1. Introduction

This is an introduction from the original author, Angelina.

I only translated which I thought was important.


Another nonsense, of course.

When I edited my manuscript, I sometimes recalled my previous work and realized that something had changed from "I Want to Be Your Man" to "He is His Excellency Zhi Li". Actually, if you pay a little attention, you can immediately feel the difference in each of my stories, starting from the character Su Xiaomi to Kebu, gradually becoming more mature and also from the innocent Xiaomi, switching to Maiding, then Moka, and then Kebu becoming more evil.

I already told you that I have two types of characters, but these two characters coincide with time, one character swallows the other character. I can't say a novel that changes me or I change a novel. This is about that change.

One of my works is turned into a film, so more and more people know my novels. I was not overly happy or rejected. My love for my work makes you like it. Because your likes make it happen. All of that is now, so I must thank you again two years from now. Decided to publish this novel, not for anything else, just wanted to finish it immediately. This is about changes in the novel.

As time goes by things change, but many things remain the same.

For example, I once said from the beginning I would not use my novels as an escape, but this is still a problem. No matter what annoyance I experience in the real world, I will not pour out my sadness or anger just because of personal emotions. Instead, I need it, forget it for me, and the sadder the better.

For example, when I say that I only write what I like, I will not force myself to sacrifice everything even now. I don't like being too well-known, I don't like to present myself, I don't like promoting myself, I don't like because things like that affect my normal life. I like being alone and doing what I like. I don't like the outside world, it will mess up my mood. If you accidentally read my work and then like it, that's enough. I like things that are not exaggerated.

Then, thanks to my father who has supported me from all sides throughout this period.

He asked me, "What if you can't sell your book?" I answered, "What can I do? I admit that." Then he continued, "Make this an experiment first."

On the day the store opened, he contacted me again to ask how the sale was. I say not bad. He paused for a moment then said, "Someone recognized you."

My father called me again yesterday, "What are you doing?"


"If you're not busy, it's best to start writing something new."

From the beginning until now, he has continued to give me immeasurable trust, even as I write this, he has never changed.

I have written for myself since I was a child, and now I write for you to read and make a book. This road, even though it's long, come here, there's no request.

This crap is over, let's get started.
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