19. Guo Zhi to Shi Xi

Oh, My Dear! Chapter 19.


Guo Zhi chose the faculty of economics, following his father's orders. Whereas Shi Xi chose psychology.

Not in the same class, building or dormitory. Does not make Guo Zhi despair. As long as he can meet Shi Xi, Guo Zhi doesn't care.

Many things he wanted to tell Shi Xi during the two months of his summer vacation.  About the camera he just bought, about him working part time and many other things. Of course he wouldn't say that all the time he always thought of Shi Xi.

After checking his name and class, Hua Guyu turned around and realized Shi Xi was standing next to him. Seeing the change in Shi Xi's appearance, he realized they were also in one faculty. "I hate you. I hate you with all the good looks I have."

"What an idiot."  Shi Xi returned indifferently. Hua Guyu showed an expression of pain knowing Shi Xi was even taller than him.

"Can you just let me be the only handsome?"

"Get lost!"

"What kind of attitude is that? I have decided, I will continue to be around you and blaspheme you until you become ugly and can't see me anymore."

"Did you just confess your feelings?"

"Heh, I don't like you. The weirdo Guo Zhi is enough."

"Hua er." Guo Zhi appeared and entered the registration room. Seeing Guo Zhi's arrival, Hua Guyu froze and quickly revealed a smile, "Guo Zhi."

"Hua er, did you talk to Shi Xi? I didn't know you also chose psychology."

"Nonsense. I want to know why the girls like me so much." He explained without hesitation.

"Really? Of course, because you're handsome!" boast Guo Zhi sincerely.

"Superficial reason."  Hua Guyu spoke like that but his expression was so arrogant.  Before leaving, he turned to Shi Xi. "Don't forget my sight of hatred!"

After Hua Guyu's departure, Guo Zhi turned to look at Shi Xi. "Awesome ah, even Hua er likes you."

Shi Xi has started to get used to Guo Zhi's praise. "Why are you here?"

"Of course to help organize your room."

"I don't live in a dorm."


"I live in a dormitory."

"Really amazing."

"I want to hit you now."

"What kind of nonsense is that? Bad guy."  Guo Zhi smoothed his lips.

After waiting for Shi Xi to finish his business. They walked out but Guo Zhi suddenly stop Shi Xi.  "Wait a minute, I'll help you find good material."

Guo Zhi took out his cellphone, called Guo Ruojie. "Cousin, come out to play."

"Lazy." Guo Ruojie said while yawning.

"My parents gave you lots of delicious snacks."

"Where are you?"

"I'm waiting at the campus gate."

Both of them stood at the gate for a few moments before finally the one they were waiting for came over. Guo Zhi enthusiastically turned to Shi Xi. "That's her. What are you going to write? A bitch?"

"There's nothing special from ordinary people like that to write about."

"Why not? She is very lazy. You just see her hair is very messy, her clothes are rarely washed, too lazy to do anything, more often lay in bed, yawning wide and scratching her buttocks. Even if the zipper pants open, she is too lazy to pull it no care her underwear be seen." Guo Zhi explained in detail.

This impolite conversation took place in front of Guo Ruojie.

Guo Ruojie just woke up and was too lazy to respond. "Where's the food?"

Guo Zhi took out a plastic bag filled with snacks from his backpack. He looked back at Shi Xi. "You see, only food can pull her. Isn't it like a dog?"

Guo Ruojie glared at Guo Zhi, "If you were not my cousin, you are dead!"

"Cousin, what are you saying? You look very angry."

Guo Ruojie snatched the bag of snacks from Guo Zhi's hand then turned and left.  Too lazy to deal with both of them.

Guo Zhi opens the photo gallery on his cellphone then shows Shi Xi a moment before resuming storing his cellphone.

"How is it? How will my cousin do prostitution?" Guo Zhi asked nervously.  Others who happened to pass by overheard and stared at Guo Zhi in horror.

"She will only become a prostitute without a customer."

"That's ..." Guo Zhi wanted to talk again but saw that Shi Xi's expression changed even a little, he could realize it. He did not continue his words. Don't want to disturb Shi Xi's idea.

The residence chosen by Shi Xi is still the same as before. Formerly it was a hotel and then converted into an apartment.

In front of the room there is a terrace and then there is a wardrobe, a large bathroom. Almost like a single room in a hotel. There is only one bed, sofa and computer desk, yellow wallpaper, TV hanging on the wall, the campus can be seen from the window. Guo Zhi is standing there. He likes this room, it can't be explained. He felt comfortable either because of the room's decoration, or because Shi Xi was here.

After finishing helping Shi Xi arrange his things, they returned to campus. Outside the apartment many people were passing by with cellphones in their hands, listening to music. Busy with their own lives.

Guo Zhi stopped in front of a shop, peered inside but was hesitant to enter. As soon as he turned around, Shi Xi was nowhere near him. Guo Zhi is not yet familiar with the route here. Although he could see the appearance of the upper part of the university building, Guo Zhi did not know the way to get there.

"Shi Xi." Guo Zhi shouted at the crowd.

A woman saw a confused Guo Zhi approaching. "Handsome brother, we just opened a barber shop with a free creambath promo and haircut. Only applies today. Do you want to come with me? Your hair style also needs to be fixed."


"It's free. Our barbershop is very experienced. Come with me."

Guo Zhi watched the woman in front of him. In this hot weather, she works hard to find customers and its free, so what will they get?!


"Across the street. I didn't lie to you. You can see our shop's signboard." With a strategy like this, the actual free offered is not completely free. They can get more money just by persuade with words.

Before Guo Zhi had followed the woman, Shi Xi intercepted him. "Idiot. Don't follow strangers that easily." His tone of voice sounded angry.

The woman turned and looked at Shi Xi.  "Your friend is coming too. Let's go together."

"No!" Reject Shi Xi coldly.

The woman was still trying to show a friendly face.

"Haven't you ever read until you don't understand what I'm saying?"

The woman snorted in disgust and then left to look for another customer.

"That woman is very friendly, you scared her."

"Friendly my ass!"

Guo Zhi lowered his head with frowning lips. Shi Xi's brow furrowed at the sight.  "What expression is that? How can someone as big as you lose direction?"


"Use your excessive praise for your brain."  Said Shi Xi then left Guo Zhi who now looked up with his lips still frowning. He sees Shi Xi enter the cellphone shop.

After a while, Shi Xi came out holding a new cellphone. "What were you doing there? Come here!" Guo Zhi approached, "Give me your cellphone!" Shi Xi continued.

"Do you have a cellphone number?" Guo Zhi no longer frowned, his lips curved into a smile.

"With this I can find you." Shi Xi replied reflexively.

Guo Zhi returned to his cellphone, holding it warmly. "Actually, without a cellphone you can find me."

"Quickly delete my number."

"Do not want." Guo Zhi keeps his cellphone behind his back.

They are not aware and it is impossible to change it. As long as time goes on, that change will occur. Nothing will be like before, and nothing will repeat the past.

Guo Zhi wants to show the beautiful side of the world. He doesn't lie about helping Shi Xi find his fictional material, bring a friend for him and then bring his feelings to Shi Xi.


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