18. Campus begin

After a short vacation, Guo Zhi finally returned home. "I'm home. I brought presents for dad and mom"

"What did you bring?" Zhou Hui asked while welcoming his son. Guo Zhi still wore a strange hat on his head that made Zhou Hui smile. "You bought this hat?"

Guo Zhi froze. "Yes."

He has gotten bigger. He understands there are things that must be hidden for good.

"You've had fun so after this you have to study hard." Said Guo Yunyong.


Today Guo Zhi sits in front of a computer anxiously. He closed his eyes, a little peek at the university entrance exam results on the screen after that he jumped and hurried into the family room. "I was accepted on campus Z!"

Relief instantly relieved Guo Yunyong's anxiety. Zhuo Hui felt very happy. "Our Guo Zhi is very smart. I will call relatives to eat together to celebrate."

"Go."  Guo Yunyong also feels happy and proud. He can show off in front of his relatives later.

"Congratulations! Congratulations! Guo Zhi really has a bright future!" Praise for praise is given by relatives when they come to visit.

Guo Zhi was busy welcoming guests who came but he was also worried about how Shi Xi's exam results were. Although smart, Shi Xi rarely reads books. Can he passed it? Or will Shi Xi choose another university?

"Guo Zhi, come here quickly, your cousin is coming. She is also in college at Z's campus. You can ask her. it's good for you."

Hearing that, Guo Zhi couldn't help smile. "Cousin!"

"Hello, hello." replied his cousin lazily. She entered Guo Zhi's room, slumping her body lazily, one hand supporting her head, her hair falling apart. The other hand is scratching the buttocks. "Go, get me food." Her orders were like the empress's emperor.

"Ok, what do you want to eat? I'll bring a lot for you."


Guo Zhi went to the living room, took many snacks and then returned to his room and put it on the bed in front of Guo Ruojie, his cousin. She is a sophomore from Z University. Her name is the biggest fraud.  This girl can only be described in one word: lazy! Too lazy to comb hair, too lazy to dress up, too lazy to move.

Guo Ruojie lay on the bed while eating, while Guo Zhi watched her who looked comfortable in that position. "Why do you see me like that? You know that we are still blood related right?"

Guo Zhi shook his head strongly, "I don't want to marry you." What kind of conversation between relatives is this.  Guo Zhi only thinks that Shi Xi will like this rare type of human being as good fiction material. "After entering college I want to introduce you to someone."

"I'm too lazy to have a boyfriend."

"It's not like that. Wait a minute, stay in your position and don't move." Guo Zhi immediately took out his cellphone then took a picture of Guo Ruojie from various angles.

"Guo Zhi."


"Since when have you become abnormal?"

"I do not."

In the end, Guo Zhi didn't get any information and experience about Z university because Guo Ruojie was too lazy to say it.

They eat meat, adult men drink white wine. Not feel the night arrived. Guo Zhi led the guests to the front door. Before they left, Guo Zhi asked naive questions to Guo Ruojie. "Cousin, there is one thing I always want to ask you!"

"Say it!"

"Why aren't you lazy when you eat?"

Guo Ruojie glared, "None of your business!"

The next day, Guo Zhi went to tell Shi Xi.  He sat on the bus with a happy feeling. Shi Xi is very kind. He had entertained Guo Zhi for a few days of their vacation. Guo Zhi will not misunderstand Shi Xi's attitude and also the relationship between the two. There are not many changes from before.  Shi Xi has no emotions, he knows that.

Even so, Guo Zhi couldn't help but smile in front of Shi Xi. Just thinking about it made him smile. He was confused but now he understands he likes Shi Xi.

His favorite is very strange. Liked but did not expect his feelings to be reciprocated.

Guo Zhi ran to Shi Xi's apartment and knock the door. There was no response from inside. Guo Zhi had knocked strongly but the door had not yet been opened.

The landlord came over because of the noise. "Are you looking for someone?"

"Auntie, I'm looking for the tenant of this room. Do you know where he is?"

"I don't know. He just moved a while ago."

Guo Zhi thinks Shi Xi is still in his room so he keeps knocking hoping the door will open.

Shi Xi moved? Where? Is he going to university Z?

Immediately Guo Zhi realized that if Shi Xi did not enter the same campus as him, Shi Xi would disappear from his life, taking away his feelings, his passion.

In the summer, other people usually hope that the holidays will be different from Guo Zhi, who spends two months reading books, chatting with friends, going out with his parents, and working part-time at his father's friend's shop. Also think of Shi Xi.

Guo Zhi bought a new camera with the money he got from working. He always observes it before going to sleep. He wanted to use this camera to photograph the material Shi Xi wanted.

Guo Zhi feels time is going so slow, so slow.

The first day at university, Guo Zhi woke up early. He saw his trunk then peeked at his parents' room. Guo Zhi opened the suitcase again, took out a few strands of clothes then inserted the strange hat Shi Xi had bought at the bottom.

Before the departure of Guo Zhi, Guo Yunyong always gave advice every day, Guo Zhi was never bored to listen. He felt his father did a good thing for him.

Guo Zhi stood in front of the station watching someone dressed in fashion who seized the attention of every girl he passed. It is very easy for Guo Zhi to get to know that person. "Handsome Hua er, long time no see."

This way of greeting made Hua Guyu happy. "It's you, Guo Zhi. Hurry up. We will miss the train."

"OK." Guo Zhi's response. He looked around. Even though it's still morning, the station is already full of people. Still he didn't see Shi Xi.

During the three hour drive, Guo Zhi spent time chatting with Hua Guyu. After arriving at their destination, they arrived at the campus gate. Compared to the ugly school gate, this gate is very beautiful.

Hua Guyu beside snorted, "It's the same here. You still won't be able to compete with my grades." He started walking but Guo Zhi still did not move. "What are you doing? You don't need to be surprised for so long just because you see the gate."

"I... I want to stay here a bit longer..." Guo Zhi's response was nervous.

Hua Guyu could already guess something so just shook his soft hair, "Then I'll go first."

"Hua er."


"Quick, use your good looks to attract the whole campus."

"You still need to tell me something like this?" Hua Guyu left calmly. Luckily, Hua Guyu was indeed a handsome man. If he was just an ordinary person, with this character, he would most likely be beaten.

Guo Zhi is still standing in front of the gate. Ten minutes, half an hour, an hour later passed but he still did not see Shi Xi among the new students who passed him.

Guo Zhi looked down at the last hour and finally began to drag his suitcase. Only two steps, he stopped. Guo Zhi still wants to wait a little longer, maybe Shi Xi will appear a few seconds later. Guo Zhi again took two steps.

"Looking for me?" A voice came from behind him.

Turns out Shi Xi didn't appear the first second, he appeared the second after.

Guo Zhi turned his head quickly. He was really silly because he thought Shi Xi would not pass the entrance exam. This was the first time they had met again after being accepted to Z. Shi Xi grew taller and still wearing a hat. His skin is slightly brown. He wears an ordinary t-shirt and jeans. Really too many changes in Guo Zhi eyes. Even though he only hasn't seen Shi Xi for two months. He really looks increasingly handsome.

Guo Zhi's lips curved into a broad smile that revealed his dimples. "Yes, I'm looking for you."

However, Shi Xi finally came.


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