28. Are you going to hate me?

Even if you don't need to care about other people's opinions, you still need to realize it, even if you're alone.

Guo Zhi took the camera from under the pillow. He stood near the bedroom window, raised the camera and saw the outside view through its lens. He wants to give more time to Shi Xi who wants to write a novel forever. Guo Zhi wants to tell Shi Xi about it and be by his side forever.

Hua Guyu went to Guo Zhi's bedroom, "Hey, tonight, my roommates will go to the internet cafe to play League of Legends all night, do you want to come along?" Hua Guyu thought that as a good student, Guo Zhi would say many reasons in life to prevent this declining behavior, who would have thought Guo Zhi nodded, "I'm coming." Look at the surprised Hua Guyu, Guo Zhi continued seriously, "I want to see how people like you are destroying youth."

"Your serious face makes me blush."

Guo Zhi wants to know if there is good material in the internet cafe, and he will go there with Hua Guyu. He stood outside and stopped, staring at the sign of the internet cafe shining in the darkness, the words of his father came to mind.

"Guo Zhi, you shouldn't be like other bad students who like to go to internet cafes."

"Guo Zhi, don't be addicted to the game."

"Guo Zhi, don't be a fool."

"Guo Zhi, don't …"

Guo Yunyong restrains Guo Zhi's childhood, his mind, his body, his feelings. Guo Zhi is like a frog at the bottom of a well, and lives a silly and boring life, Guo Yunyong thinks that he will be proud of these obstacles. He will be like himself, but he will not be able to anticipate the presence of Shi Xi who only needs to stand in front of Guo Zhi and all the restraints will break easily.

Shi Xi doesn't let go immediately but asks him to break away.

Actually, he went to an internet cafe not to break his father's rules. This is to enjoy the game, not to learn nothing, thought Guo Zhi.

He went inside. Dim light and screen lights shined everywhere. Their postures were similar, sitting bent, serious expressions staring at the flickering screen. Their fingers move fast, and sometimes unconsciously swear.

Guo Zhi sat next to Hua Guyu, carefully watching the people around him. Seeing the game where Guo Zhi's character stood motionless, Hua Guyu commented, "What are you doing? You also have to move."

Guo Zhi raised his foot, still focusing on the internet cafes, made Hua Guyu shout, "I said your Dodo character is not you who moves! What's the point of you coming here if you don't play?"

"I came here to help Shi Xi find material."

"YES! Is this some form of your love?"

"Ah of course, Shi Xi is my love." Guo Zhi raised his voice volume, Hua Guyu immediately covered his mouth. He glanced at his dorm friends who were playing in their front tables, making sure no one was listening, he turned to whisper to Guo Zhi, "Don't be so loud, they can hear you."


"Don't you realize it? Don't trust anyone, don't think everyone can accept it, when Shi Xi is gone, you need to know how to protect yourself. Those who talk to you kindly will change after you tell it. Do you really ready to get hurt? Guo Zhi, it's your fault for saying everything without hesitation. Too naive is your fault. In fact, many people in this world are eagerly waiting to hurt you and your feelings."

This is not the first time Guo Zhi has heard of such things, before Cui Chenglong also said something similar, and his father also said it himself. Embarrassing feelings leave scars on yourself, but Guo Zhi still does not understand why, Shi Xi said that there is nothing wrong with this, and Guo Zhi does not feel that he is shameful. Why can't he say it?

Guo Zhi was silent, lowered his head and fiddled with the camera, and sent photos to Shi Xi. The next instant his cell phone rang, and Guo Zhi happily picked it up, "Shi Xi, have you seen the photo? How? Can it be used as your material?"

Shi Xi did not respond to Guo Zi's question. "Where are you?"

"I'm at the internet ca …" He hadn't finished it yet. Hua Guyu closed his mouth and whispered, "Listen to me, you don't say anything!"

A cold tone from across the phone came back, "Guo Zhi, do you know what time it is?"

Very frightening, Hua Guyu took off his hand and whispered again, "Quickly lie, say you're in the room."

"But I can't lie to Shi Xi."

"What did you discuss? Tell me, what time is it?"

"Half past two." Guo Zhi replied swallowing.

"What did you do until half past two?" This question made Hua Guyu and Shi Xi look at each other in cold sweat. Guo Zhi was sure they were not stupid, he could hear the question in a frightening tone of voice. Because Guo Zhi couldn't lie to Shi Xi so he immediately hung up and threw his cellphone on the computer desk. Guo Zhi still looks at the cellphone with anxiety mixed with fear.

"Why did you send him a photo?"

"I didn't think long when sending it."

After ten minutes, both of them tried to forget Shi Xi's frightening tone on the phone earlier. The atmosphere was so calm that the two of them suddenly felt something from behind their backs, icy stares. Guo Zhi looked back, his tone cheerfully, "Shi Xi!" As soon as he saw the look on Shi Xi's face, he lowered the volume of his voice, "Shi Xi!"

Hua Guyu stood up and immediately defended himself. "I didn't bring him here. I advised him that it wasn't safe to be out at night. Don't come out. He just wants to follow me. I've refused a thousand times."

"Hua er, obviously you invited me. Ah, you said you wanted to play League of Legends outside." Guo Zhi didn't blame Hua Guyu, he only told the truth.

"He's lying! He's lying!"

Shi Xi only watched the two of them not speak. After a while, Shi Xi finally said, "You stay here or come with me." Then he turned and walked outside the internet cafe. Guo Zhi followed behind.

When they came out, the night sky covered both of them. Shi Xi walked in front, Guo Zhi behind the voice, "I just want to help you find material."

"Help me? You just went to an internet cafe, what are you going to do next? Go to a strange place to look for material? This world isn't what you think it is. This world has made you close your eyes. Do you think you will not ever have an accident? Do you think the world is safe? Do you think living in this world is that happy? "

Shi Xi tone no emotions, but hearing his explanation makes Guo Zhi's chest tight. He bit his lower lip and said softly after a long silence. "It's not the world that covers my eyes, it's you, Shi Xi. I always felt that as long as you were there, I would never have an accident. If you were there, I would be safe. If you were there, I felt happy." These are actually stupid ideas and thoughts, but Guo Zhi is already stupid.

Shi Xi stopped. He sighed. "Guo Zhi, what should I do with you?"

"I know that I have many shortcomings. I always say something without thinking. I am always naive, I always do something that makes you worry. Are you going to hate me?" Guo Zhi is a little nervous.

Shi Xi turns around and stands in front of Guo Zhi, his slender fingers move to stroke Guo Zhi's hair, making Guo Zhi unable to see Shi Xi's expression but he can feel Shi Xi's approaching breath, his voice sounds like an opiate shaking Guo Zhi's heart. "I don't even care with your gender, how can I care about your shortcomings? "

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