22. She is also protagonist ( Part 2 )

•Oh, My Dear! Chapter 21•

Dan Ju and Guo Zhi walked around the campus. Dan Ju who was still wearing Shi Xi's shirt did not care about being watched by each pair of eyes.

"Why aren't you and my parents responding the same?" Guo Zhi thought the world would hate that.

"You fool! In this world there are people who oppose it and also accept it. It's fine, Guo Zhi, do you know how many rotten women are in China? In the future, their numbers will increase."

"Rotten woman?"

"Those who want to see you are crushed by Shi Xi in the bed."

"Girl, what are you saying!"

Seeing Guo Zhi's response somehow made Dan Ju want to contact her lover. She pulled out her cellphone and made a call.

After the connection is connected, Dan Ju kisses her cellphone then talks loudly.  "Wei Ye, are you lonely because you separated from me? Being in a different place from your lover must be very torture right?"

"What do you want to eat? I will bring home many goods from this city, or, are you thinking about eating me?" Dan Ju's voice was lamentable.

"Don't force me to hang up."

"When will you follow my wish?" Dan Ju stepped ahead, her eyes watching the young faces passing by.

"When you are reborn."

Dan Ju could not help laughing. "Wei ye, I want to say I love you, will it sound strange?"

"Yes, so shut your mouth!"

 "I love ..." Dan Ju hasn't finished her sentence yet, the connection is turned off unilaterally. "Bastard, he really hang up!"

Guo Zhi had been focusing on attention with a curious expression. Dan Ju's show love are so free, she can show her love at will. Can Guo Zhi do that? His father's nagging voice immediately flashed, making him always shut himself and his feelings tightly.

Seeing the change in Guo Zhi's face, Dan Ju smiled sympathetically. "People cannot choose who to like, who should not like. Your love is not something special. Love is love. Including me, no one can control it. Not everyone can understand. You don't need to tell everyone. Be happy. Do not worry."

Like gaining strength, Guo Zhi nodded quickly.
Dan Ju continued, "Those idiots are just jealous. What else can they do? What would they dare to do? You know, those who hate homosexuals are the real gays."

"Is it true?" Guo Zhi is doubtful.


"It's like I always say to myself."


"Turns out like that!"

After two days Dan Ju was at Shi Xi's place to help him make the evil character as a fictional material, Guo Zhi came again to take him to a shop that sells local products. He is happy with Dan Ju, he can tell all doubts and problems.

They bought a few items and then left the shop.
"Girl, that's ..."

Guo Zhi detains Dan Ju who is preparing to leave. There are still phrases that block and want to say.


"I, I don't want anything from Shi Xi, he doesn't need to like me. But is there a way to make him smile happily?"

"Has he ever written about you?"

Seeing Guo Zhi shaking his head, Dan Ju smiled slightly. "It's about Shi Xi, he has no emotions. He hates everyone. They are ugly, realistic, greedy, evil, so he withdraws from the world and observes them from outside the world, writes them in fiction. But he can't write about you, he might pay attention to himself."

"He didn't write about you either."

Dan Ju wrinkled her nose, "I'm not a good person."

"No. You are a good person."
"Because you always praise me, I'll tell you how to make Shi Xi smile."


"I'm not lying. When he was younger, he would smile and then laugh happily because of this."

"Thank you, girl."

In the afternoon, Dan Ju packs up the items in Shi Xi's room. "Nephew, I'm leaving. Don't cry because you died. I can ignore everyone including you for my man's sake."

"No comment!"

"You're not very funny. Even though I've been kind enough to help surprise you, byebye."

Dan Ju's departure was as usual as her arrival. In this love story, she is only a supporting role, but told by her love, this woman is also the main character. Like other people with their respective love stories.
Moments later, Guo Zhi arrived at Shi Xi's room while gasping for running. "Where is girl?"


"What? She's gone? Even though I took the time to say goodbye." Guo Zhi let out a disappointed sigh.
Shi Xi doesn't talk, just focus on the laptop. Guo Zhi was still standing in front of the door, not moving. After a while, he quietly approached then put his hand on Shi Xi's shoulders and bowed, making a soft voice. "Oh, my dear!"

Shi Xi's body instantly froze, the sound breaking through his defenses made him caught off guard. He turned, "What are you doing?"

"Why don't you smile happily? Girl says every time you hear that words you will smile."
"Smile? Are you an idiot? You have been cheated many times and you still believe in that woman?"

"She's not that woman, she's girl."

A Christmas-themed movie lights up on the laptop screen. Snowy skies, snowman stacks, cities glittering with light, colorful lights, people in thick coats, wrapped in shawls and burying their faces inside, they hold gifts in their hands, they hold hands, they kiss, in every corner nuanced Christmas with light music.

Guo Zhi watched it with a happy, adorable face. "Maybe the day isn't right. So if I call you like that on Christmas, will you smile?"

"Don't believe what she said."

"Someday if I call you like that, will you smile?"

"You don't understand what I'm saying?"

"You will smile." Guo Zhi hummed to the rhythm of the music.


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