2. Where's the Prince?

At this school, there are no legends, only who wants to be weird with unusual clothes, they don't come to study, but to show fashion Week; there is no beautiful view, only bushes where lovers hide; no delicious food, only a mixture of rice and one type of side dish which was never replaced by aunt canteen; there is not even a good ethos of learning, only students who go climbing walls and playing all night, this school is nothing but monotonous and boring.

The third year of high school is the second tragedy after the first year. Parents and teachers reach out, rub the students with their palms, rub not the human form.

Guo Zhi entered into a boring and repetitive environment. Can't help thinking, he has a harmonious family, good friends, positive hobbies, and stable achievements, but why sometimes he experiences extraordinary loneliness, loneliness that is so strong, even though he was with others this loneliness can not be removed, only meaningless loneliness.

The headmaster carries a small flashlight and goes around the school. Guo Zhi whispered toward the bushes near the park, "Hurry and go! Headmaster come ~" It was just an ordinary bush which when moved, birds and other animals inside would scatter out, students who were smoking, as well as couples who were not wearing clothes. Suddenly turned into a personality conversion talent. As if nothing happened, they quietly discussed mathematics, language and geography when the headmaster crossed. This is the school in which hidden seeds of future actors and actresses.

Guo Zhi shrugged and smiled. "It seems like everyone is enjoying the school life. That's good."

What kind of man is Gou Zhi? Soft language, he is an idiot. In crude language, he is a very stupid idiot. In his eyes, everything looks beautiful. He is very blind and sees everything positively. To put it simply, if the sky suddenly rains, he will feel like he's shooting FTV. If there was a rain of knives, no matter how much stabbing to his body, he would think that his family could replace the kitchen knife for the next few years. If the sky rains urine, he will think because this is God's will then it has a beauty effect. If a woman's menstrual blood falls from the sky, he will think, God is actually a woman.

Whatever it is, he doesn't hide it.

Guo Zhi returned to the classroom that looked dead, books and question review sheets piled up on each student's desk into two ordinary scenes. Good grades on weekly exams, arguing with enthusiasm, weekly exam results with bad grades flanked by nail clippers. Guo Zhi sat on the back seat, hands on the cheeks, waiting for the night independent class bell to ring.

Students who have just finished playing basketball entered the classroom through the back door while bouncing the ball and then the ball bounced out of the classroom due to hitting a friend next to him. The ball rolled until it stopped at the feet of a student.

"Friend, get the ball!"

Without a response, the student simply left the basketball still lying in its original position. Guo Zhi could only see the back of the man with a hat on his head.

"That boy always seems to be wearing a hat. What's his face like?" Guo Zhi suddenly asked.

Wang Linlin who was on the same table playing with her hair was bored. "I don't know, maybe it's too ugly to show, it looks like he was in room 3 or 4. I heard from a friend there that he was strange, always wearing hats that were deliberately lowered. So far no one has seen his face, no one wants to see him. He is a person who is always neglected, achievement are ordinary, sports are ordinary, everything in him is ordinary, really unfortunate, going to school here completely destroys romantic fantasies like in the Meteor Garden series, I heard that there is a new student today, please don't let me be disappointed again!"

"Isn't being ordinary is normal? I think it's very good."

"You are someone who thinks everything is good."

"Is it?" Guo Zhi gave a small smile. "If you feel anything is bad. What's the point of living?"

Their conversation stopped when their teacher entered with a new student. The students are extremely happy. Wang Linlin is even happier. Her gaze seemed to expose the new student, "I have been hoping for the past three years, and finally my expectations are realized."

"For the past three years you didn't expect anything else? For example getting good grades." Guo Zhi's words made Wang Linlin look at him fiercely, but then stomped enthusiastically, "Don't you see the prince up there?! Really handsome. Our school is finally saved."

Guo Zhi also paid attention to the new student. Short haircut, handsome face with a smile that captivates the girls, his fashionable style of dress makes him like a nobleman who suddenly entered the slums. Guo Zhi nodded, "Quite handsome."

"What's enough? He's very handsome. Compared to all the boys in this school, no one can match him. Oh, my dream prince."

"You're too much."

"Your reaction is too bland."

"I'm not a girl. It would be strange if I overreact."

Their teacher introduced the new student, Hua Guyu, to move from one of the high schools in the big city. When they heard the word big city, the eyes of the students gave him a higher rating. Hua Guyu seemed to be used to being the center of attention, he walked to his desk proudly.

After receiving material from the teacher, the evening class ends. Today Guo Zhi is tasked with erasing the blackboard and collecting the students' homework. After waiting until everything was finished he put the house assignment in the teacher's room.

Guo Zhi returned to the dormitory with a book in his hand. He walked slowly up the steps of the dim lighting. His footsteps were heard clearly. At the same time, a man walks down the stairs. They passed each other.

Guo Zhi suddenly turned around, staring at the back of the man who had passed him. "It's okay. You don't need to be embarrassed because you have a bad face. I don't think that's bad."

The man stopped and coldly said, "Idiot."

"Sorry, I didn't mock you. I just don't want you to feel inferior because of your face. Why do you want to cover your face with a hat? Isn't seeing the sun very good? Are there scars on your face? Or were you born bad? It's fine. I have lots of ugly friends." Guo Zhi, you're saying this to make that guy better, but don't you think about your friends' feelings?

The man did not intend to respond to Guo Zhi's annoying questions and chose to leave. Guo Zhi thought he had hurt the man so he held his shoulders. The man coldly turned around. They are face to face. Guo Zhi's face was level with the tip of the man's hat.

"I'm not kidding. If you don't believe me, let me see your face. I won't be afraid of your ugly face." Guo Zhi said seriously and sincerely. Without waiting for the man's response, his finger moved to the end of the hat and slowly pulled it up until the entire face was visible under the dim light of the staircase lights. His face, his eyes, his eyelashes gradually fell within Guo Zhi's view. Two seconds later, he lowered the hat again. His heartbeat is going crazy. "You really deserve to wear a hat, goodbye!" Guo Zhi escaped frantically.

The man looked at Guo Zhi's run, "What an idiot."

That night, darkness took over and covered the view, but in Guo Zhi's mind, the portrait could not be eliminated. How could that man make his heart waver in just two seconds? That face, its beauty makes people unable to continue to see. The first second he removed the hat, only one thing crossed the mind of Guo Zhi, the prince was already here.
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