5. Deep

Sunday, school was closed, and Guo Zhi returned home early. The house is not spacious but is very orderly and clean. His mother was cooking in the kitchen smiling happily to welcome Guo Zhi, "You've come, how's your test? Go wash your hands and get ready to eat."

"It's not that difficult." Guo Zhi answered turning the faucet then washing his hands.

His father just returned from outside. His face is always serious and fierce. He took a cigarette from his lips when he saw Guo Zhi. "How was it this week? You didn't make trouble?"


"I passed the internet cafe and saw lots of teenagers coming in. Very unusual. You don't follow them."

"I know."

"You really have to know."

His father, Guo Yunyong was a military veteran. His character is impatient and old-fashioned. He educated his family to obey the rules. Do not talk when eating, must go home before six o'clock on holidays, are not allowed to play online games. Many things are forbidden in this family. Guo Yunyong is actually a cruel person, he has his own way to educate Guo Zhi. Rattan of various sizes are placed in the corner of the living room. From small to biggest sizes. If Guo Zhi causes serious problems, Guo Yunyong is not reluctant to use the rattan to give lessons, and Guo Zhi's gentle type mother always follows the rules of this family. Like any other family, have an ordinary and harmonious lifestyle.

"The university entrance exam will start soon, study seriously, listen to the teacher's words. If your test results are good, we will go on a family vacation."

"Yes, I will study hard."

After eating, Guo Zhi rested a few hours.  When it was late afternoon, he said goodbye and returned to school. Sit on the bus and pay attention to the view behind the window. When he arrived at school, Guo Zhi saw Shi Xi, opened the window pane and shouted, "Shi Xi."

Shi Xi hears a faint shout calling his name.  The voice appeared again, "This is me Guo Zhi. I'm in the bus."

"Do you want to die by taking your head out of the window?" Shi Xi gritted his teeth in response to Guo Zhi's enthusiasm.

When he arrived at the stop, Guo Zhi followed Shi Xi who was not too far away.  "Where are you going?"

"No need to tell you."

"Then I'll follow you, don't you mind?

Before their eyes, there is a five-story house with many rooms, especially provided by tenants who live far from home. Many people came in and out of the hallway. Guo Zhi follows Shi Xi until he arrives in front of a room in the corner. Shi Xi takes out the key then opens the door. Guo Zhi behind him was jealous, "Turns out you live outside. It's great."

Shi Xi enters and intends to close the door but Guo Zhi holds him, "Can I come in and have a look?"

"Can your brain have a little awareness? Casually follow strangers back home." Reject Shi Xi.

Guo Zhi ignored him and immediately barged in. "But there aren't so many bad people in this world. After all, I'm a man not a girl. How can they threaten me?" The level of stupidity of Guo Zhi is extraordinary.

The lights are turned on, the situation inside can be said to be messy but not too.  There are various kinds of books scattered around the corner. Old paper piled high in the trash. There is a laptop and a lot of pens on the table. Guo Zhi paid attention to the books, there were only types of fairy tales to the world's popular books. There are no stories of love and martial arts. In the other corner there are various DVD cassettes, such as cartoons and horror.

"Don't you like love stories?"

"Is there something like that?"

"But love will be sweet and make happy."

Shi Xi took off his shirt and hat to the floor, he took a change of clothes in the closet, "Love will be betrayed, it will hurt, and it will disappear."

"No, love, love, love is ..." Guo Zhi wanted to continue arguing but he couldn't just focus on Shi Xi's face. The man's innocent body faltered Guo Zhi's mind.

Shi Xi goes to take a shower and leaves Guo Zhi alone. As soon as the toilet door was closed, Guo Zhi dropped into the bed and cursed at the strangeness that had occurred to his mind. The smell of shower soap that burst and penetrated Guo Zhi's smell, he immediately got up from the bed and rubbed his face, removing the fragrance.

Guo Zhi wanted to divert that thought, he took mineral water from his backpack and then sat in front of Shi Xi's laptop and watched the paper scattered next to him, sheets of textbooks, sheets of newspapers, and various other types of paper which contained sentence strokes.

The bathroom door opened and startled Guo Zhi. He hurriedly got up and explained, "I didn't read your writing. I'm just standing here." But because of the panic, the mineral bottle in his hand was unstable and fell onto the table, water reminiscing out soaked all of Shi Xi's papers and laptops.  Guo Zhi lifted his shirt and wiped it here and there while apologizing, "I'm sorry. It's my fault. I'm really sorry."

Shi Xi is already wearing a t-shirt, his hair is a little damp, and there is no expression on his face. "Not something important."

"How come you don't mind? You're angry at me, don't mind my feelings." Guo Zhi raised the mineral bottle while continuing to wipe the wet laptop with his sleeve. He saw Shi Xi, who was still not talking, "Are you angry?"


"You must be mad at me."


"You're really angry."

"I said no."

"I don't believe, if you're not angry. I will believe if you show your smile."

"It is impossible."

"That means you are indeed angry." Guo Zhi picked up the papers and blew them.  He opened the curtain and then held the papers in the sunlight that broke through.

"Don't do anything stupid." Shi Xi grabs the paper and puts it back on the table. Guo Zhi blinked and intended to step back but Shi Xi's slender and beautiful fingers held his head thinning their distance. Shi Xi stroke Gou Zhi's hair, "This is proof that I'm not angry." After that, Guo Zhi was pushed away.

Guo Zhi felt his hair from Shi Xi's, and could not interpret the emotions in his heart now.

Back at the dorm, Cui Chenglong, Guo Zhi's roommate is focusing on the final level book. He was surprised to see Guo Zhi, "What trendy hair style is that?"

"Don't you think it's also good?"

"Of course, it's so terrible! You also have to care about your hair style. It must be very embarrassing for you on the way here."

"Yes, but I don't want to change it."


"Nothing, it costs a lot of money. Designed by a hairdresser."

"Hairdresser? I think you should see him again and ask for your money back."

"Yeah, he has to pay for it."

But what does Shi Xi have to pay? Guo Zhi did not want to think about this matter more deeply, and saw what awaited him there, as if Guo Zhi's small heart refused.
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