26. Life is not that difficult


After a while, Guo Zhi woke up in the arms of Shi Xi's arm, he looked at Shi Xi for a moment, then fell back to sleep in his arm.

This is not a dream, because happiness is too strong, and mixed with sweetness.

Sunlight broke through the gap in the window and fell into the room. Guo Zhi frowned then opened his eyes and felt sore when he just woke up. He pushed aside the blanket, went to the bathroom, turned the shower around, water hit from above, soaking his body. Guo Zhi pressed the shampoo into his hands and rubbed it on his head. More foam but Guo Zhi keep smiling. The foam slipped down over his eyes, but he still continued to pull the corner of his lips. Never before had anyone been seen bathing like that.

Guo Zhi was wearing Shi Xi's shirt, he pulled his collar under his nose, sipped it then lowered it back, sat down at the table and picked up a pen. After a while, Shi Xi woke up in bed, saw the sunlight coming in from outside the window with his eyes open, and then looked at Guo Zhi's back.

"Shi Xi, are you awake? Why does it still hurt? "He complained when he looked at Shi Xi.

The first question that greeted Shi Xi when he just woke up. "It will not hurt anymore if done several times." He answered calmly.

"You, you still want to do it with me? It should be once enough for your fix material. "

Shi Xi looked at Guo Zhi flatly. "You think I can write a fiction just by doing it once?"

"How much should it be?"

"You don't need to count it, come closer!"

Guo Zhi crawled onto the bed and sat in front of Shi Xi, he grabbed Shi Xi's clothes stiffly, his face was red with palpitations, "Then what?"

"You are the fiction material. Take off your clothes. "

Guo Zhi took off his clothes. Under the morning sun, the scars clearly visible. "Should my scars be written down?"

"Yes, because this is something beautiful." Shi Xi kissed the mark on the chest of Guo Zhi.

So they did it again twice. After that, Guo Zhi was still lying in bed, complaining to Shi Xi next to him. "You are lying. It hurts even more after doing it a few times. "

"Still hurt? That means it's still not enough. "

"Cheating! I don't want to be fooled anymore. "

Shi Xi immediately put his hand on Guo Zhi's head and pushed him into the blanket. "Idiot."

Guo Zhi returned his head with difficulty, feeling displeased. "Is there still more you want to do?"

"There is."

"What else?"

This time Shi Xi looked down and kissed Guo Zhi's lips, a wet kiss. He brushed aside Guo Zhi's bangs, then returned to his position.

"You did that and kissed me. I'm not stupid. I would misunderstand that you like me. "

"You can misunderstand."

Guo Zhi thinks Shi Xi will answer himself only as material but he did not expect to hear such an answer. "I thought you won't like me because I'm not a girl."

"That's just your thought." Shi Xi got up from the bed, stepped on the floor and took off his shirt, threw it on the bed. Guo Zhi, who now woke up and sat on the bed, wanted to say more, but his eyes were distracted and his mind faltered. He then grabbed the shirt, and threw it at Shi Xi, "Don't you understand? I told you not to take off your clothes in front of me. Now I forget what I want to say. "

"Don't overemphasize how much you like me."

"I do not!"

An hour later, they went to college. Their language is no different from usual, their department has not changed much, maybe among themselves there is no need to change. That means their daily lives in their respective majors.

The feeling is very strange, we can easily like, or can be easily together, really not as complicated as thought.

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