31. Indeed smart but also a bit silly

Recently, Xu Ru's feelings became clearer, she would take the initiative to sit around Guo Zhi, she increasingly showed friendliness from time to time, she had many questions that Guo Zhi did not understand and there were always more things being bought for Guo Zhi.

Even people in the class feel it. Only Guo Zhi did not notice and thought Xu Ru was only slightly different from the others. On this day, Xu Ru sat next to him, and Ke Junjie, Guo Zhi's roommate sitting in front of them suddenly turned and squinted at Guo Zhi.

"What's wrong with your face? Did you have a stroke?" Guo Zhi asked worried.

"What kind of nonsense is that." Ke Junjie looked at Xu Ru's shy face, and once again looked at Guo Zhi, and Guo Zhi followed his line of sight, looked at Ke Junjie, then looked at Xu Ru, understood, and asked, "Xu Ru, you, don't tell me you are ..." Xu Ru's face was turning red, not expecting Guo Zhi to ask it directly. Xu Ru bit her lip.

"Do you like Ke Junjie?"

Ke Junjie glanced at Guo Zhi. "Are you stupid or what?"

"I'm so stupid because I just realized now!"

Xu Ru didn't know how to behave now. Ke Junjie did not want to participate in this matter, he turned around after glaring at Guo Zhi as if Guo Zhi had never been blessed in the blessing.

"Guo Zhi, actually I …" Xu Ru wanted to say something but suddenly Guo Zhi pulled out his cellphone. "Sorry, wait a minute. I'll send a message first."

Guo Zhi typed, [ Shi Xi, I'm going to the grocery store today to buy a pen, is there something you want? ]

[ No. ]

[ Your reply is very fast. Just say it, maybe something you want later. ]

[ No. ]

[ Really? ]

[ No. ]

[ You must have copied your message. ]

[ No. ]

Guo Zhi flattened his lips, believing Shi Xi would only copy the same word. He mischievously returned to send a message, this time he anticipated how Shi Xi would respond with that word.

[ Then do you have male vital organs? ]

[ It's not only have, it's even bigger than yours. ]

This frontal answer made Guo Zhi smile amused at what he meant! Weren't you the one to discuss this topic first?

On other hand, Xu Ru carefully watched Guo Zhi's expression. He still smiled on his face, but this smile was very special. That's different from usual. Unlike for herself, she could not distinguish which part of it, but it was indeed different. It was as if an aura of warmth came out from Guo Zhi's body, even Xu Ru beside him could feel.

Guo Zhi put his cellphone back and then turned to Xu Ru, "What did you want to say just now?"

"No, nothing."

The lecturer enters and the class starts. During that time, Xu Ru could not concentrate, her heart was upset to know Guo Zhi's response but she doubted whether or not to said it, what if Guo Zhi's answer was not as she had hoped?

Class ended, Guo Zhi stood up to go to the canteen. Xu Ru stood up, "Guo Zhi, are you going to lunch?"


"Then can I go with you? There's something I want to ask."

A pause before Guo Zhi nodded. "Let's go."

They walked on the campus yard. Xu Ru walked slowly next to Guo Zhi, her heart restless. Guo Zhi saw the couple in front who had a happy face. "You will find your happiness like they do because everyone has their own happiness. Luckily I have found my happiness."

"Do you have someone you like?" Xu Ru froze.

"Not only like, but like it so much. Ah, why am I suddenly saying this to you? I shouldn't have discussed it." Guo Zhi smiled apologetically looking at Xu Ru. "Have you ever tried to find someone and feel you can continue to follow him at any time?"


"That means I'm very strange."

"No, no, you're not strange."

Not far away, Hua Guyu continued talking next to Shi Xi, and both of them appeared at the same time, difficult to ignore.

"Shi Xi, you have to admit that I'm very handsome or I won't let you go."

"Did you hear that?"

Since Shi Xi pushed him on the ladder, Hua Guyu had only one purpose in life, making Shi Xi realize his good looks.

"I'm the most handsome man in the world."

Shi Xi looked at Hua Guyu coldly. "How can you say those words?"

