Occupy Your Beauty:: Chapter 2

Qin Yu first met Ji Ran on KTV near the campus.
When he and his best friend entered the toilet, the cubicle door next to a male voice was shouting, “My princess, let me occupy your beauty ~”

Qin Yu frowned, “Which idiot sings? Very unpleasant.”

When he came out of the toilet, that person also came out of the toilet cubicle, “Damn, where’s my cigarette?”

When Qin Yu hears this, he knows that the idiot man who just sang is Ji Ran.

Qin Yu laughed loudly and accidentally heard by Ji Ran. The man was angry for not finding his cigarette coming to near the origin of the sound.

What is that stupid man?

“Hey,” Ji Ran called out to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu’s best friend has entered the karaoke room, leaving only two people in the corridor, Qin Yu and Ji Ran.

Qin Yu pointed his finger at himself, “You called me?”

“Who else?” Ji Ran said, “Do you have cigarettes?”

Qin Yu’s own emotions were not good, and Ji Ran’s tone of voice made him unhappy, he didn’t take care of it and walked off to the karaoke room.

Ji Ran reached out and stopped him, he asked again, “Do you have a cigarette?”

Qin Yu smiled, the meaning of this smile was not so friendly, he put away Ji Ran’s hand. “Are you sick?”

Ji Ran puts his hand down and slips it into his pocket. The two men faced each other.

Qin Yu’s best friend came out and was shocked, he walked between the two of them, and whispered to Qin Yu, “What happened?”

Qin Yu’s voice was not soft, “I met an idiot.”

Ji Ran smiled, he had a dimple on his right cheek, a sweet and handsome smile but everyone who knew him knew that smile only meant he would give a punch.

As a result, nothing happened. Qin Yu walked past Ji Ran and returned to the karaoke room followed by his friend with confusion.

The two men no looked back, and no one knew the expression Ji Ran displayed.

Two days later, they met again.

Qin Yu met Ji Ran in the elective class.
Ji Ran is easily recognized in the crowd, he was born with a physical that attracts attention.

When Qin Yu saw Ji Ran, he involuntarily stopped his steps and then chose a seat that was further away from him.

When the class bell rang, Ji Ran suddenly stood up and walked over to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu thinks Ji Ran is looking for trouble, but apparently he just sits in the chair next to him.

Qin Yu is somewhat confused.

See Qin Yu and Ji Ran together. Lil bro accidentally revealed, “The boss never asks cigarettes from other people. He only smokes his own cigarettes.”

Qin Yu smiled slightly helplessly after listening.

Asking for cigarettes to express feelings, maybe only Ji Ran will do this.

How is this, isn’t that cute?

Actually, Ji Ran’s original intention of asking for a cigarette at that time was very simple – This jerk is a bit handsome, he wants to provoke him?

Qin Yu thinks that Jiran is too good. What is this feeling about? It’s clear that it attracts men. Or is the most rude method of fishing.

Since that elective class, Qin Yu has always seen Ji Ran around campus.

Ji Ran was basically reckless on campus, he followed Qin Yu into this and that class for a week, and he even insisted.

On this day, Qin Yu went to class, but he did not see Ji Ran. He looked around the room twice. Make sure Ji Ran isn’t there and start writing notes.

After class, Qin Yu walked out of the classroom and stunned Ji Ran crouched in front of the door and fell asleep. His head bowed slightly.

Qin Yu kicked him. “Wake up.”

Ji Ran woke up with a stupid face, he wiped his saliva and tried to stand up but his legs were numb.

Qin Yu reached out his hand. “Why are you so useless?”

Ji Ran grabbed Qin Yu’s arm and took the opportunity to stand up and come closer to his ear, “I’m useless, do you have to try it to know?”

Qin Yu pushed aside Ji Ran’s head with a blank expression and walked outside the teaching building.

Ji Ran stood in the same place and muttered, “Damn, that doesn’t work.”

In fact, to catch up to Qin Yu, Ji Ran asked many tips on Lil Bro.

And finally concluded two very critical words:

As a man, he must be sure to be attractive.

In this case, Ji Ran is indeed the biography of the younger brothers – not the ordinary side.

“Why are you still standing there?” Qin Yu already walked halfway and turned, “Go to lunch.”

Ji Ran didn’t expect to be truly successful. He was very happy. He hit the man who passed by his fist. “Wish you happy!”

The man froze and was stunned.

Actually, Qin Yu was not stunned by Ji Ran’s words. He looked so pathetic crouching on the wall earlier, and Qin Yu just wanted to buy him a meal.

Qin Yu didn’t realize how dangerous the idea was to feel that the terminator man was pitiful?

Hm, that’s very gay.

Ji Ran’s intentions to chase after Qin Yu are clearly visible. After two days, he began to call him, ‘dear’.

At first, Qin Yu will push his head and ask, “Who is your lover?”

Ji Ran with a thick face answered, “You.”

Qin Yu blew cigarette smoke into his face. “No shame.”

“It’s enough to have you.”

Ji Ran is actually so tempting, especially when he accidentally thinks of those confusing words and naturally exports his true ideas. That will make people want to kiss him.

Even though when meeting for the first time, Qin Yu’s impression of Ji Ran is not very good, but that does not mean that he will not change in the future.

What’s more, Ji Ran is the type of person who, once identified, will follow you and always be near you.

He can see his reflection in Ji Ran’s eyes, clearly and deeply.

He understands what he wants, if he has it, he will get treasure, happiness that is obtained with difficulty.

This is probably Ji Ran’s biggest appeal to people.

Qin Yu was willing to obey, after all, there weren’t many people who made him feel happy – only Ji Ran.

Therefore, when Ji Ran called him ‘dear’, he did not have much resistance.

The two walked together on campus as friends for the last time, Ji Ran said, “Dear, let’s have lunch together today.”

“I don’t want to eat with you.”

“Dear, you don’t have to wait for me after class, I have other matters.”

“Who said I would wait for you?”


“Get lost.”

Ji Ran smiled and approached Qin Yu, “If I don’t want to?”

Qin Yu smiled. Ji Ran hasn’t reacted yet, he bows his head and kisses his lips. “Go.”

Ji Ran froze for a moment, then licked his lips and said, “Then I’ll go back to class first, there’s still class in the afternoon.”


Ji Ran returns to the classroom and takes Lil bro’s collar and drags him out.

He found a hidden place to stop, and said. “Qin Yu kissed me!”

Lil bro was surprised. “Does the boss want me to find someone to hit him?”

Ji Ran suddenly snapped at him, “You really dare to touch mine!”

Lil bro even more surprised and afraid to speak.

Ji Ran said, “He kissed me, should I find a chance to let him above me?”

Lil bro looks hopeless. “Boss, don’t you imagine you’re the one above?”

Ji Ran answers coolly. “Laozi never imagined such an unrealistic thing.”

Lil bro lost for words.

Ji Ran was a little worried, “My father always said before, studying well will always pressure me and end up just fighting, what’s wrong? You, TM, hurry up, think of something. What should I say?!”

Lil bro had always known that his boss was only very good when fighting, but IQ and EQ didn’t work at all.

Finally, Lil Bro said only two words.

The next day, Ji Ran and Qin Yu are together.


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