Occupy Your Beauty:: Chapter 1

There is a yard outside the campus surrounded by rocks, this place is known as the best place to fight.
At this time, Ji Ran and his gang are already in that place, with the gang on the opposite side preparing to fight. Lil bro¹ suddenly whispered, “Boss, boss.”

¹Iittlelittle brother – Xiaodi, here means not a brother but a call to his followers in a gang.

Ji Ran pouted and turned his head, “What?”

“Qin Yu.”

Ji Ran follows the direction of view lil bro. Sure enough, that person stood there.

The opposite person already took his fist and rushed to hit, but Ji Ran had punched him first. He then smiled broadly and waved at Qin Yu, “Dear!”

Aside from Ji Ran, everyone in that place shuddered.

Qin Yu waved back, “Are you done?”

It was just a fight, but Ji Ran was talking nonsense, “A little more!”

Qin Yu nodded, “I’m waiting for you in front of the supermarket.”

“Well.” Ji Ran answered enthusiastically.

Waiting for Qin Yu to walk away, Ji Ran put away his smile and returned to face the opposing gang to continue the fight. “Hurry up and finish, you hear? Laozi² doesn’t have much patience to spend with you.”
²I, in an arrogant manner.

After half an hour, Ji Ran looks at time, then kicks one last opponent hard and falls to the ground. He turned around, said a few words to Lil Bro and immediately ran to the supermarket.

Qin Yu stood outside the supermarket. He is tall and handsome, people who come and go always glance at him. Ji Ran arrives while gasping, Qin Yu puts the lollipop in his hand into Ji Ran’s pocket. “Why run?”

“I don’t want to make you wait too long.”

“Do you eat sweets?”

Ji Ran pulled out the lollipop that Qin Yu stuffed into his pocket, “Hm, eat.”

After waiting for the candy wrapper to peel, Qin Yu stepped forward and bowed his head, stuck the candy in his mouth then pressed his lips to Ji Ran.

“Strawberry flavor.” Ignoring other people’s surprised expressions, Qin Yu took the candy from Ji Ran’s hand. “This is mine, protest is useless, you know?”

Ji Ran continues to nod like a chicken pecking at rice.

On the way back, Ji Ran asked, “Are there still sweets to eat tomorrow?”

“Behave yourself.”

“I want apple flavor.”

“Do not be greedy.”

“Okay, dear!”

“Shut up.”

Qin Yu and Ji Ran just met four months ago, with a short time the two have been dating for three months, and now live together since last month.

Qin Yu’s friend said he had gone crazy and asked what it was good to sleep with a hard man like Ji Ran.

Qin Yu broke his friend’s finger and coldly listened to the creaking and screaming in responsed.

After a while, his friend still didn’t stop, “I just don’t understand, he is almost the same height as you, and over one hundred eighty, big man …”

“He’s 182,” said Qin Yu, “I’m 187.”

“… You don’t need to emphasize that you are higher than him, I know.”

In short, Qin Yu and Ji Ran together. Not surprisingly, will it be like this for life?

No idea.

The next day, Ji Ran entered the classroom and rudely pulled out a chair and sat down, “Laozi is very upset today.”

Lil bro who sat in the opposite corner immediately responded, “Who made the boss angry? Let’s hit him!”

“My dear.”

“… it’s better to face yourself, boss.”

Ji Ran pouted and swung his finger at Lil bro.

Lil bro bent down, Ji Ran said in his ear, “Ask you something.”

Lil bro nodded, “Well, um.”

“In what situations do men not want to fuck you?”

“……….. Boss, even if that person wants to, I don’t want to.” Lil bro knew the consequences of what he had said would only be beaten by Ji Ran, so he thought about it, “Maybe not interested in you?”

Ji Ran’s expression turned dark.

Lil bro hastily replaced, “Maybe having an affair.”

Ji Ran’s expression was even darker.

Lil bro still wants to save himself again, but a large shadow in his head interrupts. He looked up and saw Qin Yu’s expressionless face.

“What are you two doing?”

When Ji Ran saw him, his eyes sparkled, “Dear!”

Qin Yu frowned, “Get away from here.”

Lil bro immediately left the classroom.

Ji Ran asked, “Why are you here?”

Qin Yu put his cellphone on the table, “You forgot to bring it.”

“Oh,” Ji Ran put his cellphone in his pocket and smiled at Qin Yu, as if the dark face he had just shown was not him.

“What are you guys talking about?” Qin Yu did not go, and sat in the chair where the lil bro had sat.

“Oh,” Ji Ran still smiled, “Nothing, just … why don’t you fuck me?”

Qin Yu looked at him flatly, he then pressed his hand to Ji Ran’s head. “Yesterday the day after tomorrow was too much, still want to?”

Ji Ran smiled.

“Don’t ask others about this kind of thing again.” Qin Yu patted Ji Ran’s head. “Are you stupid?”

When Qin Yu left, Ji Ran pulled out his cellphone and sent a text message to Lil Bro.

[ Come back here. ]

Lil bro returned with difficulty, Ji Ran reached out, “Why did you run away?”

“Ha ha ha.”

“Your man is not interested in you.”

Lil bro closed his eyes, bit his teeth, and nodded, “Haha, ha.”

“Your man is having an affair.”

Lil bro kept nodding his head, “Haha, ha.”

“What are you haha?”

Lil bro with blood and tears, “… I’m happy.”

After lunchtime, Ji Ran returned to the classroom and let lil bro stand guard at the door, then put his feet on the table and play the game.

After playing for a while, Lil Bro said, “Boss, save your cellphone! Your man is coming!”

Ji Ran is scared to death, and he almost falls in a hurry, slams his cellphone into the drawer, and looks up, Qin Yu has arrived.

Ahead of the final exam, Ji Ran and Qin Yu agreed that this week, it was good to review the lessons and ensure that no games were played, the results of which had not lasted for two days, he had been caught at this time.

Ji Ran seduced him, “Hey … Dear, I miss you!”

“I saw it.”

Ji Ran pretended to be stupid, “Hm? What? Dear, what are you saying?”

“What did I say?”

Ji Ran knew he couldn’t hide, and quickly confessed, “Studying hard this week … I’m a good kid.”

Qin Yu just looked at him, not talking.

“I’m wrong, dear, I won’t do it again.” Ji Ran holds the edge of Qin Yu’s clothes and looks pitiful. “Don’t ignore me …”

Lil bro continued to shudder at the side, like a spasm.

Qin Yu ignored that reason, his fingers rubbed on Ji Ran’s cheek and whispered in his ear, “Nothing for tonight.”

When Qin Yu left, Ji Ran stepped forward to kick lil bro’s butt. “Just guarding the door is incompetent, isn’t that what Laozi wants you?!”

Lil bro felt that the boss was finally back to normal, and tears suddenly flowed, “Boss is right!”


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