29. Even in the dream it's beautiful

Hearing that, Guo Zhi looked up at the handsome face, Shi Xi's words entered his heart, disturbing his mind, penetrated his body. Inside, his heartbeat is disturbed. With just a few words, he could feel this emotions.

Guo Zhi still stood in the same place, his hands hanging on both sides. Shi Xi again spoke impatiently, "What are you doing? Hurry and walk." Afterwards Shi Xi turned to intend to continue his steps but Guo Zhi pulled his sleeve. "You wait for me, walk slower."

"Are you an idiot?"


Shi Xi continues to walk, Guo Zhi follows, one step Shi Xi has to make him take two steps by running to compensate for Shi Xi.

He complained in the back, but not blame Shi Xi, more to himself. "Your legs are too long, getting into your world seems to force me to do something, I have to use the car to get to your world."

"My world needs parking fees."

"How many?"

"Once parking is exchanged for 100 rounds in the bed."

"You're sneaky!" Guo Zhi is shocked. "That means I'll die in your bed every time I park."

"Yes!" Hearing Shi Xi's answer, Guo Zhi asked him to be a little compassionate by lowering his parking fees a little. He did not think Shi Xi would answer, "Then we will do it on the floor. It is very troublesome to replace new sheets."

"You, you," Guo Zhi's vocabulary was very limited so he thought long before continuing, "You're not serious!" These words did not offend Shi Xi at all.

Seeing Shi Xi not responding, Guo Zhi thinks he has done wrong to Shi Xi, hurting Shi Xi's pride makes Guo Zhi unable to resist asking. "Can't I get a discount?"

Shi Xi stopped, still not talking. Guo Zhi moves to his side, observing the look on Shi Xi's face whether the man is angry but suddenly Shi Xi's fingers move in the darkness of the night, breaking through the night wind, holding Guo Zhi's fingers. Guo Zhi's body temperature rose, continuing to rise until his face turned red. His fingers felt heated.

"Not negotiable."

"OK." It seems like it's really hard for him to bid and ask for a discount.

Guo Zhi looked at the road that Shi Xi led, and he hoped, it would take a little longer, not only at this time, not only tonight, he could walk like this for life.

The rest of the way up to the apartment, Guo Zhi continued to yawn. He rarely sleeps late. The drowsiness made him unable to open his eyes. Shi Xi opened the door of the room, he sat in front of the computer. Guo Zhi rubbed his eyes then lay on the bed. Shi Xi turns around and sees that Guo Zhi is already lying with his legs hanging. He poked his mouth and stood up, opening the blanket to change Guo Zhi's position. He looked at the sleeping face of Guo Zhi with smiling lips.

"What kind of face is this?!" Shi Xi pulled the corner of Guo Zhi's lips, pinching him. Guo Zhi frowned in an unclear voice. Shi Xi let go of his hand then closed the blanket back and continued his activities in front of the computer.

The next morning, Guo Zhi woke up then sat with his eyes open. He saw Shi Xi who was still sleeping, then hurried to wear his clothes silently then took the camera and closed the door slowly. His cellphone rang, his mother called.

"Hello, Mom. Why?"

"Guo Zhi, Mom just wants to know if you can go home this week? Your nephew is just born, go home and we eat together. You haven't been home for a long time either."

"Okay, ma'am. I'll be back Friday."

"Alright, be careful on the way."

"Oke see you."

On Friday afternoon, Guo Zhi said goodbye to Shi Xi and then boarded the train. His mother couldn't help but smile when he arrived. Guo Yunyong still has a serious face. "Are you familiar with your campus?"

"Yes, it is very good there."

"Can you keep it up with the lesson?"


"What's yes, you have to study hard. Don't think because you're already in college, you can relax easily, or you will have a hard time when facing society later."

"I know."

"Don't make a mess. Moreover, you're far from us now."


Guo Yunyong has many lessons to say, and Guo Zhi is never bored. It seems that such lessons are taken for granted, because he started listening from an early age.

That night, they sit at the dinner table for dinner. Guo Zhi's cellphone rang, Shi Xi called him.

"Shi Xi!"

"Where do you keep the pen?"

"I put it in the second drawer on the bedside table."


Once the call was hung up, Guo Zhi could not hold back his happy expression. Seeing that, Guo Yunyong furrowed his brows. "Who is Shi Xi?"

Guo Zhi immediately realized something. His face was pale and his legs trembled under the table. Does he have to lie? How long have these lies been sown? How big will it be? Guo Zhi doesn't like to lie, Guo Zhi doesn't like to lie about this. He weighed quite a long time, and finally voiced, "Dad, sorry, I, I finally like men. Sorry, I can't control myself."

Everything in the house is quiet as before. Guo Yunyong's sharp eyes pierced him. "What did you say?"

"Shi Xi, the one I like is a man." Guo Zhi did not dare to look at Guo Yunyong's expression. His body stiffened and scared, afraid of everything that would be faced.

Guo Yunyong slammed the bowl, smoked his cigarette and exhaled his smoke hard. Zhou Hui looked at Guo Zhi, "Son, what did you say that you thought about clearly?"

"Yes, I've thought about it very clearly. Dad, you can hit me or yell at me, but this time I won't change."

Guo Yunyong did not speak, he lowered his head. For a long time, he raised his head and put the cigarette into the ashtray. He sighed. "It's like this. You still haven't changed even though I've hit you like that before. How can you joke this time? So, because you've chosen it, what else can I say? If you like him, stay with him, and that's all dad can say."

Guo Zhi could not believe his hearing. "Do you agree? Do you really agree? What about you, mom?"

"Your father has agreed, what else can I say?"

Guo Zhi's heart was covered with happiness. He hurriedly hugged his father, tears seeping out. "I really like Shi Xi. I really like him."

Suddenly, all the images were gone, Guo Zhi opened his eyes, only the ceiling of the room was already familiar to his sight, he slept in the bed, next to Shi Xi, the original time only passed one night, he did not leave Shi Xi's room, he did not receive a call from his mother, he did not go home, his feelings were not discovered.

This is only a dream. The dream is just his thoughts. His mind makes the people in this dream easy to accept and change.

He kicked the blanket hard making Shi Xi frown and opened his eyes, "What are you doing?"

Guo Zhi turned his head, his face full of smiles, warmer than the morning sun, Guo Zhi approached and hugged Shi Xi's arm. "Nothing, just sweet dreams."


Guo Zhi buried his head in Shi Xi's arm. After a while, he grinned, and Shi Xi frowned again. "What kind of medicine made you like this?"

"I want you to guess it yourself." Guo Zhi grinned again.

He won't feel sad just from dreaming, he just thinks that even in dreams it's beautiful …

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