30. Life is not up to standart

Guo Zhi had been sitting at the table for a long time, he continued to watch the time, worried that it would be too late. Shi Xi is still sleeping so he doesn't want to be noisy. After meeting Shi Xi, his good moral character is always tested. Guo Zhi isn't afraid to wake Shi Xi, he just doesn't want to wake him.

They are different. Shi Xi is night, Guo Zhi is afternoon. But when they mingled, Shi Xi saw Guo Zhi's sleeping face and he would still be asleep when Guo Zhi woke up. Guo Zhi never thought of changing Shi Xi. Guo Zhi had liked him from the start, why did he have to make meaningless changes? Even though he has no feelings, he still aware of that.

Shi Xi opens his eyes and squints as the sunlight illuminates the room.

"Shi Xi, are you awake? I'm waiting for you to go to college together."

"Did I ask you to wait for me? Don't cry if you are late."

"I will not cry."

Shi Xi gets up from the bed, stretching his neck muscles. Realizing something Guo Zhi hurriedly turned his back on Shi Xi, "You, do you want to take off your clothes?"

"Which romance novel did you use as a reference this time?"

"I can't see your body. Once I see it, my mind will blank."

It didn't take long for Shi Xi to take a shower, both of them prepared to leave. Shi Xi steps first, forgets something and then turns to look at Guo Zhi who has kindly closed the door.

"Who told you to close the door?"

"Going out and closing the door is a must."

"I didn't bring the key." Shi Xi's response was flat but Guo Zhi turned worried. "What should I do? Wait a minute!" He ran quickly and soon he returned with a wire that was no clue where he get that from. He began to jab the wire into the keyhole and then furrowed his eyebrows. "Non sense. On the movie scene, the door will open immediately."

"If you can open it, thats non sense. Let's go."

When Shi Xi had only walked two steps, he heard a crash behind him. He turned to find Guo Zhi banging his body on the door. Shi Xi gritted his teeth. "Do you think you have super powers in your body?"

"What can I do with the key? You can't go home later after college. It's all my fault." Guo Zhi prepares to hit the door again but Shi Xi pulls his arm. "I can find the rental owner to ask for a spare key."

"Why you don't say it earlier! Its painful."

"I don't think you can be this stupid."

In the classroom, Guo Zhi holds a pen occasionally taking notes while listening to the lecturer's explanation. Suddenly a pen rolled to his feet. He looked down then heard the small voice of a girl from behind. "Sorry, my pen fell. Can you please help me get it?"

"No problem, I can help, no need to hesitate." Guo Zhi bent down and took the pen and turned to find its Xu Ru. The girl was very quiet in the class. She always tides his hair and wears black-rimmed glasses. She rarely talks. Guo Zhi placed the pen on Xu Ru's table and smiled. "Turns out you're sitting behind me, Xu Ru."

"Do you remember my name?" Xu Ru looked surprised.

Guo Zhi nodded. "Your name is very good, of course I remember." This sentence has no meaning in him. He bragged to anyone. Like middle school, he often praises Wang Linlin. But to Xu Ru, it wasn't just praise, she didn't know how to answer and only buried her head low, didn't dare to look at Guo Zhi and painstakingly said, "Th-thank you."

Guo Zhi turned around and refocused on listening to the class before Xu Ru dared to look up. She sat in the back and looked at Guo Zhi. In her impression, Guo Zhi is always happy and very kind to others. Now her assessment of Guo Zhi is getting better. If only someone like Guo Zhi became his lover, that would be better. Realizing her own thoughts, Xu Ru could not prevent the blush on her face. She immediately shook her head.

In the next few days in class, Xu Ru always intentionally or unintentionally sat behind him, and always intentionally or accidentally dropped things. After realizing he had squatted many times, today Guo Zhi finally turned to look at Xu Ru who was staring at him in awe, the girl hurriedly hiding her panic, Guo Zhi frowned then glanced at Xu Ru's desk. "Are you …" Not finished yet, Xu Ru had chimed in. "No, no."

"No? That's impossible, are you sure your table isn't tilted a bit until your things always slide down?" Guo Zhi paid attention to the corner of the table.

Xu Ru sigh in relief. Hesitantly, she reached into a desk drawer and pulled out a bag of chocolates. "That, Guo Zhi, I bought you some chocolate as a thank you for always helping me."

"There's no need. Even without the chocolate, I'll help you. After all, I'm sitting in front of you."

Does Guo Zhi know about her feelings? Xu Ru couldn't bear to think like this.

Xu Ru shoved the chocolate in Guo Zhi arms. "Take it if you think of me as a friend."

"Okay." Guo Zhi smiled.

During lunch break, Guo Zhi brought chocolate to a quiet place behind the library. Shi Xi was there, he sat there as if he was used to it. When Guo Zhi saw that Shi Xi did nothing, he shouted. "Shi Xi! Look at this chocolate."

"What's good about that."

Guo Zhi sat next to Shi Xi and put the chocolate bag between the two. Guo Zhi took one, ripped the wrapper and immediately devoured it whole. He does not chew, just crunch the chocolate until it melts by itself. "Everyone says that chocolate can make people feel happiness, can stimulate the body to release that." He will not say that noun.

"Sense of happiness? What I see only makes people fat."

"Can you not just think of everything from the bad side? What's bad about fat? Very fun, that means life is rich, girls will not be in vain. Proved that being fat is good and can produce many children."

"In this era of all-round appearance, fat people are only used as a mockery and nickname. When buying clothes, the seller will immediately give you the biggest size, the person you like will always like someone else. This is the aesthetic set by the standards of this era. Too much standard."

Chocolate melt in the mouth of Guo Zhi mixed with bitter and sweet taste. "Men can't like men, is that also the standard of this era?"

"Yes." Shi Xi answered without hesitation. He watched Guo Zhi who was looking down still chewing his chocolate with a dull expression that was not so obvious. Shi Xi continued, "Guo Zhi, are you stupid?"

"I do not." Guo Zhi looked up with an unhappy face.

"That won't work."

"What do you mean?" Guo Zhi thinks Shi Xi is just teasing him but he doesn't think this is a problem.

Shi Xi turned the pen in his hand, one other hand moved and pushed Guo Zhi's forehead. "Because only idiots will live according to this standard."

Chocolate melts out and falls into Guo Zhi's esophagus creating a sweet sensation. Chocolate can really make people feel happy.

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