27. There's no end to like you

The sun is shining warmly filling the sky, the city and the whole campus. After going to the canteen to eat meal, Guo Ruojie sat on a bench near the lake, lying lazily with a very unsightly posture, legs wide open, despite seizing the attention of passersby, her legs still wide open. Guo Zhi, who had just finished playing basketball, wanted to stop by at the cafeteria to see Guo Ruojie. "Cousin, why are you opening your legs wide like someone wants a lover?" He asked.

Guo Ruojie glared, "You blatantly mock me. No need to beat around the bush. I like it. Who say women should cover their legs?"

Guo Zhi sat by the empty bench, patting the basketball on the ground with his feet. "Cousin, you're right. Who said women should cover their legs?! Who said a man should only like women?" Guo Zhi added the sentence arbitrarily. Guo Ruojie opened his eyes, then sat looking at Guo Zhi who seemed to have said that on purpose. Guo Zhi wants to know the reaction of his cousin. He always felt Guo Ruojie could accept him differently so he took the risk.

Guo Ruojie leaned on the bench, "Guo Zhi!"

"Yes?" Guo Zhi stopped the basketball on his feet, waiting for the next sentence.

"Do you cry when your hole stabbed?"

"Cousin, you are not a serious woman!"

Guo Ruojie stretched her body lazily, "I'm not interfering whether you like men or women. It's your own business. I think the good or bad of other people's reactions can't affect your happiness right?!"

"It can't be, because it makes me feel better in this world."

"You already think this is a good world." Guo Ruojie lay down again, supporting his head with his hands.

Shi Xi appears in Guo Zhi's eyes, his eyes following Shi Xi's on-going movements. Guo Zhi did not consciously squint. Either because of the sun's glare, or because of seeing Shi Xi. "Even more beautiful." He was still focusing on Shi Xi. Guo Ruojie followed the direction of his gaze and looked at Shi Xi, her heart was too lazy to beating. Guo Zhi suddenly stood up, "Cousin, I'm leaving."

*Its because Shi Xi is no longer wearing a hat so his handsome face is displayed, but it doesn't affect Guo Ruojie, her heart is too lazy to beat, lol.*

With holding the basketball, Guo Zhi ran over, calling Shi Xi.

Shi Xi stops, waiting for him.

"Shi Xi, I invite you to eat!"

"Why? Thanking me for stabbing your hole?"

This is the second time Guo Zhi has heard that word today. Guo Zhi was displeased with the harsh sentence. He complained, "What's that? I'm not a beehive. Can't you use words in a civilized way, like physical relationships in bed."

"Well, your words are very civilized."

"Are you mocking me?"

"You heard it."

They walked to the canteen. Guo Zhi walks while bouncing the ball, he continues to talk to Shi Xi, but his line of sight does not leave the basketball up and down. They passed other students. Some girls will occasionally see Shi Xi, but Shi Xi didn't care.

Guo Zhi glances at Shi Xi, his handsome face being hidden is now known to everyone. What kind of this suddenly wants to monopolize feels? His father didn't teach him like this. His father said that the things he liked had to be shared, had that feeling made him worse? Guo Zhi was worried, he didn't want to be bad, but he didn't want to share Shi Xi.

Arriving at the cafeteria, Guo Zhi sat in front of Shi Xi. He asked seriously, "I'm very bad right?"

"For example?"

"Like, I don't wash my hands when I eat now." Guo Zhi showed his dirty hands and then continued, "Like, when a girl is watching you, I feel like I don't want to share you." Guo Zhi said as if this was a serious matter.

"Not bad, but stupid."

Guo Zhi flattened his lips, stepped his feet on the basketball, played it back and forth. Shi Xi doesn't eat too much, when he can't write something, his mind will go blank. This kind of feel cannot be filled with food. Guo Zhi who was eating saw the food in Shi Xi's bowl. "You're a great man, saving food for the country!"

"Your excessive praise sounds very harsh." Shi Xi leaned back in his chair, his hands inserted into his trousers, watching Guo Zhi eat.

Guo Zhi with a mouthful of vegetables commented, "Don't look at me eating, you can see the canteen aunt, you can also see the flowers there, or see the view outside." It was very difficult for him to swallow because of Shi Xi's gazed.

Shi Xi still maintains his focus on Guo Zhi. "What does that have to do with me? Why should I see them?"

Hearing that, Guo Zhi's heart pounded and a red blush spread down his cheeks. He pretended as if nothing had happened, scooped up his rice with chopsticks but couldn't hide the hope in his face, "So what's the relationship between you and me?"

Guo Zhi's feelings printed clearly on his face and Shi Xi's expression remained flat, no emotions. He responded slowly, "Do you want me to confess now?"

Guo Zhi stabbed chopsticks into his rice bowl, frowning. "I am devastated even with a series of boasting words!"

Shi Xi reaches for the chopsticks, takes the vegetables in front of him and puts them in his mouth. "Don't waste my time, hurry up and eat."

After finished eating, both of them went to their respective classes downstairs, Guo Zhi continued to bounce the ball with full force. "Real love is very bad." When the ball bounces, Shi Xi reaches out and takes over the basketball, reflecting it while continuing, "How well do you want love? That will make you selfish, greedy, jealous, love is like that."

Shi Xi is right, when you love someone, you will be selfish only for your own good, you will be greedy for all love, jealousy is closer to you than himself. Because you like him, you have this emotion.

"So, I'm going to be bad because I like you so much?" Guo Zhi nodded as if understanding.

"Do you want to die?"

"I don't want to hold back! You mean I can't say that I like you? But I only like you, if I don't tell you, who should I tell?"

"Shut up!"

"But even I keep silent, I still like you, what should I do?" Guo Zhi asked a strange question.

"All you need to do, don't say that!" Shi Xi refused to lose enthusiasm.

"Don't say that, if you don't know how much I like you, what should I do?"

"You deliberately this time."

"I was caught." Guo Zhi grinned.

Until the floor below, they separated. Less than two steps, both stop. Shi Xi turns around, he throws the basketball in his hand, and Guo Zhi catches it, hugging the basketball tightly, touching his chest. Both are separated by a small distance. The corner of Guo Zhi's lips curved, and his dimpled seen. He looked at Shi Xi three seconds later and said, "I guess this time, I didn't say it." After that, he turned and ran.


Love is really bad, and there is no end: I like you.

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