think you're such a man." Hey, you really have to think about it, because Shi Xi is indeed that type of person.

Guo Zhi took off his hat and threw it on the bed. "I'll take a shower first, I ran to get here so I'm sweating now."

Shi Xi sat in front of the computer while Guo Zhi was in the bathroom, staring at the mirror again right in his chest. He did not know when the anxiety would disappear. He wants to see Shi Xi and when he sees him, he still feels unclear. He turned the shower started taking a shower, Guo Zhi spoke from inside "When you leave tomorrow, don't forget to lock all the manuscripts. What if the thief comes in and changes your text?"

"You mean, the thief came not to steal other things but only to change my novel?"

"I mean, who knows. Nowadays there are many types of thieves, what if you meet a thief who happens to be a poet? What will you do?"

"Do nothing."

"You're really not careful, what if that changes?"

"Those are just a few words that no one else will see."

Guo Zhi opened the bathroom door and only show his head at Shi Xi angrily. "Hey, I'll see. I'll see what you write, not changed by others. Even if it change better, I'd rather read what you write, I'd like to read it for the rest of my life." Shi Xi turned his head, just an ordinary word, but in response to Guo Zhi's three sentences, Shi Xi's body which had not become a complete emotional nerve, this time increased by more than one.

Guo Zhi had finished bathing when Shi Xi stood behind the window. He sometimes does this. Just looking out without any emotion as if watching a movie about him.

Guo Zhi did not want to disturb, he sat on the chair and shook his legs while reading Shi Xi's novel. They continue like this in the midst of cold weather outside but inside feels warm with a temperature regulator that produces faint sounds.


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