9. Short hobby of Shi Xi

When they left the clinic, they saw the lame man taking a selfie using an iPhone in the restaurant across the street. Shi Xi noticed the change in Guo Zhi's face.  Something fun to see.

Guo Zhi's face turned gloomy for only two seconds, maybe less than that. He then turned his gaze to the surrounding scenery, "My teeth don't hurt anymore, good." he said. Actually Guo Zhi is a good material for fiction inspiration, but Shi Xi doesn't want to write about it. Asked why, maybe someday Shi Xi will find the answer.

"Oh yeah, Campus. How do you consider?"

"Not much."

Both of them walked side by side. Guo Zhi is right on the edge of the road, many vehicles pass by but Guo Zhi's eyes only focus on Shi Xi. "Watch the passing car, don't look at me."

"Why do I have to see the car? The driver won't hit me." Said Guo Zho innocently.

Shi Xi feels like he wants to press Guo Zhi's stupid face under the tire. He pulled Guo Zhi roughly and changed positions.  Now Shi Xi is on the side of the road.

This is just a small gesture. In front of them a man suddenly held a flower, one leg kneeling on the ground, to propose to his girlfriend. They both cried, hugging each other. However, his mind was unable to exert a greater influence on the scene.  Even though the love of the couple was very impressive, he only sank into this small gesture.

After knowing Shi Xi for more than a month, Guo Zhi discovered that Shi Xi always used his cellphone to watch anime from morning to night classes, watching nonstop. In the past Guo Zhi thought that Shi Xi only liked to read books, Guo Zhi was amazed at the humanistic hobby of anime. But this surprise did not last long, a few days later, Shi Xi was looking at the sheet music; Guo Zhi is too late to praise, Shi Xi has put aside sheet music, and goes to the basketball court and even continues to play basketball for a few days, so his hobby is games.

He takes an interest in something very quickly, and then he will get bored quickly and leave it behind.

In a way, the good side is that much interest, the bad side is the type who is impatient.

It took a month for Guo Zhi to confirm this and finally he understood.

Shi Xi has many hobbies but they don't last long.

He cannot have long-lasting feelings for many things.

Guo Zhi felt a little anxious, maybe not a little. He lean his back in the back row seat. Turned the pages of his book but he was not calm. Shi Xi passes his class and looks through the back door. Guo Zhi suddenly pulled out his hand and pulled the edge of Shi Xi's shirt.

Shi Xi looks down at the hand and continues to walk, Guo Zhi holds it firmly and finally he falls off the bench. His upper body is outside the classroom, still holding the tip of Shi Xi's shirt.

Guo Zhi looked up, "Shi Xi, I don't want to be your hobby."

Hearing confusing sentences made Shi Xi furrow his beautiful eyebrows, "What did you say?"

"It's nothing. I also don't know what I'm saying."

"Then stand up."

Guo Zhi stood obediently, he looked at Shi Xi, his expression was bad. "Is there a way? Make your pleasure longer, 4 minutes, 5 minutes, one hour, one day, one year, for lifetime." After hearing his own words, Guo Zhi chuckled sadly then returned to the classroom.

Shi Xi's passion is too short, and if Guo Zhi is included in his favorite one day, it will also be brief. This was the source of Guo Zhi's anxiety, but he himself did not know.  He experienced sudden anxiety and disturbance in his mind, he violently stroke his head, rubbed his hair into a mess, and looked up, startling Wang Linlin, "What are you doing?"

"It's nothing, hhh ~"

Seeing Guo Zhi sigh heavily, Wang Linlin was frightened and hugged her arm, "What's wrong? Don't scare me!"

"Nothing, hhh ~"

"Then why are you sighing?"

"I sighed? I feel fine, hhh ~"

Wang Linlin snorted, and the exaggerated voice became sharp, "Humans will perish!

Guo Zhi rolled his eyes. Not responding to Wang Linlin, he continued reading.  Sentences that are read do not seep in his brain. How did it happen? The oath Shi Xi gave to his mind! He stroke his head again, could not be erased. This unpleasant feeling cannot be erased. He lay his head on the table.

Hua Guyu approached him to copy the answer of the review problem. Because they are both indifferent types, they can get along in no time.

"Guo Zhi, give me an answer about the review."

Guo Zhi looked up then groped the drawer and handed the sheet to Hua Guyu.  Seeing Guo Zhi's expression, Hua Guyu's beautiful eyes widened, he glanced around cautiously, "You, are you, did something happen?"

"You are very strange today, Hua Guyu, hhh ~" Guo Zhi put his head down again.

He did not even call him Hua er. Hua Guyu paid attention to Guo Zhi, and then looked at the review question sheet in his hand.  He shrugged, "Payback you."

"Which language do you speak? I don't understand."  Guo Zhi said, still laying his head.

Hua Guyu did not answer it. He went to the next class. Shi Xi stood in the corridor, looking around nonchalantly. Hua Guyu slowly stood beside him. "I won't admit you are better looking than me. I still hate you!" Hua Guyu said fiercely.

"I have no opinion."  Shi Xi said coldly.

Hua Guyu held his hand, "At this moment Guo Zhi's behavior is unusual. What have you done? Soon the university entrance exam, if this continues, he will be in danger."

"None of my business!"

"Why is it none of your business?" Hua Guyu raised his voice and seized the attention of the students around. He restored his normal condition as a prince.  When no one was paying attention, he turned and looked at Shi Xi. Hua Guyu's face looked calm and natural, "Of course that's your business. Doesn't Guo Zhi likes you?"


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