20. Pathetic Words

Oh, My Dear! Chapter 20.


Military training takes place under the hot sun. Guo Zhi's face turned red, sweat poured out from the camouflage hat worn, occasionally he licked his dry lips. Other new students complained but Guo Zhi enjoyed it. He thinks military training like this is very good for health.

The trainer blew the whistle, "Stand all up! Rest for 30 minutes! Line up!"

Students began to scatter, some went to eat, chat with each other, some sat on the grass and rested.

Guo Zhi took off his hat and hung it on his shoulder. He went to the convenience store and bought mineral water. He sees Shi Xi sitting under a tree not too far from the field when he will return.

"Shi Xi!" Call Guo Zhi with pleasure.

Shi Xi doesn't respond, busy reading a book.

"You don't need military training?"



"Because I'm weak."

Guo Zhi's face turned worried. "What's wrong with your body? Can it be cured?"

"No." Shi Xi answered calmly, still focused on the book in his hand. Even fools know it's just a lie, but Guo Zhi believes.

"What do you do? Don't be pessimistic, there must be a way to get well. I'll call 120 to send an ambulance and take you to the hospital." Guo Zhi took out his cellphone.

"I am kidding." Prevent Shi Xi while raising his head to look at Guo Zhi.

Guo Zhi was not angry, he sighed in relief.  "Luckily you don't have a deadly disease."

"You really are not a species of this world."

"The alien I saw on TV doesn't look like me."

Shi Xi no longer responds to this insignificant conversation.

Guo Zhi switches to sit next to Shi Xi.  Observing their classmates who mingled to interact full of jokes and laughter in the field, wearing camouflage uniforms.

"Look how happy the world is."

"I didn't write about a happy world!"

"Happiness is happiness, how can you write sad story?" Guo Zhi doesn't believe it.

Shi Xi raised his hand, moved his fingers.  Guo Zhi immediately took out paper and pen from the pocket of his camouflage uniform. He really brought it!

Guo Zhi pointed to male and female couples who were joking in the field. The man broke her hair into a mess then ran, the woman chasing behind with a flushed face while grumbling.

Shi Xi starts writing, his face expressionless. After a while, the paper was given back to Guo Zhi. Although the writing is a mess, Guo Zhi has no difficulty reading it.

[ He has no love for her, but an instinctive appearance and physical attraction. Does he know her? Will he marry her? No, his youth is still long. He needs pleasure rather than commitment. He now damaged her hair. He now had tenderness in his eyes, and he would hurt her later.  The woman chased after him, but she could never catch up with him. She was blushing now, and her face would be filled with tears. When she is tired of chasing, she will stop, look at others, and want to chase after others, so the picture is repeated, but can this blame her? Life is always repeated, so that every love in life is repeated, shared, separated, shared, separated, shared, separated and died. ]

Guo Zhi took his eyes off the paper and looked at the couple who was joking there then bit his lip. Guo Zhi turned to point at the man sitting while prying his nostrils.  "How do you write about him?"

The paper was returned to Shi Xi. Not long after, Guo Zhi accepted and began to read.

[ Everyone has an empty space in his heart. If other people cannot enter, they cannot leave. He sat on the hot ground but had no feelings. He could not change his appearance. No one wants to look further.  He wants to attract the attention of others, but he hesitates, hurts, damages his dignity, raises his hand and puts his fingers to his nose, but he suddenly feels that he is silly, and even a little sad, so what is acceptable, only ridicule. It's better to be in the emptiness of his own heart, where no one is hurting him. Even though there's only loneliness, that loneliness won't make it hurt. ]

"He was just digging his nostrils!"

"Very sad."

"Which side is it?"

"Don't be so naive, everyone has their own sadness, you just can't see it."

"But everyone also has their own happiness, why don't you see it?" Guo Zhi's question did not get an answer. He then paying attention to various types of behavior and the appearance of people who are resting in the field. They wear the same uniform but they are different personalities.

Guo Zhi stood up and hugged the tree trunk, added, "Shi Xi, I think you will definitely write good fiction someday and will impress many people. The main character in your fiction will be like in a fairytale where there will only be one thing at the end of the story, from now on they will live happily ever after."

Guo Zhi, who was always boasting Shi Xi, could not see the sadness from his perspective, making Shi Xi unable to write about him

The wind blows slowly, Shi Xi sits and Guo Zhi stands beside him, they are under a tree. Sunlight penetrates the fissures and leaves on the ground to produce various forms of shadow.

Both of them see the same view but have different views. One day their world will blend into one, asked for reason, the answer is of course because of love.

The next day, Hua Guyu came to the afternoon training session to meet Guo Zhi while carrying a scroll.

"Guo Zhi, I will give you an assignment."


"Put this in Shi Xi's room."

"What is this?" Guo Zhi asked, starting to unroll the poster but was prevented by Hua Guyu, "Don't let others see it. They will take it. This is my personal photo that I printed on purpose."

"Stick it in Shi Xi's room?"

"I even used Mito Xiu Xiu to make my face more handsome and perfect. I will let Shi Xi be jealous to death." Hua Guyu gritted his teeth.

"Does he want it?"

"Definitely, sure, help me!" Hua Guyu knowledgeably revealed a pitiful expression.


Guo Zhi went off campus with a poster in his hand. He walked cautiously remembering the route he had last taken until he reached Shi Xi's apartment.

After riding the elevator, Guo Zhi arrived in front of Shi Xi's room and knocked on it.  Shortly, Shi Xi opened the door, his hair still wet looked like he had just finished bathing.

"Why come here?"

"I have come to ..." Guo Zhi was about to finish his sentence, there was a lazy voice that interrupted, "Who is that?" A woman's voice from under the blanket on the bed.

Who? Guo Zhi's chest feels tight and the atmosphere is suddenly uncomfortable.  He looked at Shi Xi. Could it be that he started writing erotic fiction so he found a woman to make fictional material? Shi Xi could have done that but Guo Zhi could not believe it. He still thinks about the good side.

"Shi Xi, didn't you say you don't have friends?" Guo Zhi asked awkwardly.

The woman's lips twitched, she brushed the blankets off the bed with messy hair.  She wears Shi Xi's shirt without long pants, exposing her long legs. She looked at Guo Zhi, there was a ridiculous look in his eyes as if to say how could Shi Xi know people like Guo Zhi.

The woman stands behind Shi Xi, hugs Shi Xi's waist tightly, and supports her chin on Shi Xi's shoulder. "I'm not his friend, I'm his wife."


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