32. Their similiarities

Lately, the weather has begun to cool without warning. The whole city was shrouded in cold fog, like an old man who continued to smoke, buildings and everything seemed blurred.

After class ended, Shi Xi stood outside the campus gate and waited for a taxi. Shi Xi looked far ahead, Guo Zhi next to him said, "Why did you go to buy a DVD? It's easier to watch online."

"The ad is very annoying." Shi Xi replied curtly.

In the past, advertisements were only 10 seconds, then 20 seconds, and now 60 seconds. Sometimes watching a short 3 minute drama. Each episode must wait for 1 minute advertising. Some TV stations are even more numerous, and when one episode of the drama will feature a critical scene, an inscription appears 'Don't go anywhere' then an advertisement and after completion it turns out the drama to be continued and the ending song is played.

Shi Xi rarely watches TV broadcasts. He thought it was just a brainwashing tools.

Shi Xi's answer made Guo Zhi even more confused. "Is the ad not good? From there you can find out which newly released products and also more guaranteed brands."

"Nothing is guaranteed."

The taxi stopped and both of them boarded. During the trip the taxi driver always shows great anger when the front car stops suddenly or when there is a car that turns from another corner to obstruct the car, he shouted cursing. Guo Zhi furrowed his eyebrows unable to bear hearing that while Shi Xi was indifferent. Guo Zhi opens his mouth wanting to say something but Shi Xi prevents it. "Don't say anything."

The taxi stopped at the destination and both of them out.

"Why stop me? Maybe the driver has a problem so I feel sorry. I can give him some tips."

"What kind of tips?" Shi Xi's response. Both of them enter the DVD shop.

"Take the car to the mountain, then stay there and shout to the sky: I will live better~ thats it." Obviously Guo Zhi was excited, as soon as he saw Shi Xi who looked a little biased his expression faded.

"You look at me like an angry person!"

"Isn't that obvious?"

"Do you have an opinion about my tips earlier?"

"Throwing money away to buy fuel, going to the mountains and screaming like a fool can make other people forget their problems and overcome their anger? The poetic scene on TV is a big scam. If it's really useful, the mountain is full of people now. This kind of thing only you will do."

"I won't do it because I don't have many problems and get angry."

This is the similarity they have. The emotional capacity of Guo Zhi's body is not great because it is already filled with happiness so how might there be room left to overcome problems and anger; while Shi Xi thinks that trouble and anger cannot bring anything to himself, and cannot take anything. This is useless.

Shi Xi chooses a DVD, his long fingers move in a row of DVDs then stops, takes one to watch it for a moment then puts it back. Guo Zhi followed, he took the DVD, watched and returned to the row of shelves. "Shi Xi, are you going home during winter break?"


"Is it very far?"

"What do you want?"

"I, I don't want anything."

Guo Zhi was still standing next to Shi Xi, his eyes traced through various DVD covers occasionally glancing at Shi Xi. It was long enough for him to finally say, "On winter vacation, what do you usually do?"

"None of your business."

Guo Zhi frowned then switched to picking up one DVD and watching it. Guo Zhi suddenly pulled Shi Xi's arm. "Shi Xi, look! This film is about the love story of two men."

Shi Xi came to see the title 'Love of Siam'. "What needs to be surprised just because of this." He continued to step towards another shelf. Guo Zhi returned to putting the DVD, walking two steps occasionally looking back, towards the location of the DVD.

He never watched and didn't even know that a movie like that existed. Dad said these feelings can't be expressed but if it's really not good, then why is it made into a film that can be seen by everyone?

Shi Xi chooses two DVDs then returns, he passes the 'Love of Siam' DVD area and picks it up and goes to the cashier. Guo Zhi continued to observe the DVD, starting with the cashier checking the price, putting it in the shopping bag, until both of them left the store. Guo Zhi's eyes are still fixed on the bag held by Shi Xi.

"Shi Xi."


"You're my lover, right?"

"What do you want to say?"

"That means we're on good terms, right?"

Shi Xi didn't answer, Guo Zhi continued. "Then can you lend me this DVD for a day?"

"You say a lot of stupid things so you want me to hit you, right?"

They sat in the taxi again. Both sat side by side on the back seat. Shi Xi sits while putting his elbows in the window, looking out while Guo Zhi puts his hands on his thighs and looks out at the other side. Their pupils capture the movement of the scenery being passed. Guo Zhi's right foot moved softly slightly touching Shi Xi's leg, bringing a sensation that burst through his chest.

"Shi Xi, besides reading books and writing novels, what else do you do in your spare time?" Guo Zhi asked when a taxi entered the campus area.

"How many questions do you have about my winter vacation?"

The taxi stopped and then drove again after both out. Guo Zhi looked down while swiping his shoes to the ground. "I'm not, I'm just worried you're not thinking about me during winter holidays."

"No need."

"You don't need to think about me?" Guo Zhi still lowered his head, rubbing his shoes on the ground even harder.

"There's nothing to worry about." After hearing that, Guo Zhi looked up preparing to smile broadly but Shi Xi immediately put a DVD on his face. "I gave this DVD to your stupid face so disappear."

Guo Zhi took the DVD on his face, saw Shi Xi turned around, prepared to leave. Guo Zhi spoke behind, "I will disappear today, tomorrow I will be at your world on time."

Shi Xi shrugs.

They may not only have one thing in common, but they are satisfied with this innocent and special feeling. No more requests. This is also right.

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