4. No problem, I don't mind if you make me cry

The morning alarm went off at seven. Students are pressed into the field with a variety of typical hairstyles waking up. Guo Zhi who looked fresh mingled among them   He likes to get up early. He also likes morning exercise. He likes foggy skies. He likes to see the drowsiness of his schoolmates.

He likes the fact that it makes him suddenly stunned to see another scene. Shi Xi stood between the crowd of students who sometimes nudged his shoulder. Even so he was still standing there, his hand slipped in his trousers pocket, maintaining his posture, the hat he was wearing lowered over his face, his expression unreadable.

Guo Zhi is a man with a big heart. Without any burden he stepped closer to Shi Xi. The distance between the two thinned to face each other, surrounded by the noise of the students around them. Guo Zhi reached out his hand then held the end of Shi Xi's hat, pressing down forcefully. "You have to hide this face carefully."

Afterwards the crowd dispersed. Shi Xi leaves in silence, nobody realizes his existence in this world, but he is accidentally discovered by Guo Zhi.

The end of morning exercise, students begin to prepare for the test. All desks are moved to a corridor outside the classroom.  When Guo Zhi saw Shi Xi who was also outside, he slowly approached for a friendly talk, "My grades are pretty good, I'll give you a cheat sheet. I know your grades are so bad, but you don't feel inferior. There are many students who also have bad grades like you." Is this what is said to be friendly?

"Back to your seat." Shi Xi was not moved in the slightest by that friendly attitude.

"Just wait, when I cough, it's a secret code for you." Guo Zhi looks serious. Like a messenger who will not ignore a stupid student.

The test took place in an orderly manner.  Every time Guo Zhi finished one question, he carefully copied the answer on a small piece of paper. After an hour, he coughs to get Shi Xi's attention. The man never turned his head. He coughed again and began to increase the speed of his cough making it no longer a secret code but looking like a seriously ill patient. The supervisory teacher came over, "Student, if you are not well, go to the doctor immediately."

"I am fine." Guo Zhi isn't used to lying. He squeezed a small piece of paper in his hand, strengthening his mind.

After the supervisor turned away, Guo Zhi took the opportunity to throw the little paper at Shi Xi.

Shi Xi frowns staring at the lump of paper landing on his desk. The ugly blob he opened, plastered small writings in it. Not only multiple choice answers, but answers written in full description.

Shi Xi looks up to see Guo Zhi winking his right eye as a good gesture.

Shi Xi pulled the corner of his lips. Soon he threw the paper back to Guo Zhi's desk.  The paper was opened, all the answers he wrote crossed out were left. There are several answers that were corrected when Guo Zhi compared. After that, Guo Zhi couldn't help but to shock. All of these answers are not only more precise but absolutely perfect. How could that man's grades be so bad?

Test results were finally distributed. Guo Zhi got a satisfying grade. He showed his score sheet when he met Shi Xi. "Thank you. Thanks to you, the teacher praised me in front of the class. How much did you get?"

Guo Zhi looked down at Shi Xi's grade paper on the table, 35 points.

"Did you deliberately fail this test?"

"No need to tell you."

"Annoying!" Guo Zhi scowled away. He is not angry. Guo Zhi is a person who doesn't get angry easily.

Guo Zhi returned to class and met Hua Guyu, "Hua er, I want to ask something."


"Don't call me that name!" Hua Guyu was a little angry.

"Why? I think it's good because you're as beautiful as a flower."

Hua Guyu's anger evaporated without remaining after hearing Guo Zhi's sentence.  He touched his face. "Then I'm not angry anymore. So what do you want to ask? Why am I so handsome?"

"No, I want to ask if you want to be a male prostitute, what mood and expression will you show? Can I take a picture of it?" Begged Guo Zhi.

"A male prostitute? What do you mean just now?" Hua Guyu almost exploded.

"Because I think your beauty is very suitable." Guo Zhi does look innocent but he is not stupid.

Hearing that praise, Hua Guyu crossed his arms, nodded in agreement. "That's right. Male bitches, ah, I just have to have a little more expression and exude my charm."  Hua Guyu started posing, Guo Zhi immediately took out his cellphone, "Don't move! Keep this charming gesture, I'll take a picture of you."

Praise after praise made Hua Guyu soar, he continued to display various expressions and poses making the two insane men the center of attention in the class.

During the lunch break, Guo Zhi brought his cellphone and returned to meet Shi Xi.  "I helped you find good material." Guo Zhi handed over his cellphone showing various portrait pictures of Hua Guyu.

"How will you write it?"

Shi Xi said dismissively, "Tragically died in the ditch because the customer was screwed."

"But it doesn't seem to make sense that he died in a ditch." You don't mean to reject Shi Xi's idea, do you?

"After being screwed repeatedly, died by the side of the road and then thrown into a ditch."

Guo Zhi nodded in understanding. "It turned out that your idea was very good."

"You are not allowed to boast me."

"But I want to praise you." Guo Zhi is stubborn.

The noise in the classroom began to quiet, and only the two of them remained. Shi Xi takes off his hat and throws it on the table, he picks up a notebook and rips a sheet then picks up a pen preparing to write. Shi Xi's movements did not escape from Guo Zhi's sight. Seeing the guys only in the first two seconds was enough to make him flutter, and he didn't expect that after the third second it made him tremble.

His glowing face, there is no right word to express. His head bowed, focused with the paper below, he was not only perverted by the world, but separated from the world.  Guo Zhi supports his face with both hands, watching Shi Xi. How strange God, creating people like him.

Shi Xi finished writing. He looked up and found Guo Zhi staring at him. "Why are you still here?"

"I do not know." Guo Zhi was honest, and continued, "This is very strange. I feel never bored to keep looking at you." Guo Zhi did not understand the meaning of his words, only revealed what he wanted to say. His expression was very innocent and spotless, it couldn't be juxtaposed with Shi Xi's world.

Shi Xi put his elbows on the table and leaned closer to Guo Zhi. He stared fixedly in the eyes of Guo Zhi. Shi Xi's breath that hit his face pierced straight into Guo Zhi's heart. He wanted to retreat but his body was stiff.

"Don't come near me. You will cry, Guo Zhi."  Shi Xi said in a cold voice.

Guo Zhi smiled warmly, "No problem, I don't mind if you make me cry, I will make you laugh with me."

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