"Certainly honesty from the heart. You see me, also my body, this perfect proportion is a gift of God." Hua Guyu's response. His eyes fell on Guo Zhi who was chatting warmly with a girl not far away. He crooked a smile then put his elbows on Shi Xi's shoulder. "You see, Guo Zhi is wearing Green Hat¹, I will help you but you have to admit that I am handsome." In the end, he could only sell Guo Zhi's name to achieve his goals.

¹Green Hat, this term is usually used to describe a cheating couple in China. Lol.

Shi Xi also looked forward, there was no expression on his face, he then stepped forward without excuse immediately pushing Xu Ru. The girl with an embarrassed face because Guo Zhi was shocked and almost fell if she was not held by Hua Guyu.

Hua Guyu smiled softly, "Are you alright?" Seeing that smile Xu Ru was stunned. Hua Guyu looked up at Shi Xi, "Do you think I'm handsome now?"

Hua Guyu's words were ignored by Shi Xi. On the other hand, Guo Zhi was surprised to see Shi Xi who suddenly pushed a girl for no reason. Shi Xi doesn't feel shy or sorry. In his eyes, there is no sex in this world. No matter male or female, they are only moving objects, he will not waste time to distinguish.

"Xu Ru, are you alright? Shi Xi, why did you push her?" Guo Zhi is not blaming, just asking.

"Because I want to." Shi Xi's answer made Guo Zhi not understand. Shi Xi walked away, Guo Zhi followed him. "But she's my friend. She just wants to go eat with me."

Hua Guyu looked at the two people who had walked first then returned to show his gentle smiles. "Forgive my friend. His mood is bad because I'm so much better looking than him. So don't mind!"

"No, it's fine."


"You think a girl who wants to go out to eat with you has no particular reason? Do you always make other people misunderstand with your stupid face?" Shi Xi could easily see that fact. If only Guo Zhi's character was more difficult, then nothing like this would have happened. However, Shi Xi did not want to change Guo Zhi. Although this is a hidden danger, nothing needs to be changed.

"Actually I know, maybe I just guessed it so I told her I already liked someone else." Guo Zhi's simple response made Shi Xi turn to look at him. He thought Guo Zhi was stupid in this matter and could not feel anything. It seems that Guo Zhi can automatically eliminate the hidden dangers within himself.

The fact is that Guo Zhi wasn't always stupid, he did know but didn't want to knock Xu Ru down and make the girl embarrassed but he also didn't want to raise Xu Ru's expectations so he intentionally sent Shi Xi a message in class and also expressed his feelings in front of the girl.

"Em, Shi Xi, are you jealous?"

"No need."

Guo Zhi's face contorted.

"What is her name?"

"Xu Ru. Why are you asking this?"

"None of your business."

The next day, Guo Zhi knocked on Shi Xi's door, the man opened it and then fell back to bed and continued to sleep. Guo Zhi was bored sitting at a computer desk, suddenly his eyes were fixed on a piece of paper tucked under the monitor.


[ The woman with thick-rimmed sunglasses and an ugly appearance is called Xu Ru. She squatted on the side of the road while eating greedily. She ate something left by someone else in the trash. One day, she came to the curb as usual. A can rolled into the middle of the road. She hurriedly wanted to catch it then a truck sped towards her. She turned her head before reacting, her body was crushed. The truck driver did not stop and kept going. Then more cars drove on the road, repeatedly destroying her body, repeatedly destroying, no one wanted to stop. ]

Guo Zhi blinked in surprise at the short paragraph. Even though he knew Shi Xi's writings were based on real things, this one was mixed with naive words.

Is he jealous?

Guo Zhi felt bad for Xu Ru but on the other hand he could not hide his happiness. Guo Zhi immediately dropped his body on the bed and crushed Shi Xi.

Shi Xi who felt a heavy burden on his body woke up, "Do you want to find death, Guo Zhi?"

Guo Zhi is indeed smart but also a bit silly, he really just wants to spend a lifetime with Shi Xi, don't want to try with other people or have feelings for others. When seeing Shi Xi, Guo Zhi was sure he is the one.

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