10. Matching pair

Hua Guyu's sudden question was shocking, it did not occur to Shi Xi's answer to be more shocking. He lightly opened his mouth, "I know." It turns out that only Guo Zhi is not aware of himself.

"Then you?"  Hua Guyu often saw the two of them together, he could see Guo Zhi's feelings only from his eyes. Guo Zhi is a very legible person, his feelings are piled on his face. Hua Guyu thought that their feelings were so slow that they drained emotions. It turns out that Shi Xi has realized Guo Zhi's feelings but pretends not to know.

The bell starts to ring, students rush back into the classroom. Shi Xi's voice mixed with the ringing of the bell, and in this way was easily identified. He goes to the classroom, without looking, leaving a realistic answer, "Liking this superficial thing, usually starts from the appearance.  If I don't have this face, will he like me?"

Hua Guyu didn't expect Shi Xi to answer like this, in his perception, realizing and knowing that there were male student who liked him, there were only three types of reactions: disgust, rejection and acceptance. But often the scale of the first reaction calculated is very high, the second reaction is because it doesn't like the person, and the possibility of the third reaction is very rare when compared to the first point.

"Because he's a boy?" Hua Guyu asked.

Shi Xi turned around this time, his expression could not be seen. "I don't look at gender. I look at feelings."

Hua Guyu froze. There is no emotion in Shi Xi. His pupils look at the natural side of humans, do not accept and do not fight, only pay attention, do not take steps into the abyss of feeling.

And Guo Zhi has too much emotion, his innocent eyes can only see beauty, all in his grasp, he smiles and enjoys it with feeling.

They both are a matching pair.


Guo Zhi's mouth twitched, began to memorize mathematical formulas, he did not realize he had forgotten something.  Like the formula that should have existed in his mind, but instead he thought of Shi Xi who was really good, nothing could be better than Shi Xi.

Even though they are under the same night sky, they are bounded by walls, bounded by rows of desks, bounded by other students, bounded by secularism, bounded by many things. Even if Guo Zhi wants to get close, it's no longer possible to step.

When will this love be like ordinary love that is no longer special?

He entertained himself that day inevitably and at the same time, he also mocked himself.

God is not good, God will not satisfy everyone's desires.


At night. Guo Zhi who was lying on the bed suddenly sat up. "The university entrance exam will start soon, I can't think too much!" He patted his own cheeks, "Think of something better, quickly think of something better." Guo Zhi hypnotized himself, he fell back into bed while pulling a blanket over his head. He closed his eyes tightly and thought of good things.

Then in his mind, Shi Xi appeared. He is on the stairs taking Shi Xi's hat. He sat in class watching Shi Xi's appearance. He looked at Shi Xi from across the lake in a small park, everything about Shi Xi. His annoyance faded, but suddenly rushed to become more turbulent. Why like this?  This strange feeling, Guo Zhi could not explain, only thought that he was sick.


Guo Zhi can't sleep soundly all night. He entered the classroom with his panda eyes and immediately laid his head on the table.

"Very sleepy."

"What did you do last night?"

"Think of something." Hearing that, Wang Linlin averted her eyes from her book to look at Guo Zhi.

"What did you think?"

Guo Zhi raised his face and seriously asked, "Do you know, when I think of the past I feel quite happy, thinking about it now I feel upset, it feels depressed here."  Guo Zhi pointed to his own heart.

Wang Linlin nodded in understanding, holding her hand, "I've felt it. Every time the teacher says a day off, I feel very happy, but every time the teacher says it's time for the exam, I feel upset. My heart is also depressed. Don't worry, I've experienced it, those feelings will disappear with time." Wang Linlin patted Guo Zhi on the shoulder to share her experience. As if she was an experienced person.

"It turned out like that." Guo Zhi asked the wrong person, and got the wrong answer.  He mistakenly thought time could consume his sentiments. He did not know, that only Shi Xi could improve and consume his sentiments.

This was the first time Shi Xi had crossed the back door of Guo Zhi's class and saw Guo Zhi lying his head on the table.

He should not be disturbed, this is Guo Zhi's own business, his bad mood has nothing to do with him, Guo Zhi failing to enter the university is his own business.  Guo Zhi, this person never cares about his business, Shi Xi's business.

Night independent class, class atmosphere is very calm. Guo Zhi holds the book in his hand while thinking why Shi Xi didn't help him. Suddenly he felt a great force making him lean back. Shi Xi's hand pulled Guo Zhi's bench and dragged him out of the classroom.

Guo Zhi did not have time to react, Shi Xi looked down, holding out his right hand holding the left side of the bench. Guo Zhi looked up and could see Shi Xi's face clearly.

"Listen carefully, I have many short hobbies. Even though I leave everything behind, writing fiction is always stored in my life." Maybe other people can't understand Shi Xi's intentions, but Guo Zhi understands. Something left behind is not very liked, the remaining is the most preferred.

Guo Zhi nodded strongly. The sense of irritation quickly disappeared.

His eyes shined under orange light, his smile was stronger than orange light, his warm fingers caught Shi Xi's cold left hand, gripping tightly, "Shi Xi, I think one day I will become your fiction."

Shi Xi who was accustomed to being cold suddenly was invaded by the warmth of Guo Zhi, reflexing his body refused, he pulled his hand away, turned to leave. Guo Zhi stood up from the chair, rushed down the stairs to call Shi Xi, "See you, thank you. Shi Xi, you're always so kind."

Shi Xi quietly said, "Who is kind?" he asked himself.

Guo Zhi dragged his chair back into the classroom. As he passed the Hua Guyu row, he patted his head. "Hua er, study hard."

"Stupid, don't damage my hair!"

"It doesn't matter, even if your hair is a mess, you're still so handsome."

Hearing that praise, Hua Guyu rolled his eyes, "Looks like you've healed."

"I don't understand what you mean, I always like this."

Guo Zhi sat on his seat looked at Wang Linlin then suddenly said, "You look very beautiful today."

"Is it true?"  Wang Linlin immediately took out her mirror and looked in the mirror. She smiled. "Do you think Hua Guyu will like me?"

"Yes, everyone will like you."

Guo Zhi refocused on his book. He patted his cheek hard making his mind lighter.  It's time to study hard.

Shi Xi's indifference did bring Guo Zhi more enthusiastic.

Love is really bad, carrying all the emotions no one can escape, even if it is optimistic Guo Zhi.

Shi Xi who returns to the apartment and opens the door to the room, he stands in the dark suddenly raises his left hand.  There, came the warmth of Guo Zhi who still refused to leave, remaining in his left hand.

"I really shouldn't be bothered." Shi Xi closed the door.


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