6. Something you like is very easy to remember

Guo Zhi walked to his seat at behind with a history book in his hand. He leaned against the wall, "I memorized history and have forgotten it now."

Wang Linlin held his head and yawned.  "You're still better. I memorized just one sentence and forgot the first word."

Guo Zhi glanced at the idol sticker affixed to Wang Linlin's book. "But you remember the birthday, blood type and hobby of your idol in detail."

"You know, it's because I like it. I do it willingly, primitive people like you can't stop me. If I don't know the title of the latest Andy Lau movie, I feel like an ancient person."

"I feel good. By studying hard, in the future I will succeed and with power in my hands, I will be able to invite any idol, do they still dare to reject me?"

"Your idea is too difficult to achieve."

Guo Zhi folded his arms, "At least I have this idea, you will only see them from afar while drooling."


The second lesson is an independent class at night. Guo Zhi saw many school bags placed on the table, becoming pillows for his sleepy classmates. He looked up to see the ceiling, the sound of his other classmates constantly trying to memorize subjects entering his ears.  After 36 seconds, Guo Zhi suddenly stood up and went outside.

The atmosphere outside was very quiet, the breeze, the dim moonlight, he walked into the small garden, and sat down. He rested his head. This small park is close to the lake. There is a faint light there. Guo Zhi could not help but stare.

There, Shi Xi was on the edge of the lake, sitting upright and crossing his legs with a laptop on his lap.

Guo Zhi looks at Shi Xi, not wanting to interfere or come any closer. He did not care about their distance, he only cared about what was in his view.

Until finally Shi Xi closed the laptop, Guo Zhi shouted across the lake, "Shi Xi ~"

Shi Xi doesn't respond, but the principal's flashlight responds. The bright light fell right on Guo Zhi's face. He blocked the blinding light with his hands. Upon realizing he was found out, Guo Zhi was shocked and rushed into the bush to hide.  The principal wrinkled in confusion, sure if there was someone there, how could it disappear in an instant? The principal flashed around for a moment then left unsuspecting.

Guo Zhi came out of hiding like a ninja.  He was stunned to see his appearance then cleaned the leaves on his head and clothes.

Guo Zhi sees Shi Xi walking to the right, he walks to the left so he can meet Shi Xi.

"Shi Xi ~" This time he turned down the volume.

When he heard his name being called, Shi Xi suddenly turned to the left, away. Guo Zhi bit his lip, and walked towards the right.

So, the distance between the two is separated by the lake. Guo Zhi felt like they were shooting a romantic drama: Turning left and right.

Guo Zhi gritted his teeth, "You don't want to see me, forget it. I don't care." He turned and left.

As Shi Xi walks back into the school building and passes through a shrub in a small garden, Guo Zhi suddenly jumps from the bush with leaves clinging to his body, like a primitive in a historical book, he catches Shi Xi's shirt, "Catch."

Hearing the sound again, the principal returned to the two. "You guys are caught! Now there is no class, what are you doing here?"

"I, we ..." Guo Zhi wanted to jump back into the bush but Shi Xi held his collar. "He is a premature child, always sick and repeatedly fainted in the bush. The teacher asked me to take him to the hospital. Here is his permission." Shi Xi issues a fake permit and hands it to the principal.

The principal felt disbelief and then saw Guo Zhi who was filled with leaves then took the fake permit and examined it. He said softly, "Alright. Because it's like this, go fast. Health is important."

After they took a few steps away, Guo Zhi reluctantly asked, "You have permission. Do you often get sick?" He watched Shi Xi up and down.

"This permit is nothing, it can be reproduced." After hearing that, Guo Zhi was disturbed and reacted, he saw Shi Xi's pocket there was a lot of paper there. He issued one fake permit, then two, and countless.

Guo Zhi understood, the so-called permit letter was actually made by Shi Xi. The feeling of reticence in his eyes is getting stronger. Fake permits are equivalent to imperial edicts. This is a high school student's must have.

Hua Guyu came down from his room to buy drinks. When he saw Guo Zhi and Shi Xi, he knew what the man would call, "Hua er!"

"What? Do you know this strange person?"

Guo Zhi was not happy, "He is not strange. Hua er, if you look at his face, it will knock out your flower petals."

Hua Guyu shrugged, "In the end you don't have to be jealous of my appearance. Not everyone can grow like this." Said Hua Guyu while taking off Shi Xi's hat a little to see his face. Shortly after, he suddenly turned pale, shook his head in shock and took a few steps back. "No way. You can't be that handsome. You can't be that handsome. There's no one in this world who is better looking than me. I hate you, I hate you!!" Hua Guyu could not help but explode and run away.

Regarding Hua Guyu's abnormality, Guo Zhi was no longer surprised. Shi Xi nonchalantly voiced, "At this school there are a lot of crazy people."

"Yeah."  Guo Zhi agrees.

When Hua Guyu called Shi Xi strange, he was not happy. But as soon as Shi Xi called Hua Guyu crazy, Guo Zhi felt it was okay.

A firefly flies past in front of the two. Guo Zhi tried to catch it and saw the light from the insect's body, "Look! It shines."

"It's just an insect whose buttocks emit light.There's a lot on TV shows and animation."

"Regarding that, I often witnessed fireflies in large numbers appearing in front of the male and female main characters in the TV dormitory. Although it was only a fake effect, its still felt romantic."

"Rather than seeing reality, humans prefer something illusory."

"It's not like that. It's between jealousy and luck." Guo Zhi tried to catch the fireflies and then continued, "Even though they are not as beautiful as in the dorm, they can shine even weak, it feels warm." He reached out and touched Shi Xi's chest at will, right in the position of the heartbeat, feeling a little warm coming out from there. "Like here." Maybe not a little, it's like burning Guo Zhi's fingers. He immediately pulled his hand with a blushing face. He wiped it in his pants but could not shake the feeling.

Shi Xi doesn't care about Guo Zhi's strange behavior. He only watched the fireflies, the insects were flying slowly in front of them.  he bright light that shined from behind him did not illuminate anything, but was picked up by Shi Xi, it twinkled.

Still under the moonlight, a gentle breeze, but tonight it will not make you breathless and lonely. That's his breath, and he is around him.

He reads books, but does not see love; he watches DVDs, but only sees cartoons and horror; he writes novels, but only writes pain; he has many unnecessary things; he actually has good grades; he looks good;  he is hidden in the world to observe and describe the world in a calm way; he will be separated from the world when he writes; he is Shi Xi.

This is what Guo Zhi knows so far.

Everything about Shi Xi is easier to remember than history, mathematics, and all textbooks.
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