12. Graduation

The bell rings. Guo Zhi came out of the examination room. He took a deep breath and exhaled and hurried out of the building, hugging a big tree. "Finally finished!" He put his face in a bumpy tree. "That's good."

Hua Guyu pretended not to see and rushed past him but could still be caught by Guo Zhi's vision. "Hua Er, how was your exam?"

"Nonsense, I can't check my face if I can't get past it!" Hua Guyu touched his handsome face, and fell in love with his emotions, he looked back at Guo Zhi. "I will go to Z University, you don't need to miss me, even though you can't see my face anymore. After all we will be in a different place, I can only send autographed photos, you can show off my handsome face on your campus."

Guo Zhi released his arms from the big tree. "But I also went to Z university."

"What?!" Hua Guyu looked at Guo Zhi dislike.

"Hua er, do you hate me?"

"I don't hate you. If you go to campus Z, Shi Xi will be there too. I will lose competitiveness with him in getting the title of good looks."

Guo Zhi's face turned grim. "Shi Xi didn't take the entrance exam. How could he possibly get to Campus Z?"

"Why did you say he didn't go? Obviously I met him in the exam room."

Guo Zhi's face brightened. He held Hua Guyu's face. "Hua Er, you are the most beautiful flower." After saying that, Guo Zhi rushed away. Hua Guyu pulled out a mirror, saw that his face had ink marks from Guo Zhi's hand. The stain was not erased, making Hua Guyu angry. "Guo Zhi, I will kill you!"

Despite saying that, Guo Zhi knew he would not kill him.

Guo Zhi took the second floor to the examination room, but he did not find Shi Xi. He decided to look down at the crowd of students. Shi Xi was there, sitting on a concrete bench. Without expression and being in his own world.

"Shi Xi." Guo Zhi shouted.

The summoned did not look up.

"Shi Xi, since you have taken the university entrance exam, you must go to campus Z with me. I am not lying, I will help you find the best material, write your manuscript, always be near you when you need a pen and paper, buy you books online and also I will correct the wrong word." Guo Zhi's screming caught the attention of the students.

Shi Xi stands up and then walks away with his hand in his pants pocket.

Guo Zhi shouted again. "Shi Xi, if you don't see me, I'll jump down."

Shi Xi stopped. He finally looked up to see Guo Zhi's broad smile.

Wang Linlin replied from below, "Guo Zhi, what nonsense are you talking about? Come down quickly! We have something to discuss with you."

Guo Zhi went downstairs and saw Wang Linlin discussing something with the other girls in the class. They attracted Guo Zhi to join in causing the envy of other male students because Guo Zhi was surrounded by flowers.

"What is wrong?"

"We are planning to take a vacation trip. Hua Guyu and the others have agreed. You're coming too right?"

"I can't. My father won't give permission."

"How do you know it's not permitted if you don't ask? The university entrance exam is over, doesn't he care about you?"

"I know what my father is like. He is worried that I will get a bad influence outside."

"What a pity!"

Guo Zhi smiled. "Yes, it's a pity I didn't go. I could enjoy a vacation at home. After all, my father said if my exam results were satisfactory, we would go on a family vacation." Guo Zhi thought they would be jealous but instead he was pushed out of the group.

"Vacation with parents? Very boring." Guo Zhi was pushed out of the classroom with an inexplicable face.

It doesn't matter if he can't go on vacation to celebrate graduation. Guo Zhi doesn't care.

This school is surrounded by crazy students. They tore the book into one page and threw it down. Guo Zhi stood downstairs, the paper flew above his head and fell to the ground. Shi Xi looks at the scene not far from there, holding a pen in his hand.

"Shi Xi, next summer you will stay in your rented room, right? I'll visit there."


"Are you going to your parents' house?"

"To another city."

"You also go on vacation? Then I will also go with you."

"Nobody invited you."

"I don't need to be invited by anyone."  Sometimes Guo Zhi has thick faces.

Shi Xi does not respond, Guo Zhi knows that Shi Xi is not refusing so with a thick face, he follows Shi Xi walking to his apartment. Once inside, Guo Zhi immediately grabs Shi Xi's laptop when the man is off guard. He rushed out of the room. "Without this laptop you can't write a novel. You can't go anywhere. If you don't ask me, I won't return it."

Shi Xi looks at Guo Zhi who has disappeared behind the door. "Idiot."

Guo Yunyong waited anxiously at home.  After a while, Guo Zhi came with his backpack.

"How was your exam?"

"Very good. I'm sure campus Z will be accepted."

Hearing that confident answer, Guo Yunyong was very happy. But as long as the results of the exam had not come out, he was still worried. He turned and spoke to his wife. "My son has worked hard. Go buy delicious food for dinner."

Zhou Hui who was also happy, nodded.  She touched Guo Zhi's head gently before leaving the house.

Guo Zhi nervously approached Guo Yunyong in the family room, "Dad, can I go on vacation with classmates to celebrate our graduation?"

"No! It's very dangerous for teenagers to go out. There are lots of unsafe things out there."

"But I've never been away from home so I want to enjoy a vacation with classmates this time."

"We'll go on vacation after your exam results come out."

"But many students have a trip."

"Just graduated from high school and you want to have fun? There's still a university. If there's nothing you can do at home, you can go to the library to read course material and choose a profession." Guo Yunyong looks serious.

"In a few days, I will go to the library every day, I promise this time. Dad, I really want to go. I will not cause problems outside or follow bad things. I just want to see the outside world. After all, I will live alone later in college. Didn't dad say a man should be able to be independent? I still depend on you until now. I feel worried."

Guo Yunyong's mind justified that, another thing in his heart that caused a contradiction.

Guo Zhi added, "I will call you every day."

"For this I must confirm first."

Guo Yunyong contacted Cui Chenglong's father, who confirmed that his son would go on vacation and have fun. Guo Yunyong was relieved. He finally allowed Guo Zhi to leave but on condition he had to keep in contact with him.

The sky was very bright at the beginning of a summer morning. Guo Zhi stands in front of Shi Xi's room door with his backpack. He knocked impatiently on the door. After a while, the door opened and revealed Shi Xi's sleepy face. The man reluctantly turned and dropped his body back to bed.

"Shi Xi, let's go. Let's go on vacation." Guo Zhi ran up to him with enthusiasm.

Shi Xi doesn't respond.

"Shi Xi, do you want me to pack your things?"

"Shut up. Let me sleep."

Guo Zhi no longer speaks. He pulled the stall and sat beside the bed.  He watched Shi Xi's sleeping face. A handsome face without any expression. There is no spirit nor anxiety. Guo Zhi immediately felt he could sit here forever.

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