3. Your Name

Wang Linlin looked at Hua Guyu who was not far from her seat. She had never seen a man like that in this arid place for years, "Really handsome, if only he could be my boyfriend."

"Yeah, handsome." Guo Zhi said nonchalantly.

"Even though you can't overreact to men, at least be nice. Isn't this a positive thing? There are still handsome men who want to come to our damaged school. You feel it too right?"

"Yeah." Guo Zhi did not care. He held a pen and quickly copied the names of students next classroom when the teacher submit the test results. Guo Zhi sat in the back row, sharpened his ears, ignored the names of the girls and wrote all the names of the boys.

Only in two seconds saw him, making Guo Zhi increasingly want to get to know him.  Why is his face hidden? Why did he sink it?  Guo Zhi's curiosity cannot be stopped anymore.

After class ended, the students jostled out as did the man in the hat. He walked along the corridor. Nobody noticed him except Guo Zhi. Armed with the knowledge of the name of the student he had memorized, Guo Zhi approached the boy and stood beside him. "Today's weather is good, Zhang Yong."

There was no response.

"Today's weather is good huh, Qin Xiaojun."

Still no response.

"I said, today's weather is very good huh, Wu Hao, Ren Chenchao ..." Guo Zhi said ten names in one breath.

Finally, the boy hissed, "Does your brain have no IQ?"

"Why are you scolding me? I'm Guo Zhi, what's your name?"

"No need to tell you."  The boy said then left.

The person who was ignored could only see the back of the boy far in front of him. He folded his arms, "He's the shy type."

Where does this confidence come from? Really stupid.

When the class bell rings, students begin to crowd the classroom. High school life at the end is so empty and boring. Every day just study and study. Ten minutes of rest is only enough to urinate. Math teacher with a short step into the classroom while carrying a triangle ruler and textbook. The first sentence he said, "Tomorrow there will be a test."

Students complain, "All teachers are the same."

What was on Guo Zhi's mind, "That's great, Test, you can play with the previous test sheet for a long time."

"There are still three months to go before the university entrance exam, and you guys should be anxious, not just playing what you think." The teacher can always look for sentences that burden the hearts of the students. The math teacher continued, "Gather the review questions that were distributed yesterday."

The review questions began to be collected from the back row until piled up in the front row. The teacher took it and immediately flipped two sheets, suddenly saying sharply, "Guo Zhi, what is this unclear scribble that you write?" No wonder the teacher will be angry, the review problem is filled with the name of the next class male student.

"I, I practice writing words."  Guo Zhi answered.

"What do you practice, there is no category for beautiful writing on the university entrance exam."

"Understand." Guo Zhi leveled his mouth, the names he had memorized had been taken by the teacher.

During the second quarter, Hua Guyu furrowed his beautiful eyebrows while returning to the classroom, took a mirror from the drawer and began to style her hair. Suddenly he shuddered and looked up to find a student in a hat who although he could not see his face, Hua Guyu was sure the boy was staring at him. He returned his hair, "Really, how can this face be so handsome, and there is always someone who likes me wherever I go."

Wang Linlin who was admiring Hua Guyu's good looks responded, "Don't mind him. That guy is strange."

Guo Zhi just stayed next to her. Hua Guyu was immediately crowned as school prince in no time, but the real prince in the eyes of Guo Zhi was a boy who was standing outside the classroom over there. Just by looking at it, Guo Zhi knows what a fairyland is.

Before the independent class began, Hua Guyu was surrounded by girls who asked questions. The man in the hat stood outside the classroom and only stared at Hua Guyu. He continued to pay attention to Hua Guyu's appearance, making Hua Guyu eyes unable to resist asking, "What are you doing?"

"Seeing you."  The man replied immediately, making Hua Guyu stare in shock but afterward arrogantly said, "I know that my charm is very charming, but I cannot accept your feelings." How narcissistic this person is!

"Turn around."  The boy commanded, his impatient tone made Hua Guyu unable to argue, he turned away. "All right, look at this perfection! I am everyone's dream."

"Pretty convincing." The boy murmured and then left Hua Guyu who was still swayed by the beauty of himself. Guo Zhi slowly stepped out of the classroom and found the man going up the hall steps. The stairs connect to the roof of the school but the door has been locked by the school so it is unlikely that students will go there.  What did the guy do?

Guo Zhi curiously followed him from behind up the dark, narrow and scary stairs. There was only the sound of typing the keyboard, the boy sat propped against the wall, folded his legs with a laptop on it.  The light from the screen illuminated his face. He seemed unaware of Guo Zhi's presence.

After a long time, the boy raised his face from the screen and found Guo Zhi who had been sitting on the steps below looking at him. Guo Zhi smiled innocently, "Are you done? Are you writing a novel? Awesome."

"No need to boast about me."

"I feel it is very good. Writing a novel is good. So the reason you pay attention to Hua Guyu is for inspiration? Do you write it as a hero or a knight?" Guo Zhi is curious.

"A male prostitute."

"The male prostitute is good. So caring and giving service to the needy."

"Which planet are you from, idiot?"

"Why suddenly scolding me, I'm telling the truth."

"So I scold you."

"You can't do this, you can't be friends."  Guo Zhi smoothed his lips.

"Friends? Wasting time on extra feelings like that isn't necessary."

"Don't waste time! Do you not feel lonely always alone?"

"Loneliness isn't necessary either." The boy's answer shocked Guo Zhi in disbelief. 

"If you feel everything is bad, then what's the point of living?" That question he had previously asked Wang Linlin.

"If you feel everything is good, then what else do you need to stay alive?"

After hearing that sentence, Guo Zhi wanted to make this boy without feelings for the world feel better.

The boy wanted to stand up and leave but Guo Zhi held his shoulder, "Want to live better, Shi Xi?" A smile that is so sincere, warm and as bright as the sun. Guo Zhi mentioned his name. Only this name that comes between the name he memorized from the scribble review. He did not know, suddenly the name came out of his mouth.

Shi Xi frowned. He brushed Guo Zhi's hand and stood up, "Stay away from my world."

Guo Zhi stood up, hands on his hips. "Don't worry, I will not enter your world, I will run with you to get to know the world."

They have opposite personalities, and Shi Xi's indifference has attracted the attention of Guo Zhi's innocent.

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