25. Handsomeness

Guo Yiqi's eyes widened, not expecting to see a face hidden from under the hat. After a while, she gasped that she was still the attention of classmates. For the first time anyone had publicly humiliated her. Guo Yiqi furiously grabbed the book on the table and threw it at Shi Xi, "Who do you think you are?"

Shi Xi easily caught the book and then threw it again without hesitation on Guo Yiqi's face, "Who do you think you are?"

In Shi Xi's eyes, all humans are the same, he doesn't distinguish gender. He did not feel sorry and relented just because his opponent was a woman.

Guo Yiqi glared in surprise, between anger and shame. The pain just felt made her cry. She holds her face, no one has ever hurt her.

Guo Zhi felt sorry and wanted to call Shi Xi but Guo Yiqi suddenly shouted hysterically. "How dare you hit me! How dare you hit me, bastard?!"

Guo Yiqi intended to strike at Shi Xi, but seeing Shi Xi's eyes that were emotionless and colorless, only the cold that pierced Guo Yiqi's anger made her feet freeze.

Shi Xi turned to sweep his gaze to the whole class and turned to the group that sided with Guo Yiqi, "You are just a parasitic group." After saying that, he turned around and stopped at the door of the class, "I warned you. If you think I'm kidding, just try it!"

"Shi Xi!" Guo Zhi called out to him.

"If it's just a strange compliment, just shut your mouth!"

Guo Zhi smoothed his mouth and swallowed back praise words, Shi Xi had guessed.

What is warmth, of course Shi Xi.

When Shi Xi left the classroom, Hua Guyu was waiting for him while folding his arms. He approached Shi Xi and elbowed him in the arm. "You said it's none of your business, how …" Before he could finish his sentence, Shi Xi pushed him down the stairs. Hua Guyu froze, hold thight the railing, "Do you want to kill me?"

"I think so."

"You want the whole world to cry over losing a handsome man like me?"

"When will you accept the fact that you're just enough?"

"Enough? You still call me that?" Along the way, Hua Guyu kept complaining about the word next to Shi Xi.

Shi Xi returned to his class expressionlessly seizing the attention and surprise of classmates as well as lecturers, seeing a handsome face hidden under a hat all this time. Not much different from Guo Zhi classmates, they gathered around him.

"Do you know who he is?"

"Shi Xi."

"He is very handsome."

"Yes, he is not only handsome, his grades are also very good, kind …" Through Guo Zhi, Shi Xi's good looks began to spread, his status improved.

"Are you on good terms with him?"

"Yes, we are good friends!" Guo Zhi answered proudly.

After the evening self-study class, Guo Zhi went to a food stall near campus and bought a lot of food, then went to the fruit shop and bought a bunch of fruits and finally he stopped by the flower shop, staring at the various kinds of flowers in confusion. The seller reprimanded him kindly, "What kind of flower do you want? I can recommend it, is it for your lover?"

Guo Zhi shook his head, looking at the seller seriously. "What is the right flower to be given to angel?"

The question surprised the seller, and asked again, "What do you mean? Is your lover like an angel?"

"No, no. I mean real angel, who fly in the sky."

"This …" The seller did not know how to answer. Guo Zhi's eyes immediately fixed on the flower in the corner. It's the same flower as the dried flower Shi Xi gave. Guo Zhi immediately pointed at it, "I want that one in large quantities, please wrap it up!"

"Okay wait a minute."

Guo Zhi carrying food, fruit baskets and flowers. Situations like that as if he went to the hospital to visit acquaintances, which certainly seized attention.

Guo Zhi shouted in front of Shi Xi's room door, "Shi Xi, open the door. I can't hold it anymore."

Shi Xi opened the door, saw the fruit and flowers made him close the door again but Guo Zhi prevented with his feet, "Why don't you let me in?"

"Why should I let you in?"

"Look, I bought all this for you, Shi Xi. You're very kind and I don't know how to thank you. Do you like it?"

"Do you think I would like it?"

"I thought you would like it." Guo Zhi entered, put down his things then took out a book from his bag. "I also bought you a book."

No matter Shi Xi likes it or not, Guo Zhi moves to arrange the book between Shi Xi's books in the corner of the room. He then looked around, found an empty plastic bottle, cut off the top and filled it with tap water in the bathroom then carefully filled the flowers. Guo Zhi considered, if you put it on a table filled with paper and laptops, it's likely to get wet. So he moved the bottle of water and flowers on the bedside table then clapped, "Okay!"

"Who let you behave like that?"

"No problem, don't thank me. I should have done this." Shi Xi no longer pay attention him, Guo Zhi continued. "But you don't need to hit Guo Yiqi. Men hurting women is wrong. I don't think she's bad."

"When will you realize the fact that you are stupid?"

"I clearly said everyone has a good side, why do you always not believe?"

The two characters are so different from different ideas, but they are still destined to be in the same scope.

"Where's the good side? At least I didn't see that." Shi Xi opened his laptop, Guo Zhi moved toward him, stood beside Shi Xi, said softly with happiness clearly printed. "I don't know how others see it, but for me …" His pause, then put his index finger on Shi Xi's chest, straight to his heart. "Here!"

His innocent expression caught Shi Xi's eyes. In a quiet room, the same withered flower now bloomed on the bedside table. Shi Xi suddenly thins the distance of their faces and kisses Guo Zhi.

This kiss is not as short as before. The kiss is now so deep that it shakes the heart, making the blood boil. Shi Xi's fingers move to unbutton Guo Zhi's shirt.

"Shi Xi, you, what are you doing?"

"Do nothing."

"Really didn't do anything?"

"Yes." Shi Xi's answer, although not convincing enough, Guo Zhi always believes his every word even though at this time Shi Xi tries to take off his clothes.

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