7. Guo Zhi's Garden

With the university entrance exam approaching, all burdens and pressures become higher and higher making students' lives like the verge of death. Trying to keep all the material in their head or pray so that the college entrance exam can produce good grades for themselves.

Wang Linlin did not have any serious target. Being accepted to a low-accredited university was enough for her. She does not care about the quality of the campus.  She only cares about how many handsome men are there. Meanwhile, Guo Zhi cannot relax. His father had high hopes. He couldn't bear to see his father's disappointed face, so he would try hard.

Guo Zhi and Cui Chenglong sat on their beds to read books. Cui Chenglong has prepared a small flashlight to stay focused later when the lights of the dormitory are turned off, unlike the case with Guo Zhi who is not too pushy, he only studies at the time, and will rest when it's time to rest.

Their bedroom was instantly dark. Cui Chenglong turned on his flashlight, and Guo Zhi ended his study session then lay down.

"What do you think is the most memorable thing in high school?" Cui Chenglong asked. He cannot focus on reading.

"Buttocks are getting wider because sit often."

"I really feel helpless with your thoughts! I'm talking about falling in love."

"Falling in love? But the teacher says falling in love is terrible, can disrupt study, affects the future."

"Even terrible, but if you like it, will you be afraid?" Asked Cui Chenglong. Today he received a love letter from a girl in the next class make his heart happy.

"If you like it?"  Guo Zhi repeated Chenglong's sentence, Shi Xi's face accidentally broke into his darkness. Guo Zhi pulled the blanket and wiped his head.  This habit is done every time he want to erase something that comes to mind. He then continued, "I'm not in love, the teacher said it's not good. I'll wait until I feel it and decide."

"The positive energy in your speech is so strong. I must continue reading." After hearing Guo Zhi's opinion, Cui Chenglong decided to put aside the issue of love at this important time.

The next day, Guo Zhi had to keep studying in class so he went to the cafeteria and took food and then returned to class to continue reading. He entered through the back door and his eyes were intentionally fixed on the next class. There were only a few students in there and most of them slept with their heads on the table. Seeing Shi Xi reading a book, Guo Zhi immediately put down his lunch box and went to the next class, sitting next to Shi Xi.

"You didn't study?" Guo Zhi asked after looking at the cover of the book Shi Xi read.

"Learn more, will it be useful in the future?" Shi Xi doesn't take off his eyes from the book.

"It will be useful when you get a bachelor's degree."

"Are scholars used a lot?"

"Yes, but I want you to go to university with me."

"What's the point of going to university with you?"

"I'm very useful! I can help you look for material, I can help you write scripts, I can provide paper and pens when you need, I can buy some books online."

"Are we that close?" Shi Xi doesn't have any feelings, whether to the world, other people or to Guo Zhi.

Even so, don't know why, Guo Zhi always felt the warmth of Shi Xi. The warmth hit him and raised his own body temperature.  In the cold morning, Guo Zhi's heart feels warm.

"We can become close. I'm Guo Zhi (fruit), if you drink it, you will be happy."

"I don't like anything sweet."

"I'm not the sweet Guo Zhi." he replied with a thick face.

There is another book on Shi Xi's desk.  Guo Zhi opened the cover wide and found a preserved flower.

"So beautiful!" Whatever has to do with Shi Xi, it's always worth admiring.

"Take it and go! Don't bother me." Shi Xi's serious expression was inversely proportional to Guo Zhi who seemed to receive precious gold, he stammered, "Y-You gave this beautiful flower to me? Are you sure you gave it to me? Did you really give it to me?" Guo Zhi continued to ask in disbelief.

Shi Xi gritted his teeth, "Take it and get lost!"

Guo Zhi ran to his class to get his book and then returned and moved the dried flowers into his book. He hugged the book, "This is mine. I won't give it up even if you ask for it back."

Shi Xi looked at Guo Zhi's departure. The class president came and ran into Guo Zhi and then approached Shi Xi, "Hey, the teacher asked me to remind you that you must fill out the entry requirements for the university entrance exam."

"No need, I'm not going to college."

Hearing that, the surprised Guo Zhi turned around and looked at Shi Xi.

He didn't go to college? Why isn't he going to college? What will he do if he does not enter university? Where is he going? Many questions and disappointments in Guo Zhi's mind. If Shi Xi is not in college, how can he realize his idea to help Shi Xi find materials, write manuscripts, provide paper and pens when he needs them and buy books online? He just got to know Shi Xi in a short time and then they will separate forever?


Guo Zhi agreed with that answer. Either it leads to wanting to help for the future of Shi Xi or satisfying himself.

Guo Zhi sought a definite reason to convince Shi Xi to go to university. Finally there is only one conclusive conclusion.

On Sunday, Guo Zhi hurried back home.  His father hasn't come home yet, and his mother is out shopping. He quietly turned on the computer. It takes a lot of courage to do this. His heart was beating fast in his chest, and his ears were in focus if there was a sound from the front door.

When his parents returned, Guo Zhi had gotten rid of the evidence of his crime.  For the sake of achievement to help school friends, he kept this a secret.

After dinner, he returned to school, went to Shi Xi's rented room and knocked on the door, but there was no answer. He checked in the class, no one there either. Realizing Shi Xi was out, Guo Zhi decided to wait for him in front of the gate. He does not need to pay attention to everyone who passes by, because Shi Xi's unique appearance is definitely known even if only briefly.

Of course not long after, Guo Zhi saw Shi Xi's arrival. As he said, he ran into the world of Shi Xi. He pulled out the university profile sheet from his bag and showed to Shi Xi, "Look at this! The best university."

"No need."  Shi Xi just walked past Guo Zhi.

Guo Zhi always looks at anything positively and he does not want to waste this. He followed Shi Xi, "Everything on this campus is very good. There are male and female couples, crazy people, corrupt lecturers."

Guo Zhi still continued to talk at length following Shi Xi's footsteps.

"I heard that last year a girl dropped herself into the river because her boyfriend dump her, but fortunately she was saved."

"I heard, the dorm room there is often visited by thieves."

"I heard that two men fight each other until they are battered in the field of sports just to get a lover."

"I heard that there are strange people who often walk around campus barefoot."

"I heard that women's dormitories are often visited by thieves and take underwear."

"Shi Xi, there are many other interesting things. If you don't go to college, you will miss it."

Guo Zhi inserted the campus profile sheet into Shi Xi's bag, "Will you think about it again?"

Guo Zhi, you only collect bad info and ignore good info from that campus.

Shi Xi watched Guo Zhi who had put the campus profile sheet in his bag and now looked up at him with a smile. It was as if that expression was only Guo Zhi's. Shi Xi suddenly holds Guo Zhi's face, squeezing it with light force. Guo Zhi was stunned.  "Can this face cry?"

"Yes, but my tears are left for something else, and only smile is left for you." Guo Zhi's sentence sounded faint because his mouth pursed. He made sure to give his most beautiful smile even though his face looked messy and ugly.

For a moment, a strange feeling burst into Shi Xi's chest. Uncontrolled feelings.

Shi Xi released the squeeze of his hand on Guo Zhi's face, pushing him, "What an idiot."


When class began, Shi Xi took a language textbook from his bag and looked at the university profile sheet tucked in there. He opened the sheet. His expression was illegible.

On the other hand, Guo Zhi opened his language textbook and noticed the object tucked inside. Dried flowers Shi Xi gave.  The only flower in his garden world.


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